Netflix’s Bridgerton has captivated viewers all over the globe with its charming Regency-era production design and addictive, engaging storyline. With comparisons already being made to classics such as Downton Abbey and Gossip Girl, it’s fair to say there’s nothing else quite like Bridgerton on TV at the moment.

The show has captured hearts with its diverse, young, and up-and-coming cast. It’s natural to wonder if romance has blossomed between any of the fledgling stars – the chemistry between the Duke and Daphne just seems so real! – or speculate on who they might be dating otherwise. Here’s a rundown on the real-life partners of the Bridgerton cast.

Claudia Jessie (Eloise Bridgerton)

Claudia Jessie plays Daphne’s petulant, feisty, and marriage-averse younger sister Eloise Bridgerton in the show. While Eloise hates the idea of romance and love, 31-year-old Jessie has been steadily dating her boyfriend Joseph, a sound engineer, since 2015. The pair met at a pub in Birmingham and now live in a houseboat together in the city.

According to the Daily Mail, it was Jessie’s mother who encouraged the young actress to approach Joseph. “She was a great wingman and told me to go and chat to the handsome young man,” Jessie said in the 2018 interview. Although Jessie is candid about her relationship in interviews, she’s notoriously a very private person and has no social media profiles, preferring to stay out of the public eye.

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Luke Newton (Colin Bridgerton)

Luke Newton plays Colin Bridgerton in the show, the third Bridgerton brother who captures the heart of Penelope Featherington. If you think you’ve seen Newton before, you might have done so in TV shows like The Lodge and The Cut. Judging by the star’s Instagram, Newton has been dating actress Jade Louise Davies since mid-2019.

Davies is an accomplished stage actress and also the sister of Love Island season 3 winner Amber Davies. Newton and Davies live together in London, and we wouldn’t be too surprised if they tied the knot soon. Judging by their social media posts, the couple seems very much in love. Before being linked to Davies, Newton briefly dated his The Lodge co-star Sophie Simnett before calling it quits in 2018.

Credit: @lukenewtonuk via Instagram

16. Sabrina Bartlett (Siena Rosso)

Sabrina Bartlett dazzles as Siena Rosso, spellbinding opera singer and (implied) sex worker, in the show. Siena acts as a love interest for Daphne’s eldest brother, Anthony, as the two engage in a tempestuous but passionate affair. Throughout the series the couple goes through a number of ups and downs as they try to make their relationship work across the class divide.

In reality, however, Bartlett is dating British actor Tom Greaves. Greaves recently starred in the 2019 short film Shuttlecock. The couple largely keep their relationship private, and neither Greaves nor Bartlett have discussed their romance publicly. But the pair have uploaded a few adorable, loved-up snaps of themselves together on Instagram.

Credit: @sabrinabartlett via Instagram

Golda Rosheuvel (Queen Charlotte)

Queen Charlotte is one of the most hilarious characters in Bridgerton with her larger-than-life personality. She’s sharp-tongued, petulant, and enjoys a good gossip – oh, and she has a penchant for snuff, fancy wigs and Pomeranians. Queen Charlotte is married to King George III, who visibly descends into madness during the show.

In real-life, however, Rosheuvel is in a relationship with writer Shireen Mula. The two have been dating since 2013. Mula is a writer and Rosheuvel has always been open about the industry struggles she faces due to her sexuality. Speaking in a 2018 interview, Rosheuvel said: “My partner (Shireen Mula) is a writer and she struggles to get work seen. She writes gay work because that’s what she knows. But do we see gay plays or gay characters?”

Credit: @goldarosheuvel via Instagram

Freddie Stroma (Prince Friedrich of Prussia)

Did you think the Queen’s handsome nephew, Prince Friedrich of Prussia, looked oddly familiar but you couldn’t work out why? Well, you might recognise Freddie Stroma from playing Hermione Granger love interest Cormac McLaggen in the Harry Potter series. While Cormac was pretty repulsive, Friedrich is undoubtedly a much better man on all accounts.

He courts Daphne respectfully, buys her a beautiful necklace, and (spoiler alert!) gracefully accepts defeat when Daphne chooses to marry the Duke instead. In the real world, Stroma has been married to fellow actress Johanna Braddy since 2016. They met and began dating while filming American drama series Unreal back in 2015 before tying the knot just one year later.

Credit: @thejohannabraddy via Instagram

Ruby Barker (Marina Thompson)

A distant cousin of the Featherington brood, Marina Thompson is one of Bridgerton’s most complex characters. Marina finds herself in a bit of a pickle when she realises she’s fallen pregnant out of wedlock – a fact which is later mortifyingly published by Lady Whistledown. In real life, the details of Ruby Barker’s love life are much less scandalous and public.

It’s unclear as to whether Barker is dating anyone or not. While someone called Josh Armitage pops up a lot on her Instagram, it’s possible that these two are just friends. In a now-deleted Instagram post of herself at Pride, Barker briefly discussed her sexuality. “I’m not ashamed of my sexuality. Because I don’t really know what it is. But life and love is beautiful so it falls in line there,” she wrote.

