Big! Summer Spectacular! Yes, not only did we have our fill from Big! with all the showbiz news every two weeks! There was also the bumper, summer time, Summer Spectacular! Wahoo! One hundred pages of all your favourite stars from, film, music, soaps! Plus enough posters to wallpaper your bedroom walls with! Yes, Big! Summer Spectacular was the Queen of the Summer mags!
This issue is from the hazy Summer of 1993! It cost £3.99! Home and Aways latest heart throb, Dieter Brummer, graced its front cover page! But which stars were in its pages? Who were the popular stars in the Summer of 1993?

Yes if you were a popular star Big! was guaranteed to feature you! They were always up to date with the teenagers! Take That were huge! East 17 were on the scene too and there was rivalry between the two!!

Take That! Gary, Mark, Robbie, Jason and Howard! Taking a nice break and having fun on the beach!

They were adored by teenage girls up and down the country!
The Summer of 1993 they had their first number one single, on the UK charts, with Pray! From their second album Everything Changes!

Melissa Bell, the third Lucy Robinson in Neighbours! Posing on the beach! The blonde bomb shell from Ramsay Street, tells us what she gets up to in the Summers down under!

East 17! The boys from Walthamstow, London. John, Terry, Brian and Tony! Here they are in Sydney, on Bondi Beach! They were in Oz on a promotional trip, interviews, photoshoots! And from the interview it seems they got up to mischeif too!

Random page alert! Holiday snaps of the stars!

Remember him? Scott Michaelson – Brad Willis, from Neighbours! He is a very keen surfer, and he surfed alot, to relax, after his new found fame!

Summer Lovin! Stars tell us about some of their holiday romances!

Rebekah Elmaloglou was the lady to write to with your problems! She gave advice on all your teenage issues, from holiday romances to beauty tips!
Rebekah was ofcourse also a soap star, Sophie Simpson, from Home and Away!

Yay! Poster pages! The posters were of whoever was popular at the time! 1993’s posters included, Take That, East 17, Natalie Imbruglia, Joey Lawrence, Evan Dando, Macaulay Culkin!

Arnold Schwarzenegger! Everything you need to know about Arnie! Who had just finished filming Terminator 2, with Edward Furlong!
He was born in Austria, on 30th July, 1947. Though he is now an American citizen! He’s 6ft 2ins!
He has a Business and Economics degree! And a Business Administration degree!
He started off as a body builder age 15 and has been Mr Universe five times and Mr Olympia seven times! He loves Harley Davidson motorbikes. He is also rather fond of having a Havana cigar!

Kelly Slater, from Batwatch! He was also the best surfer in the world!
He grew up in Florida, where he excelled in sport! Surfing was his favourite! By the time he turned twenty, he had won every local, national and international surfing title going!

Felice Arena, who played Marco Alessi, in Neighbours! Tells us about his childhood Summers in Australia! Where is can be as hot as forty degrees!

The stars holidays from hell stories! Poor Dan from Worlds Apart, was mugged. Anthea Turners hols in Tunsia were like being in a cesspit! Tony from East 17, was not at all into the fun and games, or the spirit of a holiday camp, on the Isle of Wight! Steve, from Worlds Apart, spent his whole two weeks holiday arguing with his girlfriend!

Johnny Depp! Yes, he has been around forever! Here he was still dating Winona Ryder, and his film Benny and Joon was due to be released!
Johnny says he has no interest in being one of the worlds biggest box office stars, like Tom Cruise. Most of the things he likes and wants to be involved in aren’t big budget things!

Little Macaulay Culkin! Then the most powerful kid in Hollywood! The biggest child star since Shirley Temple!
Home Alone 2 was released on video in July 1993. Macaulay was working on the film, The Good Son, with Elijah Wood. This film was put on hold for one whole year, so Macaulay could film, Home Alone 2! Now that is power!
“I’m living the Hollywood dream!” says Mac!

Worlds Apart! A five piece boy band, jumping on the band wagon of Take Thats success! Steve, Aaron, Patric, Schelim and Dan! Talking about all things Summer!

Puzzles pages! Perfect for on the beach or long car journeys! Word searches, quizzes, whats the missing word game! Tonnes of fun!

Big! Summer Spectacular! It was the perfect Summer magazine!