One of our very favourite nostalgic things to do is to watch, and sing along with, some of the classic TV programme intros that we remember from the 80s and early 90s. To that end, we recently published a list of 12 TV show theme tunes that you will definitely still remember the words to.

Some of you enjoyed reminiscing about the likes of Fun House, Going for Gold, Gladiators, Rainbow and Baywatch so much, that you also told us what your own favourite retro TV intros were, and encouraged us to include them in our future posts.

And so, below are another 15 TV theme tunes, suggested by you and listed in alphabetical order. Be sure to turn the sound on your device right up, so that you can sing and dance along to these great music-based TV memories.

15. Button Moon

We’re off to Button Moon, we’ll follow Mr Spoon, Button Moon, Button Moon. We’re off to Button Moon, we’ll follow Mr Spoon, Button Moon, Button Moon.

Sounding like something that was written by The Beatles during their Sgt. Pepper era, the Button Moon theme tune gives us a lovely nostalgic feeling.


14. Charlie Chalk

Charlie Chalk, Charlie Chalk, has a funny way of walking and a wacky way of chalking. Charlie Chalk, Charlie Chalk, he can get you out of trouble, he can teach you how to juggle. Charlie Chalk, oh Charlie Chalk.

Made by the same company that produced the classic children’s TV shows Postman Pat and Bertha, Charlie Chalk has an intro that is guaranteed to get you dancing!


13. Count Duckula

In the heart of Transylvania, in the vampire hall of fang, yeah. There’s not a vampire zanier than Duckula. He won’t bite beast or man, ‘cause he’s a vegetarian. And things never run to plan for Duckula.

Beginning with a superbly creepy voiceover that talks about ‘a dreadful dynasty of vicious vampire ducks,’ the Count Duckula theme tune may be catchy, but it also has some decidedly dodgy lyrics.


12. Flipper

They call him Flipper, Flipper, faster than lightning, no-one you see, is smarter than he. And we know Flipper, lives in a world full of wonder, flying there under, under the sea.

Featuring a theme tune that never fails to warm our hearts and transport us back to our childhoods, Flipper has to be one of the most laid back TV shows of all time.


11. Fraggle Rock

Dance your cares away, worry’s for another day. Let the music play, down at Fraggle Rock. Work your cares away, dancing’s for another day. Let the Fraggles play, down at Fraggle Rock.

We may have been terrified by the creatures that lived outside Fraggle Rock’s exit, but once the show’s music kicked in we always made sure to dance our cares away.


10. Henry’s Cat

You must have seen the movie, you must have read the book. So if you know someone who knows what he knows then you must know Henry’s Cat.

The original Henry’s Cat theme tune featured no lyrics whatsoever, but from 1986 it was changed to include the words displayed above. Which version do you remember?


9. Jamie and the Magic Torch

Jamie, Jamie, Jamie and the Magic Torch. Down the helter skelter, faster and faster towards Cuckoo Land. Wordsworth, Wordsworth, following hard behind. Ready for adventure, always there to lend a paw or hand.

A bizarre, psychedelic childhood classic, Jamie and the Magic Torch was introduced with what is surely one of the greatest theme tunes ever.


8. Jimbo and the Jet-Set

Jim-bo, Jim-bo, Jim-bo, Jimb-bo, Jim-bo, Jim-bo!

It may not have been too adventurous on the lyrics front, but Jimbo (or Jimbo and the Jet-Set to give it its full title) had an intro that began with some brilliant synthesiser music, before various characters shouted the name of the titular yellow and red plane.


7. The Littlest Hobo

There’s a voice, that keeps on calling me. Down the road, that’s where I’ll always be. Every stop I make, I make a new friend. Can’t stay for long, Just turn around and I’m gone again. Maybe tomorrow, I’ll want to settle down. Until tomorrow, I’ll just keep moving on.

We’re almost certain that we’re not the only ones who get a little bit emotional every time we hear The Littlest Hobo’s legendary theme tune.


6. Penny Crayon

Penny Crayon can draw anything she likes. Like cats and dogs and crocodiles and juggernauts and bikes. But Penny’s magic drawings are not like any other, they walk and talk, and come to life, creating lots of bother!

With adult ears, the songwriting talent behind some of these pieces of music is incredibly impressive, with the theme tune to Penny Crayon being a great example.


5. The Poddington Peas

Down at the bottom of the garden, among the birds and the bees. A little lot of little people, they call the Poddington Peas!

Featuring the imaginatively titled characters Creep-Pea, Black Eyed-Pea, Dump-Pea, Zip-Pea, Hap-Pea and Sweet-Pea, The Poddington Peas had us singing along every single time we watched it.


4. Raggy Dolls

Raggy Dolls, Raggy Dolls, dolls like you and me. Raggy Dolls, Raggy Dolls, made imperfectly. So if you got a bump on your nose or a lump on your toes, do not despair. Be like the Raggy Dolls, and say I just don’t care.

With lyrics that encouraged us to love ourselves no matter what, The Raggy Dolls theme tune was about as life-affirming as they came.


3. Round the Twist

Have you ever, ever felt like this? How strange things happen, are you going round the twist?

A classic Australian fantasy drama that saw a group of children embark on a number of different magical adventures, Round the Twist was also introduced by a brilliantly catchy song.


2. Super Gran

Stand back Superman, Iceman, Spiderman, Batman and Robin too. Don’t wanna cause a ruckus with BA Baracus, but I’ve got a match for you.

Written and performed by Scottish Comedian Billy Connolly, the brilliant Super Gran theme tune even reached number 32 in the UK singles chart in 1985!


1. The Family-Ness

McTout blows on his bagpipes, whilst Elspeth and Angus watch those notes go floating across the waves. Ferocious-Ness appears at once, and grabs a note or two for lunch, and the whole of the Family Ness is not too far behind.

We end with an absolute classic, with The Family-Ness intro being a song that you may think you’ve forgotten, until you hear it once more and get transported straight back to your youth!