Credit: @rubybarker via Instagram

Jonathan Bailey (Anthony Bridgerton)

Anthony Bridgerton – the head of the Bridgerton family following his father’s untimely death – is another complex character in the show. He’s obsessed with his family’s honour when it comes to his siblings’ relationships – and yet he finds himself in hopelessly in love with lower-class Siena Rosso. It’s unclear what direction their relationship will take in season 2, but we have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of the pair.

In real-life, Jonathan Bailey is openly gay and has spoken candidly about his sexuality in interviews. Notably, in 2020 he spoke to Attitude magazine about his struggles in the industry as a gay man. “There’s a sense of shame, I think, that’s palpable throughout gay men within the industry,” he said.

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Nicola Coughlan (Penelope Featherington)

Penelope is one of the sweeter characters in the show. She’s the youngest member of the Featherington family and best friend to Eloise Bridgerton. She’s also madly in love with Colin Bridgerton – and it seems she’ll stop at nothing to get him. Plus, she’s played by the incredible Nicola Coughlan, who you might recognise from Channel 4 sitcom Derry Girls.

In real life, Coughlan keeps her private life under wraps and not very much is known about her love life. While she was once linked to fellow actor Laurie Kynaston, it seems Coughlan is single at the moment. Either that or she’s doing a spectacular job at keeping a relationship away from the prying eyes of the public!

Credit: @nicolacoughlan via Instagram

Luke Thompson (Benedict Bridgerton)

British actor Luke Thompson stars in Bridgerton as the family’s second son, Lord Benedict Bridgerton. While Benedict initially appears to be relatively prim and proper, it’s ultimately revealed that he’s even more wayward (by Regency-era standards) than his big brother Anthony. Benedict bonds with his sister Eloise over their disdain for the stuffiness of aristocratic life and it’s implied that Benedict may be gay or bisexual.

Another big reveal comes just before the series’ end when it’s revealed that Benedict is having an affair with the town’s modiste. So, how does Thompson’s real love life compare to that of his fictional Bridgerton character? Well, Thompson has remained tight-lipped when it comes to his romantic relationships, so we’re no closer to knowing if he’s taken.

Credit: @lukethompsonbrasil via Instagram

Ruby Stokes (Francesca Bridgerton)

You’d be forgiven for missing Francesca Bridgerton’s presence in the show, since she isn’t actually there for the majority of the action. Francesca is the sixth Bridgerton child, making her the third youngest out of her siblings. She spends most of season 1 with some of the Bridgertons’ extended family in Bath, before returning towards the season’s end.

Francesca is played by budding 20-year-old actress Ruby Stokes. Stokes previously appeared in the 2016 film Una. As yet, it’s unclear whether Stokes will reprise her role as Francesca in coming seasons. Equally unclear is Stokes’ relationship status. There doesn’t seem to be any sign of a partner on her Instagram, but it’s always possible she’s just keeping a relationship out of the public eye.

Credit: @rubystokess via Instagram

Bessie Carter (Prudence Featherington)

In the show, Bessie Carter features as Prudence Featherington, one of Penelope’s two elder sisters. Carter is the only daughter of British actors Jim Carter and Imelda Staunton and with two acting greats as parents, it’s no surprise Carter has followed a similar career path. Like the rest of the Featherington brood, Prudence struggles to find a decent suitor – not least because of the garish colours their mother forces them to wear.

One of Prudence’s most memorable moments comes in the show’s first episode where she faints in front of Queen Charlotte herself. Carter keeps schtum about her private life and there’s no word yet on whether her love life is a bit more fruitful than Prudence’s. Carter’s Instagram doesn’t give us any clues either, with most of her snaps showcasing behind-the-scenes antics from the shooting of Bridgerton.

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Harriet Cains (Philippa Featherington)

Harriet Cains features as the middle Featherington sister in the show. Just like Penelope and Prudence, Philippa Featherington is pretty unlucky in love. That said, Philippa has a bit more luck than either of her sisters, and manages to catch the eye of one Mr. Finch. However, a brief word with Lord Featherington ends up driving Mr. Finch away from Philippa as the family head divulges that he’s spent his daughters’ dowries.

Things looked up for Philippa as her father managed to secure some more funds and placate Mr Finch. But – spoiler alert – things took a turn for the worse again once Lord Featherington was murdered and his money stolen. Is Harriet Cains’ love life less bleak in real life? We can assume so, but unfortunately, there’s nothing concrete on whether she’s in a relationship or not.

Credit: Lia Toby / Stringer

Martins Imhangbe (Will Mondrich)

Martins Imhangbe’s character Will Mondrich is a relatively minor role in the series, but an important one all the same. Mondrich acts as the Duke’s confidante and is one of his closest friends, as well as an esteemed boxer. Mondrich is largely portrayed as a morally astute man, and often nudges the Duke towards the right course of action.

But (spoiler alert!) – his morality is revealed to be a little more complex when he accepts a bribe from Lord Featherington. Mondrich purposely loses a fight so that Featherington can cash in on a huge bet and give the boxer half the winnings. While Mondrich is happily married to his wife Alice in the show, in real life, Imhangbe is yet to publicly confirm his relationship status.

