13 Things From The JC Penny Catalog That We ALL Wanted Back In The Day

Besides commercials to entice us with toys, they even had  ‘Wishbook Catalogs’ at all the big stores like JC Penny’s and Sears.  These were giant books that were printed in full color and had a HUGE section on toys. From this, we would spend hours trying to image which ones we wanted the most.  Here are some of the actual catalog pages from those days of the things that we wanted the most:

1. Smurfs.

Having them all of your room, bed clothes and toys was the best way to show off that you really liked them.

2. Star Wars.

This was probably everyone’s favorite stuff because it was so popular back then.

3. Stuffed Animals.

These were adorable, stuffed creatures and picking just one was so difficult!

4. Playsets.

Many of these play sets sell for good money now.  They are from Star Wars, G.I. Joe and others.  Take a look and see if you can remember having any of these:

5. He-Man and his universe.

These were some awesome playsets!

6. Masters Of The Universe

7. Inhumanoids.

Literally, a character for every whim.

8. WWF Wrestlers.

Hulk Hogan comes to mind for most people but there were plenty of others including Andre The Giant.

9. M.U.S.C.L.E.S Figures.

Here’s what you would find for these characters.  They were wrestlers too!

10. Voltron.

These were the LIONS Voltron.

11. Thundercats.

This was a great show with fantastic characters.  Therefore, these toys were pretty cool to have

12. Transformers.

These were a great show but the toys were a little difficult to figure out.  However, everyone had one!

13. Photon.

This was the equivalent of Laser tag except your couldn’t use Laser tag on Photon and vice versa.