Buying the Perfect Dab Rig For You

Dabs embody the highest evolution of being a stoner. Hitting a dab can blast you into another THC-soaked world, an experience that cannot be replicated by using other cannabis products.

Scientists estimate that dabs are four times more powerful than your average marijuana joint. Dabs are cannabis oil made from cannabis extract of the most potent plants.

If you plan on partaking with this potent and sticky substance you first will need a dab rig. It is time to explore the options out there so you can find the perfect rig.

How a Conventional Dab Rig Works

A conventional dab rig involves a couple of key components. The rig itself will have a nail, hood, or banger, that the dabs melt onto during the vaporization process.

Most dab rigs are some sort of water-pipe as well. The water serves in cooling the vaporized dab thereby enhancing your dabbing experience.

To begin the dabbing process, the nail, hood, or banger must be heated to a very high temperature using a blowtorch.

The user heats the nail or hood with the blowtorch until it is red hot. They should already have their dab on deck on a metal or glass stylus. This tool is useful for scraping dabs from their container.

The user then takes the dab and applies it to the red-hot nail or hood. The dab is instantly vaporized and the user inhales the vapor and proceeds to cough their brains out and get very, very, high.

Customizing Your Dab Rig

One size does not fit all when it comes to dab rigs. Every component on a dab rig can be customized to fit your needs. You can even have a dab rig custom-built from scratch by a glassblower.

As far as individual components go, everything from your stylus to the banger can be customized to your unique tastes. A quartz banger for instance provides notable increases in performance for your rig when compared to glass ones.

The size of your dab rig is also an important customizable feature. Some users prefer large rigs while others like small or mid-sized rigs. Size can influence how big of a dab you can take off your rig among other things.

There are also endless combinations of accessories that you can use with your dab rig. Things like ice-catchers, charcoal filters, and percolators all enhance your dabbing experience and are customizable as well.

Some people prefer to put some sort of rubber case around vulnerable areas of their rig that does not come in contact with heat such as the base or around the edges.

These rubber cases come in a variety of different colors and can help prevent a dab rig from breaking. Make your dab rig a beast by customizing it so you can evolve to the next level of being a stoner.

Yabba Dabba Doo

Dabs aren’t for everyone, but for the chosen few that have the gumption to partake, having the right dab rig makes all the difference.

Start customizing your rig today to heighten your dabbing experience to the highest possible level. You will be a king among peasants as you slay dab after dab in front of your feeble friends who are stuck using marijuana.

Get your rig, get high, and make sure to check out the rest of our page for all your other news and info.