Do You Remember Joan Collins From Dynasty? This Is What She Looks Like Now!

Dynasty was one of the most quintessential shows of the 80s. It was a prime time soap that showcased the fabulously wealthy in all of their glamour! Therefore, in honor of its 35th anniversary, we will be taking a look back at their over-the-top-glamour-shots and also see what they look like now:

1. Joan Collins – Alexis Carrington.

She was the star of the show and after the show ended she continued to stay busy as an actress and an author.

2. Linda Evans – Krystle Carrington.

She was nominated for the Best Actress in a TV Drama Golden Globe five times and won in 1982. After this show, she appeared in TV movies.

3. Pamela Sue Martin – Fallon Carrington.

She was the oldest daughter of Blake and Alexis. She left the show after the fourth season and has appeared on a few TV shows since then.

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4. Al Corley – Steven Carrington.

He was reportedly fired for saying bad things about the series publicly. He has since continued to act steadily but nothing as noteworthy as Dynasty.

5. Heather Locklear – Sammy Jo Dean Carrington.

She started in season two and stayed until the show ended. She continued to be successful in every acting avenue that she pursued.

6. Catherine Oxenberg – Amanda Bedford Carrington.

She was the secret daughter of Alexis and Blake. Afterwards, she made appearances in many TV shows and starring in lots of made-for-TV movies.

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7. John James – Jeff Colby.

He was a member of the rival family. After this show ended he played in many other soap operas including All My Children and As The World Turns.

8. Pamela Bellwood – Claudia Barrows Blaisdel Carrington.

She was a frequent mental institution patient. After this show, she guest starred in other shows such as The Twilight Show, Murder She Wrote and Criminal Minds.

9. Gordon Thomson – Adam Carrington.

He was the first born to Alexis and Blake. When this show ended, he played in other soap operas including Passions and Days Of Our Lives.

10. John Forsythe – Blake Carrington.

He was the head of the Dynasty and when this show was done, he did a number of shows and movies.