Can You Remember When Aqua Sang Barbie Girl? You Have to See Them Now!

Can you remember the punk Danish quartet that came out with the Eurodance tracks that got stuck in our heads ‘Barbie Girl’?

The band consisted of The band was made up of Lene Nystrøm (the girl one) and René Dif (the bald one), keyboardist Søren Rasted (the spikey one), and guitarist Claus Norreen (the other one).

They sold over 33 million albums and singles which has made them the most successful Danish band in history.

Even though they were successful I can’t get past that guy’s hair!

So what ended up happening to the band?

Lene was married in Legas in 2001 and has two children now. She still does some music.

Rene Dif also married to a health coach and has a daughter. He now does a lot of DJing these days.

Soren decided to go with a different hair style.

Claus also has a better hair style and lives in London with his wife and son.

See what they look like now on the next page:

Here is what they look like now:

They actually look like normal people now!