In 1985, ThunderCats entered a children’s cartoon arena that was already quickly becoming competitive. With its cool character designs, action-packed stories and dense lore, however, ThunderCats quickly carved out its own niche and gained a legion of fans, who rushed out to purchase ThunderCats toys.

Today, we’re looking at the ThunderCats toys that have remained in the hearts of fans – and how much they sell for on the resale market in 2023!

Pumyra, $4,180

As one of the three refugees who escaped the destroyed planet of Thundera, it’s fair to say that Pumyra is a pretty important part of the Thundercats clan. She also has the ability to leap great distances and heights, making her absolutely indispensable when it comes to play.

An original 80s Pumyra is pretty hard to come by, so you can expect to pay premium prices, with boxed Pumyra’s selling for over $4,180 on the secondhand market. Later editions have a steep dropoff in value, often selling for just $53 even when still in the box.

Mongor – $1,300

Voiced by Bob McFadden in the 80s TV show, Mongor has a Satanic, goat-like appearance and is the physical embodiment of fear. Mumm-Ra sought him out as an ally for hundreds of years, but he was ultimately freed from his tomb prison by the ThunderKittens. Eye contact, however, is his weakness – enemies can defeat him by staring him down.

One Mongor toy from 1989 was kept pristine over the decades and listed for sale online. In October 2022, it sold for a whopping $1,300 on Coming from a home in Alpharetta, Georgia, this toy’s shipping alone cost $47.85. It came in a brand-new, unopened condition.

Vultureman – $1,300

A comrade of Slithe, Vultureman is the educated and wily inventor for the Mutants. He shuns direct violence in favour of devious weapons and underhand dealings. But he (and his action figures) are nevertheless often armed with a crossbow or claw-like weapon.

One Vultureman figure dating to 1985 sold for $1,300 on in August 2022. “[The] figure is mint and sealed on card,” the seller wrote. “Bubble is clear and in great shape. Card is very nice. Incredible display piece. Really beautiful. Great example.”

Luna Lasher Mumm-Ra – $800

The Luna Lasher Mumm-Ra action figure, an extremely limited release, had five articulation points and is also known as the ‘solid back Mumm-Ra’. It differs from regular Mumm-Ra figures as it doesn’t have light-up eyes or ‘battle-matic action’ branding.

Despite its used condition, one Luna Lasher Mumm-Ra action figure fetched $800 in an online sale of August 2022. Sold from a property in Lynnwood, Washington, United States, this toy didn’t have a precise age in its description, but it could be confidently dated to the 80s.

Driller – $793

With the voice of Bob McFadden in the 80s show, Driller is a sand-demon who lacks legs, instead using the drill features on his head and below his torso to pummel his way through rock and dirt. He trades in diamonds, which also enable him to keep his drills in working order. A villainous figure, he is easy to hire but short on loyalty.

Driller has an international market to this day, with one model from Leicester, United Kingdom selling for $793 on eBay in July 2022. This toy was manufactured in 1987 and came in a used condition.

S-S-Slithe – $750

Slithe (sometimes spelled Slythe) is the aggressive and overbearing leader of the Reptilians, whom he berates into his service. He is larger than the rest of his kind, with large ears. He was once a cook for the Mutant commander Ratar-O, and he has a taste for the finer flavours in life.

The ‘S-S-Slithe’ toy remains popular among collectors, with one figure selling for $750 in September 2022. Hailing from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the seller noted: “There are no dents or cracks. Nice bubble. Card is in great shape with minor wear. There are some minor stresses and veins on the front and back of the card.”

Captain Shiner – $600

With a thick German accent, Captain Shiner never explains his origins as the show’s only European character. Instead, he sticks his monocle in place and sails amongst the stars, acting as a mercenary commander for the Vertus. For a price, he serves Mumm-Ra in several escapades, but he also works alongside the Thundercats occasionally.

This unique figure made $600 at eBay auction in August 2022. “[The] card and bubble are both still in fair / good condition, showing some definite signs of age / storage wear,” the seller wrote. “These include some crushing and denting to the bubble, as well as some minor cracking on the bubble bottom. The original card also shows some signs of age and storage wear.”

Evil Mutant Miniatures – $595

By 1986, smaller versions of the Thundercat action figures were gaining popularity. In August 2022, a seller in Sun City, Arizona pocketed $595 for a 4-pack of these mini figures, with the best offer accepted.

