10 Of The Most Coveted Best Teddy Bears Of Our Youth

Teddy Bears have always been a source of comfort for us when we were little.  If you had a favorite one, it probably went everywhere with you and had a special place in your room and in your heart.  There were a lot of these adorable Teddy Bears to choose from when we were kids and here is a list of all the best bears of our youth.  Take a look and see if you can remember your good buddy, Teddy:

1. Teddy Ruxpin.

YES we CAN be friends! That was always my answer to his question. This bear was the best because he could read stories to you.

2. Crayola Bears.

These were at your local Burger King and they came in a variety of brilliant, Crayola colors.  Usually with this bear, just one was not enough.

3. Puffalumps.

This bear was different in a cool way.  He didn’t have fur like the rest and ended up being pretty durable. You could also find these in different types of animals besides bears.

4. Cuddly Cub Musical Chime Ball.

This bear was made by Fisher Price so you know that it’s perfect for little ones.  It made a soft sound with its chime.

5. Care Bears.

These cuddly Care Bears came in a variety of styles and colors with each bear having its own personality.  We just had to have them all!

6. Popples.

They transformed into balls and were super cute!

7. Beanie Babies.

These felt like bean bags and were really soft.  The trick was to not ruin the tag that came on it.  Each one was a collectable treasure.

8. Doodle Bears.

These bears were great because you could draw on their clothes to make a great outfit.

9. Furskins.

These bears wore human clothes that you could switch up to suit his style.

10. Smarty Bear.

This bear interacted with your TV which made him come to life.