Here’s What The Cast Of ‘Boy Meets World’ Look Like Now

‘Boy Meets World’ aired from 1993 to 2000 and it featured Corey Matthews and his friends who all grew up before our eyes on this show.  In fact, it was so popular that we have even demanded its return in which the Disney Channel obliged by creating ‘Girl Meets World’. This show is a refreshing continuation of Corey and his long time girlfriend Topanga along with their children.

Were you a fan of Boy Meets World, and indeed the spin-off show it spawned? Join us now as we take a look back at this awesome TV show and see what our favorite characters are up to today, and just how much they have (or in some cases haven’t!) changed…

Ben Savage – Cory Matthews.

Then – He played some small parts in his brother’s footsteps (Fred Savage).  However, this was his breakout role and we will remember him forever because of this. For such a young actor, he was able to make the role his own and showed a real maturity with the way he approached the role and the various emotions he needed to show he felt as the show progressed!

Now – He has played some guest starring spots on shows like ‘Bones’ and ‘Chuck’ but this role in ‘Girl Meets World’ is his biggest since ‘Boy Meets World’.

Danielle Fishel – Topanga Lawrence

Then – Her role in ‘Boy Meets World’ was supposed to be a small one but she was immediately cast full time. Before this show, she did commercials, some voice over work and also had a couple of spots as Jennifer on ‘Full House’. Fisher was another who really took the role and make it her own, and gave the role some gravitas and emotional depth, can you even imagine anyone else taking on this role instead?

Now – She has since been the host of ‘The Dish’ and was a correspondent on ‘The Tyra Banks Show’.  Now she’s back as Topanga on ‘Girl Meets World’.

Rider Strong – Shawn Hunter.

Then – He was Cory’s best friend and also played on a sitcom with Julie Andrews called ‘Julie’. Rider Strong was an actor who showed that he could play just as much an important part of the show as the main cast, and that he could steal scenes himself when required, and the show was made better at times for it.

Now – After this show, he went on to be the star of Eli Roth’s ‘Cabin Fever’ and he also graduated from Columbia University and then returned with the cast on ‘Girl Meets World’.

William Daniels – George Feeny.

Then – He was Corey’s teacher and mentor.  However, he has been around long before this show.  He was in ‘The Graduate’, ‘St. Elsewhere’ and was also the voice of K.I.T.T on ‘Knight Rider’. That is some CV and a good reason that Daniels was cast in this role, working perfectly alongside the younger actors.

Now – Since then, he was on ‘House’ and has come back to reprise his role in ‘Girl Meets World’.

Will Friedle – Erick Matthews.

Then – He was the popular kid and also co-hosted the Nickelodeon show ‘Don’t Just Sit There’. Friedle brought the character of Erick Matthews to life very well, even though at times his character was not at the fore like many of the others, he still had an important role to play at times in the show.

Now – He has since done voice-overs for ‘Thundercats’ and ‘Kim Possible’, so he has stayed busy but seems to have gone on to do mainly voice work rather than “traditional” acting roles.

Betsy Randle – Amy Matthews.

Then – She played the role of Corey’s mom but also had a part on ‘Home Improvement’. Betsy Randle managed to play this role really well, with a believable relationship with her on-screen son, the chemistry they had seemed to make this even more believable so it’s generally thought she was very well cast.

Now – She had a reoccurring role on ‘Charmed’ as Mrs Winterbourne and joined the rest of the Boy Meets World cast on the spin-off show, Girl Meets World.

William Russ – Alan Matthews.

Then – He was Corey’s dad on the show and also directed some of the episodes of this sitcom. He was also on the soap, ‘Another World’ and had a supporting role in ‘American History X’. William Russ also managed to create a believable relationship with his on-screen family, helping to make this show a success as we grew to know the characters and their interactions.

Now – He returned to his soap opera roots to be on ‘The Young And The Restless’ and has also done shows such as ‘Vegas’, ‘Criminal Minds’ and ‘NCIS’.

Lindsay Ridgeway – Morgan Matthews.

Then – She was the daughter of Morgan on this show and it was her first TV role, yet she still managed to make the role her own and was able to stop herself becoming too much of those “annoying kids on TV”.

Now – She has returned to her musical background and sings the national anthem before sporting events in Los Angeles, though she also did return to the role of Morgan for Girl Meets World.

Matthew Lawrence – Jack Hunter.

Then – He played Shaw’s long lost half-brother. He had other TV roles on ‘Gimme a Break’ and had a part in the movie ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’. He showed at an early age that he was a very talented actor, and potentially one to watch in the future.

Now – He played a small part in his brother Joey’s new sitcom ‘Melissa & Joey’ and also played in the movie ‘Of Silence’. Lawrence has also gone on to keep acting and regularly appears on both the big and small screen, so looks like he could be around for a number of years yet!

Trina McGee-Davis – Angela Moore.

Then – She was Shawn’s girlfriend (sometimes) in this show and also had a part in an episode of ‘A Different World’. McGee-Davis was able to bring some real personality to the role, even when she wasn’t on screen for too long at a time.

Now – She had a starring role in the movie’ Da Booty Shot’ and looks much different now than she did back then, she is still keeping busy and has appeared in a number of shows and movies since, and also reappeared in this role in the spin-off Girl Meets World.

Maitland Ward – Rachel Maguire.

Then – Prior to this show she was also on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ and ‘Killing Mr. Griffin’. Maitland Ward was able to lend her talents to the role of Rachel Maguire, bringing the character to life!

Now – She played a great role as Brittany Wilson in ‘White Chicks’. Maitland Ward has stopped her acting career and has become something of an amateur adult model, posting nude and nearly-nude pics of herself on social media on a regular basis and garnering quite a following as a result!

Which of your favourite actors from Boy Meets World has surprised you most with how they have or haven’t changed and what they’ve been up to since they finished working on the show? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments as always!