Boomers are quite oblivious to the fact that the things that they are doing on a regular basis are quite uncool. If you are a boomer, we apologize before we start but our list is going to point out a lot of things that you might be doing every day which you might think are cool but you would be sorely mistaken. The trends that you might be trusting are way out of style and you need to change your lifestyle today.

The Mall

Going to the mall is no longer the trend. While there may have been a time when the malls of America were the place for socializing and therapy of retail, they are no longer the cool thing today. The main reason is that everyone shops online for most of the things that they want and it is especially beneficial to avoid any crowds these days.

Cable TV Packages

Gone are the days when you would get on a call with your cable provider and argue about the package that you bought and the channels that you are actually getting. No one watches cable TV anymore. It is the era of streaming and new platforms are popping up every other month for you to consume content.

Writing Checks

Now you may look all high and mighty writing a check in the modern-day, no one thinks that it is cool. Boomers welcome to the age of credit cards and online banking. Digital banking has made it so easy for everyone these days.


If you carry a briefcase around with you, people will stare because it would be like a dinosaur is walking about on the roads of modern times. The reason is that everything is digital and you can carry all the information that you need on your mobile phone or your tablet. No more carrying a stack of papers in your briefcase.


We don’t care if you signed up years ago, there’s literally no point in catalogs anymore. Companies feature their promotions and entire product line online, and you’re going to have to go there to order things anyway. To save the Earth and ditch the traditional catalog.

Socks & Sandals

For the love of all things, why on Earth did anyone ever do this? The entire point of sandals in the first place is to wear them without socks. It just looks absolutely ridiculous.


Yes, we know how precious these jewels are to older generations, but the reality is that many young people today don’t care about diamonds. People have become more simplistic or just find cheaper alternatives.

Phone Hip Clip

For whatever reason, Boomers think it’s necessary to have their cell phones attached to their hip as if they don’t have purses or enough pockets already. Not only does it look tacky, but they should learn to actually use their phone before worrying about missing a call or message.

Conspiracy Theories

We suppose it’s not surprising that the generation that was first exposed to media is the one most manipulated by it, but many Boomers believe some absolutely off-the-wall claims, and they’re in the minority by far. Time to start to use the internet to do your own fact-checking.

High Waisted Jeans

There are many things that seem to repeat themselves in fashion, but high-waist jeans are something that doesn’t deserve condoning. They are simultaneously uncomfortable and unflattering, and the days of them being in style are long gone.

China Dishware

It’s inevitable that when showing up to a Boomer’s dinner party, they’ll be serving something in some outdated china. Now why they haven’t upgraded their dishware in 50 years, that’s on them to answer. It’s fragile, has to be hand washed and it’s time to upgrade.

New Balance Shoes

These are unmistakable and make it easy to identify a Boomer in seconds. Anyone wearing the classic, bulky white New Balances is certified to be over 55, and clearly has zero taste or sense of fashion. Please don’t wear these, because it’s only putting you into the lost cause category.

Phone Books

When’s the last time you can seriously remember a phone book being left at your front door? That’s because it rarely happens anymore unless you request one of course. And if you’re doing that, you’re only showing your age, because every phone number is on the internet.


While jorts may have made sense back when the only alternative was, well, actual jeans, they now only make you look outdated. Sure, they’re durable, but jean material is heavy, less fluid, and takes forever to dry. Probably a lot more practical to wear athletic shorts or at least cargo shorts.

24-Hour News Networks

Staying informed is important, especially in this day and age, but boy, overdoing the news is a cardinal sin these days. Especially in an age of information overload and redundant broadcasting. The best therapy is fresh air, so get outside and turn off the tube!

Hawaiian Shirts

If you think about it, you never see a kid wearing a Hawaiian shirt in the name of fashion. As a matter of fact, you may not have ever seen someone under 50 wearing a Hawaiian shirt ever. That’s because they’re corny, and were played out decades ago. At this point they’re try-hard.


Regardless of whether you had to learn it in school, the reality is that no one uses cursive in the outside world, and if they do, they’re going to get some confused looks. People’s handwriting is already bad enough, and making things harder to read is unnecessary. Let’s just write normally.

Dad Slacks

Another infamous fashion faux paux is the willingness to wear business casual shorts resembling your office slacks cut in half for the golf course. And worse, they’re usually accompanied by tucked-in shirts and the patented New Balances. If this is you, you’re under arrest.

Home Shopping Networks

Whether it’s HSN, QVC, or any of the other number of television shopping stations, you can bet that 99% of the audience is Boomers. No one else in their right mind would spend hours watching products be slowly unveiled before buying something you don’t need. Again, the internet.

Velcro Shoes

The rule is basically that the only two groups of people that wear velcro shoes are children and old people, so congratulations Boomers, but if you’re now too lazy to have laces, you’re officially old. They may be easy, but no good-looking shoes have velcros. Save it for your nineties.

Sending Emails

In a generation where everyone has personal computers at the palm of their hands, Boomers still elect to send emails rather than a simple text or instant message. Maybe they just don’t realize, but people reserve emails for work and promotional nonsense no one checks anymore.


