80s kids never realised just how good they had it!

Let’s take a look back at some of the things 80s girls will have had in their rooms as they grew up in the 1980s and in to the 1990s.

1. Canopy Bed

Image result for 1980s canopy bed

Kind of like a mini 4 poster bed but in a more garish style that certainly wouldn’t have been seen in a posh hotel – did you have one and in what design?


Did you feel cosier with the canopy over the top, and was it almost like sleeping in your own private den?

The canopies were a range of different pattens and colours.

2. Watch-shaped clock

Image result for 1980s watch shaped wall clock

It’s a clock. But it looks like a giant watch.

Is it a clock that wishes it was a watch, or a watch that wishes it was a clock?

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Now I’m really confused! And no, these aren’t just pictures of watches, they are full-sized clocks and wouldn’t fit even the biggest wrist!

They came in block colours such as blue, red, green and yellow.

Imagine this done the other way round and strapping a clock to your wrist?

We’ve heard of people wearing them around their necks like strange accessories.

That sounds very much like a 90s thing to us.

3. Strawberry Shortcake designs

Image result for 1980s strawberry shortcake bedroom

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Wallpaper, bedding, curtains. Strawberry Shortcake was everywhere looking sickly sweet, what did you have in the range? Look in the picture for another of those over-sized clocks, and can you remember the sickly sweet strawberry smell of the Strawberry Shortcake dolls? Or were you all about…

4. Victoria Plum designs

Image result for 1980s victoria plum bedroom

Very similar in that you could get everything you needed in this range, but most people were either Strawberry Shortcake or Victoria Plum – which were you? Unlike her rival Strawberry Shortcake, Victoria Plum didn’t smell of her namesake fruit!

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5. Doll Lamp

Image result for 1980s doll lamp

I’m not going to lie, these were just very, very creepy! Did you have one? If so, why?! There were some that looked more like normal dolls rather than a strange variant of Pennywise the Clown, but they were no less creepy!


6. Duran Duran Posters

Image result for 1980s duran duran posters bedroom

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There was a big debate in the 80s when the battle started between Duran Duran and another band, so many young girls had Simon Le Bon adorning their bedroom walls! But many others had…

7. Spandau Ballet Posters

Image result for 1980s spandau ballet poster

The other big band in the New Romantic music movement, if you weren’t Duran Duran then you were all about the Tony Hadley and the Kemp Brothers! Which of the two bands were your favourites? Even now you’ll hear Spandau Ballet fans saying how they don’t like Duran Duran’s music and vice-versa.

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8. Care Bears Dolls

Image result for 1980s care bears plush

Of course, before the hormones kicked in and you wanted posters of pop stars on your walls, you were a lot more innocent and may well have had some Care Bears – who was your favourite? Did you like a sunshine bear, a lucky bear or one of the love bears?

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9. Barbie

Image result for 1980s barbie dolls

Did you have all the Barbie dolls? And did you have Ken, too? Did they live happily or did they argue and fall out? Did you have a particular voice you put on for them when acting out the scenes? Were you one of those kids whose Barbie’s always fell out and divorced their Kens and then remarried them, Liz Taylor and Richard Burton fashion?


10. Sindy

Image result for 1980s sindy dolls

However, you may well have preferred to play with Barbie’s main rival – Sindy. Sindy was the British answer to Barbie and was a lot more wholesome with more traditional values, apparently! All I remember is my sister’s barbecue set she had with this where it folded over inside to imitate it getting hot by turning red, more than a little odd!

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11. Keypers

Image result for 1980s keypers

These little critters were cute and useful as they could be used to hide jewellery and other bits whilst looking like a common or garden toy on your shelf. Everybody sing it with me, “Keypers, Keypers, what’s inside those Keypers?” What did you keep in yours, jewellery and personal belongings, or details of your latest crush that you wanted no-one else to read about?

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12. Lockable diary

Image result for 1980s lockable diary

Did you have a diary with a lock on it to hide your secret crushes and your darkest secrets? Did you dread the time your snotty-nosed little brother would find it, break the lock and taunt you with his knowledge of the contents?

13. Polaroid Camera

Image result for 1980s polaroid camera

Did you have a Polaroid? You could take all the instant snaps you wanted when you were dressing up as pop stars with your best friend! Did you pretend you were appearing in the latest issue of Smash Hits Magazine?

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14. Portable TV


No 32” TVs in bedrooms back in the 80s! If you were lucky you had a 12” portable TV. If you were really lucky it was 14”. And if you were the envy of your friends it was a colour TV, too! Who else dreaded the time when someone would brush past it and change the angle of the aerial by 1 degree meaning you had a 20 minute battle on your hands to get the picture back to an acceptable quality?

15. Radio Cassette Player

Image result for 1980s radio cassette player

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Tune in to your favourite radio station, play your favourite cassettes. If you were feeling daring, try to record your favourite song from the radio and time it so you didn’t get the DJ’s chat over the beginning or end! And who can forget wanting to listen to a song again and having to rewind, see where you are, rewind a bit more, try again until you had the start of the song lined up?

