Thanks to Aldi, you don’t need to stick a pony in anyone’s pocket to get your hands on the new range of Only Fools and Horses talking plush toys.

The toys, which measure in height from 20cm to 26cm, will soon be available from all good Aldi stores.

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For just £8.99 apiece, shoppers will be able to pick up an Uncle Albert, Rodney or Del Boy (or all three, if you’re an Only Fools collector) in-store from 9 June.

The plush toys, which speak their respective character’s catchphrases when pressed, went on sale on Aldi’s website on Sunday.

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The toys proved so popular, however, that Uncle Albert, Rodney and Del are already out of stock online.

One of Aldi’s Specialbuys, the Only Fools toy range has limited availability, and will only be available for purchase while stocks last.

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You won’t find them cheaper anywhere else, though: while Clintons is selling individual Only Fools plushes for £10, Amazon is stocking them for between £14.99 and £15.99 (Del Boy being the more expensive and in-demand plush, naturally).