Can You Remember Ferris Bueller? You Won’t Recognise Him Now!

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is an absolute classic with some wonderful characters that we could all relate to in some way, and we loved to join Ferris on his day off school, going in to the big city, and sharing the adventure he had with his girlfriend and his best friend. Which character did you relate to most, and did the film make you wish you could skip school for a day and have an adventure like Ferris’?

We’re now taking a look at the cast and how they look now and what they’ve been up to, you won’t believe how much, or how little, some of these people have changed, but prepare to feel more than a little old…

1. Ferris Bueller – Matthew Broderick.

Matthew Broderick made the character of Ferris Bueller his own and we all fell in love with him, and either wanted to be him or to share in the day with him! Since then, Broderick has starred in Godzilla, Inspector Gadget and is still busy acting on both the big and small screens.

2. Sloan Peterson – Mia Sara.

She was the beautiful girlfriend who was glad to hear that Ferris wants to marry her one day, and just seemed to go along with the flow of the day, letting Ferris guide her through the adventure and enjoying it in her own, quiet way. Mia Sara has also continued to act, but hasn’t been quite as successful as Matthew Broderick and has gone a bit quiet with her work in the past few years.

3. Cameron Frye – Alan Ruck.

The was Ferris Bueller’s best friend who sacrificed everything and learned how to stand up to his overbearing father. Did anyone else have a massive lump in their throats in that final scene in the garage when he realises that it’s up to him to stand up to his dad, even when Ferris volunteers to take the blame? Alan Ruck has been very busy over the years appearing in dozens of films and TV series, and so appearing on our screens on a regular basis.

4. Jeanie Bueller – Jennifer Grey.

She was desperate to catch her brother in the act of skipping school but ended up being a really great sister by protecting him in the end. Jeanie seemed to be a very misunderstood character in some ways and even found herself falling for a coked-up Charlie Sheen in the police station! Jennifer Grey was more famous for her role as Baby in Dirty Dancing, and since Ferris Bueller’s Day Off she has appeared on the big and small screens on and off but has never really made the big time like many people thought she would.

5. Grace – Edie McClurg.

She was the principal’s secretary who knew a lot about the kids at the high school, she also had a scene-stealing moment when she pretended to be Principal Rooney in a laugh-out-loud sequence in the film! McClurg has also stayed busy, acting in many parts including a lot of voice roles in everything from Transformers to Wreck-it Ralph.

6. Chez Quis Maitre D’ – Johnathan Schmock.

He was the waiter that was forced to believe that Ferris and his friends were important people and good business for the restaurant, though he did so whilst always looking down his nose at them and clearly not being at all happy with the situation he found himself in – just another victim of Ferris Bueller, then! Jonathan Schmock has appeared in a few roles since, but is more well known as being one of the main creative talents behind the hit series Sabrina The Teenage Witch!

7. Economics Teacher – Ben Stein.

His boring, monotone voice is something that we still make fun of today. When he called out “Bueller, Bueller” with no answer. Ben Stein appeared as a fairly similar character in Jim Carey’s The Mask, and has lent his formidable voice talent to a number of voice acting roles in various cartoons and shows.

8. Simone Adamley – Kristy Swanson.

She was a student in class. She had a quick but memorable part. Swanson has gone on to appear in many shows and films since, but has had mainly smaller parts with the occasional exception like playing the title role in the original movie version of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

9. Boy in Police Station – Charlie Sheen.

He was the bad boy that Ferris Bueller’s sister started kissing at the police station. He played the part of a drug-addled ne’r do well incredibly well and we are still unsure how he was able to play that part quite so successfully, what an actor! Sheen has gone on to appear in many films and at one point was a big name in Hollywood for all the right reasons!

10. Ed Rooney – Jeffrey Jones

Ed Rooney was Ferris’ nemesis and was desperate to catch him skiving off school, as Ferris had had far too many absences and he knew for certain that they were not genuine. Jeffrey Jones played the part perfectly and went on to star in many more films, especially those filmed by Tim Burton, but Jones fell from grace when he was charged and convicted of child pornography offenses, though he has started to work in film and TV again since.

Has this all made you feel old seeing how the cast have changed over the years? Has this made you want to watch the film over again and sing along with Ferris to “Twist and Shout” whilst enjoying the rest of his adventure with his friends? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments as always!