The seller added, “Box is faded on left side panel – box has some edge and corner and surface wear, otherwise nice (see photos) – Set consists of miniature figures of Mumm-Ra, Jackal Man, Monkian and Slithe.”

Mumm-Ra’s Tomb Fortress, $416

Something that’s common across a lot of 80s children’s properties is that the villains have lairs that are absolutely awesome. Mumm-Ra is one of the coolest villains in the whole Thundercats universe, and so it makes sense that his lair, the Tomb Fortress, is also absolutely sick. The Tomb Fortress playset is the second-largest Thundercats toy ever made, and features glow-in-the-dark teeth and eyes, as well as a transformation chamber.

Mumm-Ra Tomb Fortress playsets don’t end up on the secondhand market very often, but when they do, they tend to retail for $416 minimum. That makes this playset one of the most valuable pieces of Thundercats merchandise out there.

Jaga – $350

An old soul, Jaga (voiced in the show by Earl Hammond) is a jaguar-inspired figure who was once Lion-O’s idol. As a warrior leader, he fought with the Sword of Omens and later became the trusted guardian of various magical artefacts. One Jaga toy from 1987, with a rare peach-skin variant, sold for $350 on eBay in July 2022.

“This figure is very hard to find and was adult owned and collected,” the seller elaborated. “Very clean condition with little to no scratches. And no thunderpocks. All figures were used for display only and come from a smoke free pet free home.”

Thundertank – $333

Panthro was the brain behind most of the Thundercat vehicles on Third Earth. His creations included the Feliner, the Thunderclaw, ThunderStrike, HoverCat – and the formidable Thundertank. This armoured vehicle is often used in last-minute rescues.

In August 2022, a Thundertank from 1987 sold for $333 on In brand-new, unopened condition and perfect original packaging, this toy came from collectors in Hartselle, Alabama.

Sword of Omens – $205

The Sword of Omens is the stuff of legend within the ThunderCat universe. Basically indestructible, it can throw energy pulses, explode rock, vaporize enemies on the spot – and it can also retract to the size of a dagger while in storage.

A fully-operating, light-up Lion-O Sword of Omens sold for $205 on in October 2022. It came from a toy store in Whitchurch, Shropshire, UK, with free shipping offered. This toy was first manufactured in 1984.

Grune, $14

It’s an undeniable truth that in most kids’ media, the villains end up far less popular than the heroes. However, when it comes toys, villains are absolutely crucial for play – as they create the conflict that drives the stories. That’s how Grune, a former Thundercat who betrays his allies to instead lead a band of marauders, can become one of the most popular characters in the 80s toyline.

Grune outsold almost all the other characters in the main cast, but unfortunately, this popularity means that he’s not worth much on the resale market, usually selling for around $14.

The Stinger, $358

The series might be called Thundercats, but some of the show’s most popular characters aren’t cats at all. The Stinger is part dragonfly, part human and part robot, and is able to fly as well as do serious damage to the show’s heroic cast. The novelty and pure weirdness of this character is no doubt what made him a must-have toy in the 80s, as what other toy looks like this?

The Stinger action figures are some of the most expensive to purchase secondhand, as they start at around $358 on the resale market. Not only that, but they are pretty difficult to find, as not many of them still exist in circulation.

Cheetara, $47

Cheetara the Swift is one of the most powerful characters in all of Thundercats. Not only can she run at superhuman speeds, but she can also see into both the past and the future, and has an instinctual ability to sense dangerous people and situations. On top of all that, with her red bodysuit and cheetah spots, she’s undoubtedly one of the coolest-looking cats out there.

Cheetara is a beloved character, but that popularity means that she is relatively easy to find on the secondhand market. That combination of factors means that a Cheetara sits somewhere around $47, though some are known to sell for as high as $167, depending on the condition.

The Cat Lair, $102

Credit: Misstique

Every group of superhumans needs a home, whether it’s Avengers Tower or the Batcave. For the Thundercats, that home is The Cats’ Lair, a home/base of operations that they build on every new planet that they arrive at. Usually featuring a control room, a hangar for vehicles, a library and a war room in addition to living quarters, it’s an awesome location that kids obviously wanted to play with.

Cats’ Lair playsets don’t go on sale as often as individual characters, but if you’re in the market, you can expect to pay between $90 and $114 for one without a box. As for the box itself, that alone will cost you an additional $11.

Hammerhand, $71

From the title, you would expect the Thundercats universe to be made up primarily of cats, but nothing could be further from the truth. It encompasses all manner of creatures, including half-robot, half-human pirates like Hammerhand. Hammerhand is a dangerous villain obsessed with creating chaos on Third Earth, which is why he was so fun to play with.

