Asda Now Selling Donut-Shaped Beef Burgers, Because Why Not

Since the dawn of time, burger patties have come in the familiar, comforting shape of a flat, uncomplicated circle.

Like death and taxes, it’s long been thought that burgers coming in this solid circular shape was just ‘the way things are’.

Thanks to Asda, however, the standard burger patty formula might be about to get blown wide open – literally (sort of).

Just in time for barbecue season, from Asda stores or the Asda website shoppers can now get their hands on a ‘donut’ beef burger.

A standard burger patty with a hole in the middle, the donut burger leaves room for customers to insert a filling like melted cheese, pulled pork or a fried egg.

Still, weighing 140g apiece and available in packs of two at £1.97, the donut burger is actually more pricey than a standard Asda beef burger.

Whereas the donut beef burger costs 98p per patty, Asda’s 114g quarter pounder burgers come to 49p each.

This means it would actually be cheaper for customers to just buy standard Asda burger patties and cut their own holes in the middle.

But hey, it’s summer, you do you.