In news that’s likely to bring a smile to the faces of locked-down youngsters, and doubtless many of their parents, the UK’s most famous mathematician is offering her services to the nation in this time of need.

Carol Vorderman, a TV legend thanks to her stint on TV’s smartest quiz show, Countdown, has announced she’ll be giving free maths lessons to kids during the government-mandated isolation period.


59-year-old Vorderman runs her own online maths school, The Maths Factor, which usually charges a subscription fee but which is now being made available free of charge.

At the time of writing, visiting The Maths Factor page brings up the message “we’ll be back soon” – but Vorderman has assured parents that the Maths Factor team are currently working on broadening access to the site in a period of unprecedented demand.


This news comes as the UK government has introduced stricter measures restricting the movements of citizens while the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

Vorderman is one among a number of notable public figures offering such free services to schoolchildren; fitness coach Joe Wick is also live-streaming daily PE classes every morning on YouTube.


Carol Vorderman rose to fame in the early 80s as the resident maths expert on Countdown; she remained on the show until 2008, by which time she’d done wonders for popularising maths and become a slightly unexpected sex symbol in the process.

On which note, we feel we need to remind the dads – Carol Vorderman is doing these free lessons for the kids, not you, even if you are getting a bit itchy from all this isolation…