8 TV Shows You Always Wanted To Be On!

I don’t care what anyone says, kids TV in the 80s was the best! We loved watching them for a few hours each day and would love to actually appear on one. Which programmes did you want to be on? Check out these 8 shows that I bet you wanted to be on as a kid!

1. Knightmare

You always wished that you and your mates could be apart of this show.

2. Going Live!

I bet you wanted to be in the audience on this one.

3. Emu’s All Live Pink Windmill Show!

You wanted to be one of those kids that did the singing.

4. Junior Kickstart

I always wanted to have a go at Junior Kickstart!

5. Super Champs

I bet you totally wanted to have a go at this show! Who wouldn’t?

6. We Are The Champions

Best sports day ever on the telly.

7. Fun House

It’s all about the go karts!

8. Blockbusters

I always thought that I could do much better than the other contestants.