16. See-through phone

Image result for 1980s see through phone

Were you lucky enough to have your own phone in your room? If you were was it a see-through one like this? The ultimate in telephonic design! It didn’t have any additional functionality like moving parts inside, it just looked really, really cool!

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17. Take That Posters

Image result for 1990s take that posters

And as you hit the 90s and you were a teen, you started to understand the feelings those hormones were producing and you just couldn’t get enough of Gary, Mark and Robbie! Who was your favourite? Do you still love Take That today? Do you wish Robbie had never split from the group?

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18. Groovy Chick

Image result for groovy chick bedroom

This was the big thing in the early 90s, so as the 80’s girls were becoming 90’s teens this was something that adorned bedrooms across the country, what did you have in yours? This particular character seemed to take the 90s by storm and then just disappeared overnight like it had never happened!

19. Spirograph

Image result for Spirograph 1980s
Did you have one of these in your room? Did you try hard to recreate the kind of intricate designs you saw in the adverts and on the box? And did you ever succeed? Or did you just end up with a very dark circle because you had been over the same line 30 times? Yep, thought so!


20. Pound Puppies

Image result for pound puppies toys 1980s

Teddies based on dogs that were in the pound and homeless, and so would catch your attention with their sad, puppy-dog eyes and make you fall in love. Did you have any of these adorable pooches? Do you still have it today as you couldn’t bear to get rid of it?

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21. Smelly Rubbers

Image result for 1980s smelly rubbers

Every girl had a few of these on their desk and there was nothing like the smell of a brand new, unused rubber! Some just smelled of a rubber, which was good enough, but some were infused with strawberry, raspberry and even chocolate scents!

22. Scratch n Sniff Stickers

Image result for scratch n sniff stickers 80s

Who didn’t have these on the front of their drawers or cupboards? Give them a quick scratch when walking past and press your nose up to them to get a whiff of your favourite scent!

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23. Dot-to-dot books

Image result for Dot-to-dot books 1980s

A way to pass half an hour or so whilst being a bit creative but not having to put in too much of an effort! Even the most cack-handed person could create something that looked decent by following those dots around the page!

24. Multi-coloured pen

Image result for Felt tips 1980s

These things were great! Whatever colour you fancied writing in was right there at the click of a button! They weren’t particularly easy to write with, however, as they were so thick to hold all the different pens inside, but they looked great!

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25. Water Pens with something inside

Image result for Water pen 1980s

These things looked so cool! With a bit of water in the handle of the pen and an item inside that wouls slide slowly inside when you wrote, it somehow provided hours of amusement even though it was really simple!

26. Choose Your Own Adventure Books

Image result for multiple choice detective book 1980s

Books where the general story started and then you were provided with choices which told you to go to certain pages to continue the tale and see what happens. Your choices genuinely affected the end result of the story and these were great fun!


27. Casio Keyboard

Image result for Casio Keyboard 1980s

Every girl’s bedroom had to have one of these in, so that they could play along to the latest pop hit! And if you were a bit naff then put it in demo mode and pretend to play like a pro!

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28. Hairbrush as a microphone

Image result for Hairbrush as a microphone 1980s

Every girl did this when rocking along to their favourite new Madonna hit! You could really lose yourself in this, it just gets totally ruined when you’re rocking the high notes and you turn around to see your bratty little brother again, this time holding his hands over his ears and crying!

29. Garfield Backpack

Image result for Garfield backpack 1980s

The cat who really looks on the down side of life as much as possible unless it involved lasagna, but he was very lovable nonetheless and made a great accessory to carry around with you everywhere!

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30. Snowglobes

Image result for strawberry shortcake snowglobe

Who doesn’t love a snowglobe? One of those popular 80s accessories that every girl had in their bedroom, which design or character did you have? Was yours a keepsake from a family holiday?

31. Cabbage Patch Dolls

Image result for Cabbage patch dolls 1980s

So many girls in the 80s had these, but why? They are really ugly, I just never understood these, but they were loved by their owners regardless, unconditional love at its best.

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32. My Little Pony

Image result for my little pony 1980s

If you were like my sister then you were forced to endure the horrible re-written song, “My little pony, skinny and bony…” if not then you were allowed to love these little critters, brush their hair and generally enjoy having them.

33. Smurfs

Image result for Petrol Station Smurfs 1980s

You may remember collecting these, especially the ones you could collect with petrol purchases, so you always made your parents fill up at the same garage! Did you know some of them are now worth a lot of money? And we mean a lot!


34. Trolls

Image result for trolls 1980s

No, not people who make your life a misery on social media, these were the original trolls and people in the 80s couldn’t get enough of them! How many did you have in your room?

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35. Smash Hits Magazine

Image result for smash hits magazine 1980s

Do you remember having to have to wait until the latest issue of Smash Hits was out before you could catch up with the latest celebrity and musical stories and gossip? None of this new fangled Internet nonsense then! How many did you get and did you keep your copies or get rid once you’d read it?

Has this all taken you back? How many of these can you relate to? Let us know in the comments as always!