It’s an interesting time in British politics, right now; interesting, but also, after years of indecision and division, frankly pretty exhausting.

We don’t know, for example, who is going to replace Theresa May as Prime Minister – honestly, we’re past the point of caring.

We do know, however, that none of Theresa’s likely replacements have the distinction of dressing like bottles of Tresemmé.

As first pointed out by Twitter’s @sam_bambs, Theresa May has been dressing like Tresemmé for some time.

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Not only does the PM bear a handle that resembles the name of the shampoo brand, she also has the wardrobe to match. Here are some of the best looks, as posted by Sam:

The Deep Cleanse

The Moisture Rich

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The Colour Revitaliser

The Illuminator

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The Volume & Body

The Colour Shineplex

The Keratin Smooth

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The Keratin Smooth Colour