Credit: @martins_imhangbe_ via Instagram

Jessica Madsen (Cressida Cowper)

Cressida Cowper is another minor but important character. In fact, she’s the main reason why the Duke and Daphne get married. Played by Jessica Madsen, Cressida locks horns with Daphne on multiple occasions during their season as debutantes. The two clash when Daphne briefly steals away Cressida’s chosen suitor – Prince Friedrich of Prussia – in a bid to make the Duke jealous.

Cressida retaliates by blackmailing Daphne after witnessing her and the Duke in a compromising position. Madsen has been luckier in love than Cressida, and is currently dating a man named Benji Philipson. Not much is known about the pair, but judging from Madsen’s Instagram the pair have been together for several years and are still looking truly loved-up.

Credit: @jess_mads via Instagram

Emma Naomi (Alice Mondrich)

In the show, Emma Naomi plays Alice Mondrich, Will Mondrich’s sweet-natured, loyal, and confident wife. Alice, like her husband, is a good friend of the Duke of Hastings and is seen to support him on numerous occasions throughout the series. Alice and Will end the series in a precarious position, as Will lets one of his boxing opponents defeat him so as to cash in on a bet that Lord Featherington makes on him losing.

The implication is that Alice will not be happy when she finds out what her husband has done. Naomi, like a lot of the cast, prefers to keep her love life out of the spotlight, and it’s unclear as to whether she’s single or taken at present. Her oldest Instagram post is from December 2020 and mainly features snaps of the Bridgerton cast, with no partner in sight.

Credit: @_emmanaomi via Instagram

Phoebe Dyvenor (Daphne Bridgerton)

Phoebe Dyvenor has previously appeared in British TV shows such as Waterloo Road and Dickensian. But it’s clear Bridgerton has been something of a breakthrough for the talented young actress. Her on-screen romance with the Duke has fuelled rumours that she’s in a relationship with her co-star Regé-Jean Page – but these are just rumours, it seems.

It appears that Dyvenor is single. Back in 2014 she publicly confirmed her relationship with then-boyfriend, recruitment executive Simon Merill. Most recently, she was linked to Skins actor Sean Teale, but the pair called it quits back in 2018. Dyvenor also dated Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson for about half a year in 2021, but the pair have since broken up.

Regé-Jean Page (Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings)

Regé-Jean Page has seriously set tongues wagging after appearing on Bridgerton, in which he stars as the enigmatic Duke of Hastings. The British-Zimbabwean actor has previously appeared in TV shows such as Roots and For the People. But it’s safe to say that Bridgerton will undoubtedly mark the start of even greater things for this talented actor.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of people have wondered if the dashing Duke is dating anyone in real-life. Some have even speculated that Page is dating his co-star Phoebe Dyvenor – rumours that the pair denied. However, Page is currently dating Emily Brown, a copywriter who’s notoriously private. In fact, when the Daily Mail claimed to have found her LinkedIn page, she deleted it.

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Polly Walker (Portia Featherington)

Polly Walker dazzles as the formidable Lady Portia Featherington – mother to Prudence, Philippa, and Penelope – in Bridgerton. Lady Featherington is at once repulsive yet hugely entertaining, and it’s safe to say the Featherington family matriarch will almost definitely be returning in season 2. The season ended with multiple questions about the Featherington family’s future left very much unanswered.

Notably – spoiler alert – Lord Featherington ends up murdered after attempting a gambling scam, leaving Lady Featherington a penniless widow. In real life, Polly Walker’s love life is far less chaotic. She’s been happily married for 12 years to former actor Laurence Penry-Jones. The two lived together in the United States for several years but returned to the UK in 2015 and currently live in London.

Ruth Gemmell (Violet Bridgerton)

Ruth Gemmell stars as Lady Violet Bridgerton, family matriarch and mother to an impressive eight children. Violet is arguably one of the most compassionate mother figures in the whole series – even if she fails to provide Daphne with proper sex education. By contrast to the other mothers in the series – such as Lady Portia Featherington – Violet truly wants what’s best for her children.

She encourages Daphne to marry for love – just like she did – and supports her during the Duke’s courtship. In reality, Ruth Gemmell was once married to fellow actor Ray Stevenson. The two had met while filming TV drama Band of Gold. However, it wasn’t meant to be, and Gemmell and Stevenson split back in 2005 after seven years of marriage.

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Ben Miller (Lord Featherington)

When Ben Miller popped up in Bridgerton, he left many audience members scratching their heads and wondering where they’d seen him before. Miller has appeared in a number of popular British shows, including The Armstrong & Miller Show and Death in Paradise. In Bridgerton, he portrays Lord Featherington – a meek man ruled by his wife and his gambling addiction.

Ultimately, his penchant for gambling gets his family out of trouble for a brief moment – until he is (spoiler alert!) killed and the money stolen, leaving the Featherington women to fend for themselves. Miller’s own married life has not been as turbulent. Between 2004 and 2011, he was married to fellow thesp Belinda Stewart-Wilson. Since 2013 he has been happily married to Jessica Parker, daughter of British guitarist Alan Parker.

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