9 Product Rebrands That Made Us Furious

Over the years, things have seemed to change quite a bit and one thing that has made us absolutely furious is the rebranding of some of our most loved brands. It just feels wrong to call it something else but the quality almost always has stayed the same. Check out these 9 products that should have stayed with the original branding.

1. Marathon/Snickers (1990)

Even though this was always Snickers everywhere else, we grew up with it being Marathon and this just messes everything up!

2. Kentucky Fried Chicken / KFC (1991)

They basically changed the name to KFC for marketing.

3. Emmerdale Farm / Emmerdale (1989)

The cast of Bottom did a good job explaining this one…

4. Opal Fruits / Starburst (1998)

They rebranded this is in 1998 to fit in with the Americans once again.

5. Coco Pops / Choco Krispies (1998)

This song filled every playground until 1998 when they renamed the brand. This left the country in an outrage and was shortly changed back but not before Coco the monkey had infamously sung “I’d rather have a bowl of Choco Krispies”.


6. Royal Mail / Consignia (2001)

When we think of Royal Mail, we think of men and women who are dedicated to delivering your letters and parcels in immaculate suits. Then we have the toiletry sounding Consignia that costs over £1.5 million to change it and £1 million to change it back. This is why we pay so much for stamps nowadays.

7. Sci Fi Channel / SyFy (2009)

This was so they could copyright their name. Not sure about the horse with a jetpack?

8. Dime / Daim (2012)

I want an armadillo.

9. Jif / Cif (2001)

Even though Jif changed over to Cif for a consistency issue we still will call it Jif until we die and nothing will stop us!