If you thought Colin the Caterpillar was big, just wait til you get a load of the cake Asda is about to introduce into its stores.

Named Colossal Clyde, Asda’s new caterpillar cake measures 45cm and serves about 24 people.


Available on Asda’s cake aisles from 1 April, Clyde will set you back £12, or roughly 50p per serving.

Like Colin, Colossal Clyde will be a long roll of chocolate sponge with a swirl of chocolate buttercream at its centre.

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The outside of the roll will be coated with hard milk chocolate and topped with edible decorations.

M&S’s Colin the Caterpillar, which launched in 1990, serves 10, less than half what Colossal Clyde is able to feed.

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M&S has its own giant version of Colin, measuring 44cm, or 1cm shorter than Clyde.

However, the price is £40, making M&S’s giant Colin almost three times as expensive as Asda’s giant caterpillar cake.

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Asda’s bakery expert, Sarah Burns, addressed the disparity: “As well as being a fun novelty cake, Colossal Clyde is great value for money for our customers.

“There has been an increasing demand for supersized and extraordinary products recently”, Burns went on, “and we’re happy to be at the forefront of quirky thinking and show-stopping products that our customers love.”