The Biggest Plot Holes In Movie History

Many of the greatest movies are best enjoyed with a healthy dollop of imagination. We’ll leave the laws of physics at the door to disappear into impossible adventures, and love every minute. But sometimes the biggest blockbusters around leave us with more questions than answers – especially when a major plot hole seems to contradict the movie’s entire set-up. Here are ten huge plot holes from some cinematic classics.

10. Armageddon

q10 The Biggest Plot Holes In Movie History

While filming the massive box office hit Armageddon, star Ben Affleck already had his doubts about the plot.

He’s since recalled: “I asked [Michael Bay], ‘Wouldn’t it be easier to train astronauts to drill than to teach drillers how to be astronauts?’ To which he replied, ‘shut the f*** up, Ben’.”

9. Star Wars

q9 The Biggest Plot Holes In Movie History

Fans have long enjoyed finding plot holes in the Star Wars franchise, but the largest one is hiding in plain sight. Obi-Wan Kenobi is desperate to hide the young Luke Skywalker from Darth Vader – so why does he leave Skywalker, with a totally unaltered name, on Vader’s home planet of Tatooine?

8. The Karate Kid

q8 The Biggest Plot Holes In Movie History

The first Karate Kid movie constantly reminds us of karate tournament rules – and a major one is that you cannot kick an opponent in the face. Nevertheless, Daniel’s winning move against Johnny happens to be a wince-inducing crane kick to the head.

7. Ocean’s Eleven

97 The Biggest Plot Holes In Movie History

The Ocean’s Eleven bank heist hinges on a trick where a fortune in paper money is swapped for Las Vegas flyers. But who carried out the switcheroo? Everyone is seen to be busy at the time of the crime, and there is no moment to spare for the swap.

Director Steven Soderbergh even says on the movie’s commentary that he’s not quite sure how Ocean’s team pulled this off.

6. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

h6 The Biggest Plot Holes In Movie History

The most iconic scene of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial sees the alien hero sailing into the sky on a bicycle. He can levitate – and yet he was first stranded on Earth as his spaceship fled without him, pursued by government agents.

This means E.T. could have flown himself right up to the departing spaceship, which was not far away at all – but such a move would’ve cheated us out of a fantastic adventure!

5. Octopussy

h5 The Biggest Plot Holes In Movie History

Roger Moore’s Bond is clearly a dab hand at makeup. With five minutes to spare before a bomb detonates in a circus, he transforms into a sad clown with pristine face paint and costume – then tries to convince the crowds of the peril, fights his ways through them in full clown garb, and disarms the bomb with not a moment to lose.

4. Signs

h4 The Biggest Plot Holes In Movie History

In this 2002 sci-fi thriller by M. Night Shyamalan, an alien species invades Earth – and these aliens can only be defeated by water, which scalds them horribly.

Aside from the fact that our blue planet is an odd choice for the hydrophobic critters, they are also seen running through a dewy cornfield with no adverse effects early in the movie.

3. Westworld

gh The Biggest Plot Holes In Movie History

1973’s Westworld features an amusement park filled with violent robots – but Delos, the company running it, promises that no visitors can be hurt or killed within the experience.

With explosions, human-on-human fighting and shattered glass everywhere, this guarantee is totally unrealistic. How Delos wasn’t steeped in lawsuits from day one is anyone’s guess.

2. The Fly

h3 The Biggest Plot Holes In Movie History

This hugely popular 1986 classic sees a scientist step into a teleporter alongside a stray housefly – and their DNA is inadvertently mingled. As Seth Brundle takes on a horrific human-fly hybrid form, we’re still left wondering about all the other foreign DNA in the teleporter.

If the teleporter ‘fuses’ DNA from the different living organisms within, surely poor Brundle would end up part-dust mite and part-bacteria, as well as developing superhuman insect qualities?

1. Indecent Proposal

h1 1 The Biggest Plot Holes In Movie History

Towards the end of Indecent Proposal, Woody Harrelson’s character David Murphy ends up donating $1 million to a charity auction, winning back his wife’s respect.

But Murphy is steeped in solicitor’s fees by this point, and certainly does not have the full $1 million in his account anymore. His cheque inevitably would bounce, landing him with some serious criminal charges – which would have somewhat spoiled the film’s touching ending.