Especially after the latest pandemic, cruises are going to be a hard sell, but maybe not for the Baby Boomer generation. They were already the target audience before, and that’s because they love endless buffets and not having to walk. We’re almost positive they’ll be the first back.

All-You-Can-Eat Buffets

Speaking of buffets, another commodity that the Boomers seem to enjoy a little too much is the all-you-can-eat ones around town. And if you’ve ever been in one, you know they make up the entire crowd. They’re not even that good and aren’t sanitary, so it’s another thing to drop.

Dressing Like Tourists

For whatever reason, it seems that when you reach that certain age, your propensity to dress like a tourist in your own town of residence doubles. The cargo shorts, the tucked-in polo, the random sun hat, and who can forget the fanny pack? It’s a mystery we can’t yet solve.

Knick Knacks

One thing that millennials seem to have gotten right is that minimalism ensures a less stressful life, and in turn, less clutter. Older generations seem keen on keeping heirlooms and buying random items to fill up their rooms, but all it’s doing is showing you’re prone to hoarding.

Bar Soap

With the ever-growing popularity of body washes replacing traditional barred soaps, it’s no surprise that the only people who still use them are Boomers. These people are stuck in their ways and scents, but the truth is, you get more aroma and bang for your buck with liquid soaps.


No one under the age of 30 has probably ever participated in a sweepstakes period, and we can bet most adults haven’t been interested in one since the turn of the century. Except for the Baby Boomers of course, who are always enticed by a longshot chance at a million bucks. You’re better off playing bingo.

9-5 Work Weeks

Somehow, the old days of heading to the factory or plant for a laborious 8-hour workday seems asinine, especially after we all got a taste of working from home in 2020. Plus, with the modernity of technology and mental health acknowledgment, we deserve more personal time.

Blaming Millennials

While it may be convenient to just blame the younger generations for all the world’s problems, the true irony is that Boomers have lived long enough to be responsible for exactly where the country (and world) is at right now. Stop pointing fingers, we’re all in this together.

Paper Bills

Another outdated practice that has seemingly no purpose in the digital age is paper bills being mailed to your house. All they do is sit there and create clutter, anxiety, and serve as a reminder. With auto bill-pay and paperless billing in general, There’s no reason for this wasteful practice!


Back in the days of pinching pennies and recovering from the great depression, toast became a staple breakfast because it was cheap and simple. Well, fast forward to the present when waffle makers, blenders, and breakfast burritos exist, and it makes us question why they still eat it now.

Cop Dramas

We’re not sure what it is about television police dramas, but one thing we know is that Boomers are obsessed with watching them. Literally, everyone, it doesn’t even matter the quality or who’s acting. NCIS, Criminal Minds, Law & Order, other ones you’ve never heard of – you name it. Put an end to it.

Word Art On Walls

“Live. Laugh. Love.” “Do the right thing, even when no one is watching.” Can you guess who decided to put these generic quotes on pieces of wood and canvases? Yep, the Baby Boomers. Now, these tacky decorations have become mainstream, but guess who the only people that buy them are? You guessed it – Boomers.


Okay we get it, everyone gets wrinkles in their clothes and it’s annoying, so you have to take an extra step to get rid of them. But, conveniently today, there are better detergents and softeners that eliminate these wrinkles, in addition to better steamers. Don’t waste your time ironing.


The ultimate Boomer sport is definitely racquetball because unlike golf or tennis, you don’t even go outside and have limited mobility in the confines of a small room with air conditioning. While it can be a decent sport at the pro level, it’s usually something you see elders playing at the YMCA.

Fuzzy Toilet Covers

First of all, there is absolutely no reason this trend should’ve ever existed, period. Who on the Earth thought it was a good idea to merge carpets with the place you’re going to the bathroom? It’s not sanitary, nor is it easy to clean. Plus it’s ugly, so let’s just never do that again and pretend it didn’t happen.

Patterned Wallpaper

Sure, maybe this was all the rage when Boomers were growing up, but if you still use these ugly wallpapers today, you need to have your interior decorating privileges taken away. Wallpaper in general is no longer in style, and most of it looks tacky in more than a small amount. Let’s keep up with the times.

Mrs. Dash

You can tell you’re eating a Boomer’s cooking if you can taste the Mrs. Dash because that is and apparently always will be their favorite seasoning. They justify putting it in nearly anything, and something about the taste just triggers the smell of older people. With so many other choices, let’s switch it up.


While the rest of the young and fashionable world has banished Crocs to the end of the Earth, Baby Boomers managed to help them persist extradition by avidly buying and advocating for their production. Sure, they’re functional, but they look ridiculous. Owning crocs means you’re old, at least deep down.


You can almost smell it as soon as you read the word. Potpourri is the original room fragrance, but it’s hard to imagine a smell that defines the Baby Boomer generation more than this. It’s musty, leaves a mess if tipped over, and will probably make you sneeze. Candles are much better.