Easter was always one of our favourite times of year growing up, for one very simple reason: Easter eggs! Whether you hunted all around the house and garden for them, or your parents just lazily handed them to you, nothing could beat the joy of being allowed to sit and chow down on a hollow oval of chocolate – especially when there were extra sweet treats hidden inside!

Were you lucky enough to get one of these eggs on Easter morning back in the 80s?

12. Jelly Tots

Jelly Tots were the soft, chewy jelly sweets that everyone loved, and happily they’re still available today and loved by young and old alike.

Because a chocolate Easter Egg simply didn’t include enough sugar already, this was one of the choices if parents had their kid’s friends over to stay and wanted to send them back to their parents completely hyper!

11. Dairy Box

Nestle’s answer to Milk Tray, Dairy Box had a great selection of chocolates and that lovely, Nestle taste that we all love!

This was a favourite for kids to give to their Mum at Easter, as the floral design of the pack gave it that classic motherly look!

10. Yorkie

From the most stereotypically feminine of Easter Eggs, to the most overtly boyish. We all love Rowntree’s chunky chocolate bar Yorkie, so naturally an Easter Egg containing Yorkie pieces is an easy sell straight away.

However, Yorkie chocolate in an egg box shaped like a big truck, with options including fire engines, HGVs and diggers? Shut up and take our money!

9. Kit-Kat

Time for a break? Then get one of these bad boys! We loved Kit Kats back in the old days, and they remain one of the most popular chocolate bars in the world today.

Not only did you have the break for the Kit Kat bars, but you had to make time for the chocolate Easter Egg, too, meaning you could naturally, and justifiably, extend that break a little further!

8. Caramac

Is it fair to describe Caramac as the Marmite of chocolate? The creamy, caramel-flavoured chocolate has always had a polarizing effect: some people think it’s delicious, others find it unbearably sickly.

If you were/are in the former camp, what could have been better than a Caramac Easter Egg, especially with such creative packaging!

7. Rolo

To this day, the barometer by which all relationships are measured is whether or not you love your partner enough to give them your last Rolo. Those little caramel-filled chocolates had a very effective marketing campaign!

Rolo Easter Eggs were a way of putting that to the test in kids – and naturally, we usually ended up giving our last ones to our mum or dad.

6. Smarties

Sometimes things can be over-complicated. Smarties Easter Eggs just kept it really nice and simple.

Tasty Nestle chocolate with Nestle chocolate wrapped up in crispy sugary shells hidden inside! Nice.

5. Creme Egg

Cadbury’s Creme Egg – How do you do it? Everyone loves a Creme Egg, there is just something so Eastery about these, even though they’re available a lot more now than they used to be, when they’d only be on sale for a few weeks.

How many of these gooey delights could you eat in one sitting before you started feeling queasy?

4. Walnut Whip Egg

Where do you stand on Walnut Whips? Once again, there are plenty of us who love them, but others who feel they’ve been tricked into eating something healthy with the nut smuggled into the chocolate!

Still, if you were a fan, and you were offered two Walnut Whips along with an Easter Egg made of Rowntree’s chocolate? Yes please!

3. EastEnders Easter Egg

Yes, you read that correctly. An Eastenders Easter Egg was a thing back in the day! Did you have one? Is there anything more 80s than this on the list?

Chocolate confectionary based on a TV soap opera is a novel concept, particularly as it was put in a box designed to resemble Albert Square.

2. Toffee Crisp Easter Egg

Now you’re talking! Toffee Crisp was always one of our personal favourites growing up, so getting an Easter Egg and two Toffee Crisp Bars would have been amazing as a kid!

Be honest now: which do you think was the superior chocolate bar, Toffee Crisp or Lion?

1. Tooty Fruities Easter Egg

Another firm favourite of most kids back in the old days, Tooty Frooties were a sweet and chewy treat and no mistake, so they would taste even better alongside a chocolate Easter Egg!

Sadly, Nestle announced they were ceasing production on Tooty Frooties back in 2019, much to the fury of all people with taste.