80s Hammerhand action figures usually sell for between $47 and $95 on the secondhand market, with an average price of $71 depending on the amount of visible wear and tear.

Tygra, $17

Tygra is the quintessential Thundercat, there’s no doubt about that. Not only is he the head of the Thundercat council, but he’s next in line to be Lord of the Thundercats, making him the de facto second in command. Not only that, but his awesome stripes and fearsome muscles make him one of the coolest characters in the show.

Given his coolness, it’s actually pretty surprising that original 80s Tygra action figures only retail for between $14 and $21 on the secondhand market, depending on condition.

Safari Joe, $91

Safari Joe might seem pretty silly, but don’t let the goofy name or space-age monocle throw you off, he’s actually a ruthless intergalactic bounty hunter. His entire mission in life is to hunt the Thundercats and complete his mission of eradicating all the various cat races – which makes him pretty fearsome indeed.

As a rarer and less popular character, Safari Joe action figures are more valuable than the average Thundercats toy, selling for a minimum of $52 on the collectors’ market and often selling for up to $131. Happy hunting!

Bengali, $209

Bengali may have joined the Thundercats later than central members like Tygra and Cheetara, but that doesn’t make him any less important. Not only is he a skilled blacksmith, but he’s also an excellent fighter, as well as the cousin of Tygra. As well as that, but his blue fur made him both instantly recognisable and beloved.

Original 80s Bengali action figures are pretty difficult to come by, with the price starting out at around $209 on the secondhand market. However, some ultra-rare graded versions of the toy can sell for a whopping $4,419!

Mumm-Ra, $14

Mumm-Ra is the most legendary of all the Thundercats’ villains. As an undead demon priest with an encyclopedic knowledge of all things black magic, it’s no surprise that the Thundercats find themselves outwitted and overpowered by him again and again. Also not surprising is how popular his character is with fans, given his striking and unique look.

As a result of his popularity, standard 80s Mumm-Ra action figures only sell for around $14 on the secondhand market. However, examples of the Ultimates Action Figure version that are still in the box start with a price tag of $102, so it all depends on which version you find.

Tongue-a-saurus, $59

Tongue-a-Saurus is a giant amphibious creature that lives in the terrifying River of Despair. It is easily big enough to swallow several Thundercats at once, which is part of what makes it such a good idea for a playset. The other part is the crazy extended tongue that can physically grab the Thundercats and pull them into its jaws.

Despite playsets often being significantly more expensive than action figures, the Tongue-a-Saurus toy is actually relatively cheap, with a starting value of $59 on the secondhand market when the box is included. Playsets without the box run even cheaper than that.

Berbil Bill, $40

At first glance, the Berbils do not look like they belong in the Thundercats universe. However, these gentle, pacifist bears migrated to Third Earth in the distant past, and have crossed paths with the Thundercats on many occasions. They’re also, let’s face it, downright adorable, so it’s no surprise that kids wanted their own to complete their collection.

Original Berbil Bill figures only retail for $40 secondhand, but, fun fact: Berbil Belle, the female version, has a starting price of $51! Not only that, but the Berbil Belle price can sometimes reach $101. It’s either because her colour scheme is cuter, or just because she’s more popular!

Lion-O, $41

When it comes to Thundercats, there’s no question who the coolest cat of them all is: it’s Lion-O. As the Lord of the Thundercats and the son of the previous Lord, the responsibility of protecting the whole Thundercat clan lays firmly on his shoulders. Massively strong, agile and intelligent, it’s no wonder that kids everywhere wanted to rush out and buy his action figure after the show was released.

As for price, original 80s Lion-O action figures tend to retail for between $35 and $47, even without the box. Even damaged Lion-O figures that are missing a limb tend to be listed for $23, proving that Lion-O is ready to battle no matter what!

Panthro, $22

At first glance, Panthro looks more like a villain than a noble Thunderian, because nothing about his hairless form, grey skin and bat-like ears is evocative of a cat. However, before Lynx-O shows up, Panthro is actually next in line to be Lord of the Thundercats, and he is ironically pretty terrified of bats.

Panthro doesn’t have the fanbase that a lot of other Thundercats characters have, but there also isn’t a crazy amount of scarcity when it comes to Panthro action figures. As a result, original 1985 Panthro figures only sell for between $20 and $25 on the secondhand market, though when accessories are included that price can increase significantly.