90s Kids Share 40 Things That Millennials Will Never Understand

Remember when floppy disks first came out and Justin Timberlake was just another member of *NSYNC? 90s kids everywhere have been reminiscing about better times on social media, and in the process they’ve managed to confuse plenty of millennials. People who are old enough to remember what a Nokia 3310 looked like have been sharing their memories on Twitter, and we’ve put together a list of the most hilarious millennial responses.

Some kids today don’t know what Windows 98 looked like, and they probably think that we come from a distant land full of clunky and bizarre-looking gadgets. But back in the day, walkmans were the height of technology before anyone had even heard of an iPod – they were just really hard to try and fit into your jeans pocket!

If you’re feeling nostalgic just reading this, then scroll down the list below to bring back even more happy memories of your childhood days! In this article, we’ve brought you 40 things that millennials will never understand…but 90s kids will definitely be able to relate. Enjoy!

40. A time before there were iPads in the classroom…

39. Who else still has some of these in the attic?

38. The perils of trying to download films illegally

37. Making sure your homework gets an instant A+

36. This took slightly longer than an automatic button

35. We miss floppy disks

34. We still can’t believe some kids have never heard a dial tone before

33. Now we feel really old

32. Remember how annoying it was when the tape came loose?

31. Nobody uses landlines anymore

30. Cameras have come a long way since the 90s

29. ‘Classic rock’ is now 90s rock apparently!

28. We were never allowed a Game Boy…

27. Speaking of Game Boys…

26. We spent hours making epic mixes for long car drives

 25. The struggle of trying to fit this in your jeans pocket

24. This is what the back of TVs used to look like

23. The frustration when somebody hadn’t bothered to rewind it

22. This person needs a few extra history lessons

21. Remember these?! Strangest chewing gum ever

20. Back when video games looked like giant grey blocks

19. Makes us want to get our old tape recorder out

18. ‘Retro’ vinyls are coming back into fashion now

17. He’s not been up to much since 1999

16. Everyone remembers where they were when the stingray news hit

15. The days before Justin Timberlake had a solo career

14. We used to do this at school all the time

13. We used to love the Rugrats theme tune

12. This makes us feel old

11. It’s a classic

10. Mel B has since managed to appear on the judging panel of every reality music contest

9. We only had five channels so this was a luxury

8. Aw remember Zac Efron’s terrible haircut?

7. There was a time when Lindsay Lohan was meant to be the next big thing

6. Remember when nobody knew who Kim Kardashian was?

5. Even Stevens was such a great programme

4. The best kind of texting

3. Cereal fans everywhere despair

2. It wasn’t the 1800s…

1. We all remember playing football outside with this