Argos To Stop Printing Catalogues


Shoppers are likely to be saddened today with the news that one of the most iconic items of the UK high street will soon be no more.

Argos have announced that, after almost 50 years, they are to cease printing their famous catalogues.

The news was broken to staff of the retail chain today, in an email from parent company Sainsbury’s.

Sainsbury’s chief executive Simon Roberts explains, “As most customers are now browsing and ordering online, we have decided that the time is right to stop printing the Argos catalogue.”

This isn’t a decision that Argos have made lightly; the idea of scrapping catalogues has been floated for several years, as a reported 70% of the goods sold by the retailer are now ordered online.

Some Argos stores in Scotland first went catalogue-free back in 2017, a move that didn’t go down well with all customers.

It’s hoped that getting rid of the catalogue will allow Argos to “flex our range and offers and to be more competitive on price.” It’s also a good move environmentally, as vast amounts of paper will be saved.

Still, for generations the Argos catalogues – handed out for free in stores since 1972 – have been a source of joy in themselves, with millions of British kids having used them to choose what they wanted for Christmas in that time.