Start saving up your pocket money, Cadbury fans, because the confectionary giant is gearing up to launch an all-new chocolate bar.

With the Caramilk having proved a popular item in Australia and New Zealand, Cadbury is now set to unleash the Caramilk Twirl.


The bar, a twist on the standard Cadbury Twirl, will be comprised of a finger of flaky Caramilk swirls covered in an outer layer of Cadbury milk chocolate.

There’s just one problem for British chocoholics: at present, the plan is to release the new Caramilk Twirl in Australia only.


This means you’ll have to put in an overseas order to get your hands on the limited edition product, which is likely to fly off the shelves judging by the response to the Caramilk bar.

As yet, Caramilk hasn’t made its way to UK shores, but the recipe has proven a sensation Down Under.


The Caramilk bar, which mixes white Cadbury chocolate with a caramel flavour, has been selling out all across Oz, with shoppers taking to social media to vent their frustrations.

In an attempt to douse the flames of online outrage and tease the special Twirl, a Cadbury spokesperson told “Cadbury Caramilk fans that are worried about how they might survive until the next batch arrives on shelves in early 2020 can rest a little easier knowing that in the meantime, we’ll be launching a limited edition Caramilk product in a format they’ve never seen before.”