8 Theme Parks We Loved as Kids!

Who didn’t love going to a theme park as a kid? Heck, I still love going to theme parks as an adult! Although it was a bit more intense going as a kid. Here are 8 theme parks that we all loved as kids.

1. Flamingo Land

Did you visit the dolphins in the 80s?

2. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

This is still busy today but back in the day you didn’t have to pay to get in. Remember that?

3. Lightwater Valley

This one started in 1969 but was still big in the 80s. Did you get to go?

4. American Adventure

It opened in 1987 and closed in 2007.

5. Cornwall Coliseum

Even though this really isn’t a theme park it deserved to make this list. Did you ever visit the coliseum?

6. Camelot

Were you one of the first the visit this place?

7. Alton Towers

This place opened as a theme park in the 80s after being a garden since the 60s. Did you go here as a child?

8. Benbom Brothers White Knuckle Theme Park

Was also known as Dreamland in Margate but originally it was called Benbom Brothers White Knuckle Theme Park.