11 Halloween Costume Ideas From The 80s You Should Try This Year

The 80s are more than just a decade that you fondly recall, it is a major trend and Halloween is the one holiday for you to go all out in order to express your inner 80s personality! Many costumes comes pre-made and can simply be purchased online but you’d better put some thought into doing that soon because Halloween is right around the corner! However, you can also easily put something together (last pic) that will let everyone around you know that you are all about the 80s! Take a look:

1. Prince.

Back then he was known by his name and not as ‘the artist formally known as Prince’.

2. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

You can be the adorable girlfriend of the guy who could do anything if only he had a day off!

3. 80s Groupie.

Yes, this decade had its fair share of groupies and you would know if you were one!

Check out Shrunken Head Beetlejuice on the next page…

4. Workout Video Star.

This reminds us of Richard Simmons. What a funny costume to wear this Halloween!

5. Valley Girl.

If you don’t know what a valley girl is, then you, like, totally never will! Gag me with a spoon!

6. Shrunken Head Beetlejuice.

We all thought he was funnier with a shrunken head!

Check out Macho Man Randy Savage on the next page…

7. 80s Workout Girl.

Complete with leggings and crop top. Every 80s girl dream!

8. Back To The Future.

Marty had it going on in this outfit and now, so can you!

9. WWF – Macho Man Randy Savage.

If you lived in the 80s, then you know what WWF is! There’s a long list of characters that you could definitely be, including this guy.

You gave to see the KISS costume on the next page…

10. Kiss – Gene Simmons.

If you’re going to go as a Kiss band member, it better be this guy!

11. Also, there’s no shame in making up your own 80s look.

Just image how you would’ve dressed in the 80s if you had unlimited resources!