9 Things About The Classic Movie ‘Friday’ That Will Make You Say Damnnnn!!!

About 20 years ago this stoner movie came our way and it was a smokin’ hit! Therefore, it’s fun to take a look back and share all of the details that we generally didn’t know or have forgotten about.  Here are the best ones:

1. There is a sleeping man in bed with Craig’s girlfriend, Joi, when she called him.

She was too busy yelling at him over the phone to realize that she was a terrible girlfriend.

2. This was Megan Good and Michael Clarke Duncan’s first feature film debut.

Before this movie, they had no major roles as of yet.  See the sign in the background? “Keep off the Grass”.

3. In the beginning of this movie, Craig is wearing the same outfit that Doughboy wore in ‘Boyz n the Hood’ at the end.

It’s wasn’t a hard outfit to find!

4. Misspelled #ByeFelicia.

Her name has been misspelled by many people online over the years.

5. Felisha’s son, Brad Kaaya is on his way to being a football star!

He started as a true freshman at the University of Miami.

6. When Deebo knocked out Red it was in front of the director, F. Gary Gray’s childhood home.

Gary grew up at the house located 126th Street in South Central. This is him doing a cameo as the mop guy in the liquor store.

7. The role for ‘Smokey’ was turned down by both Chris Rock and Tommy Davidson.

Instead, this role when to Chris Tucker who nailed it!

8. This movie wasn’t a huge success but the soundtrack was a Billboard chart topper.

It was filmed in only 20 days with a budget of $3.5 million and still managed to make a total of $28 million worldwide. Meanwhile, the soundtrack went double platinum!

9. The director, F. Gary Gray has worked with Ice Cube before they collaborated on this film.

He was the director of his music video, “It Was A Good Day”.