We all loved Bob Ross back in the day and would watch him magically create a masterpiece within an hour. He truly was amazing and life will never be the same without him. Some people have found different ways to let his legacy live on! One of those people is Jenny Srimuang who is only 19-years-old and she has masterfully recreated Bob Ross’ masterpieces on her makeup.

Here is Jenny Srimuang, a master makeup artist from Pomona, California.

She was feeling inspired on Tuesday and said “inspired by the surge of amazingly intricate eye paintings that people have been coming out with lately,” she told Buzzfeed.

She is a Bob Ross fan and has even said that his show is “so soothing and wholesome and positive,” so she went ahead and made a tribute to the late painter.

“I smoked a bowl, looked up Bob Ross on YouTube, and chose a painting I thought I would be able to decently replicate on my eye,” she said.

Srimuang said it took “around an hour to complete the one eye.”

“I used tons of colored eyeliners and the back of my hand was like a mixing palette to create similar colors to the ones that Bob was using,” they said.

“There were still so many details that I wish I could’ve added but I was content with the final result,” they said.


People are amazed at what she did!


People are so happy to see the end results!

Everyone thinks that Bob Ross would be proud.