Do You Remember Claire Standish From Breakfast Club? This Is How She Looks Now

This was a movie about a group of high school kids who spent a day in Saturday detention together.  They were from all of the different social groups that high school has to offer. The jock, the geek, the outcast etc. Together, they were forced to get to know each other despite their differences and ended up being friends. However, it was a long and hard afternoon, diving into their dark sides and breaking down the barriers between them in order to help each other out.  For example, one girl got a makeover, two guys got to confess their painful feelings, one guy let down his guard for love and one girl got to break out of her perfect shell to help everyone else out. This movie had something that all of us could relate to and we enjoyed watching their interactions throughout detention. It’s been 30 years since this movie came out and so let’s see what they look like now!

1. Andrew Clark – Emilio Estevez.

He was the jock to did something horrible to another kid just to bully him and he felt really bad about it.

2. Claire Standish – Molly Ringwald.

She was the popular one who ended up falling for the rebel.

3. John Bender – Judd Nelson.

He stole Clair’s heart and got a diamond earring out of it.

4. Brian Ralph Johnson – Anthony Michael.

He was a complete geek who had a great time hanging out with some cool kids.

5. Allison Reynolds – Ally Sheeny.

She was the weird and awkward girl that turned out to be really pretty thanks to Claire’s help.

The principle, Richard “Dick” Vernon was played by Paul Gleeson who sadly died in 2006 at the age of 67. So, he wasn’t included in this list but he is fondly remembered.