Baby Boomers Still Think That These 40 Things Are Cool

Boomers are quite oblivious to the fact that the things that they are doing on a regular basis are quite uncool. If you are a boomer, we apologize before we start but our list is going to point out a lot of things that you might be doing every day which you might think are cool but you would be sorely mistaken. The trends that you might be trusting are way out of style and you need to change your lifestyle today.

The Mall

Going to the mall is no longer the trend. While there may have been a time when the malls of America were the place for socializing and therapy of retail, they are no longer the cool thing today. The main reason is that everyone shops online for most of the things that they want and it is especially beneficial to avoid any crowds these days.

Cable TV Packages

Gone are the days when you would get on a call with your cable provider and argue about the package that you bought and the channels that you are actually getting. No one watches cable TV anymore. It is the era of streaming and new platforms are popping up every other month for you to consume content.