You’ll Only Understand These 34 Photos If You Are An ’80s Girl

There were plenty of girly things in the 80s for us to collect, watch and enjoy. Therefore, many of us will have no problem recognizing all of these items below because we all had a hand in making them popular at the time. Take a look:

1. All we saw were Nanny’s stockings!

2. Having a giant Barbie doll.

3. Adding to this collection on our necklace.

4. This pink fairy tale land with unicorns!

5. Collecting stickers.

6. Loving this storyline about Jem.

7. Playing Pizza Party!

8. These incredible watches.

9. Outer space Barbie.

10. Trying to pick one to wear and hoping you had a matched set.

11. Getting all dolled up with this!

12. Fighting over these controllers.

13. Reading every one of these books.

14. Rocking out with this.

15. Taking Rainbow Brite with you everywhere.

16. Watching this movie (even if we should not have).

17. Picking out the perfect carrying case for your pencils.

18. Wishing you had a canopy bed like a princess.

19. She-Ra was cool!

20. Working on your fashion designs with this.

21. Getting a bead purse.

22. Wearing jelly shoes.

23. A glitter baton.

24. Watching this fantastic show.

25. Hoping your parents would stick a Garfield to the car window.

26. Trying to jump around with one of these.

27. Going fast down the driveway with one of these.

28. Using this brand instead of the kid brand.

29. Getting a glimpse of this free preview.

30. Loving this brand soooo much!

31. Having this bear tell us a story.

32. Getting a box of McDonaldland cookies.

33. Learning about animals by using flashcards.

34. Having your own Big Wheel bike.