As kids, we love Christmas and Easter the most out of all the other holidays! When else were we allowed to eats huge amounts of chocolate and candy? Exactly! Who else can remember a time when the treats that came with the Easter Egg were inside the egg itself, making it even more exciting to unwrap them and open up the egg? And that’s why this is one of my favorite posts! Check it out:

1. Jelly Tots

Easter Eggs 1

Jelly Tots were the soft, chewy jelly sweets that everyone loved! Because a chocolate Easter Egg simply didn’t include enough sugar already, this was one of the choices if parents had their kid’s friends over to stay and wanted to send them back to their parents completely hyper!

2. Dairy Box

Easter Eggs 2

Nestle’s answer to Milk Tray, Dairy Box had a great selection of chocolates and that lovely, Nestle taste that we all love! This was a favourite for kids to give to their Mum as the floral design of the pack just looked perfect for Mum!

3. Yorkie

Easter Eggs 3

Sorry ladies, this one isn’t for you! This is a man’s Easter Egg! (Can we get away with saying that anymore??). The Yorkie Bar has become a staple associated with truckers so if your hubby was an HGV driver then this was perfect for him!

4. Kit-Kat

Easter Eggs 4

Time for a break? Then get one of these bad boys! Not only did you have the break for the Kit Kat bars, but you had to make time for the chocolate Easter Egg, too, meaning you could naturally, and justifiably, extend that break a little further!

5. Caramac

Easter Eggs 5

Caramel flavoured chocolatey stuff. That’s the best I can really do to describe Caramac. A lot of people weren’t keen but Caramac was like the Marmite of chocolate as those who did like it, absolutely loved it!

6. Rolo

Easter Eggs 6

We all had that girl or boy at school that we wanted to be brave enough to give our last Rolo to. We all wanted to do it, and just pluck up the courage. And it always ended up the same way, “I love you Mum, have my last Rolo!”. Damn! Maybe next year…

7. Smarties

Easter Eggs 7

Sometimes things can be over-complicated. Smarties Easter Eggs just kept it really nice and simple. Tasty Nestle chocolate with Nestle chocolate wrapped up in crispy sugary shells hidden inside! Nice.

8. Creme Egg

Easter Eggs 8

Cadbury’s Creme Egg – How do you do it? Everyone loves a Creme Egg, there is just something so Eastery about these, even though they’re available a lot more now than they used to be, when they’d only be on sale for a few weeks. How many could you eat in one sitting before you felt sick? I think 8 was my limit!

9. Walnut Whip Egg

Image result for milk tray easter egg 1980

Who doesn’t love a Walnut Whip? They’re one of those chocolates that you never ever think to buy yourself when you’re getting something sweet, but if someone buys you one they’re the best thing ever!

10. Eastenders Easter Egg

Image result for Eastenders easter egg

Yes you heard me. An Eastenders Easter Egg was a thing back in the day! Did you have one? Is there anything more 80s than this on the list?

11. Toffee Crisp Easter Egg

Image result for 1980s easter eggs

Now you’re talking! Toffee Crisp were one of my personal favourties growing up, so getting an Easter Egg and 2 Toffee Crisp Bars would have been amazing as a kid!

12. Tooty Fruities Easter Egg

Image result for 1980s easter eggs

If there’s a better fruity sweet out there then I’m still to discover it! Tooty Fruities are amazing, am I the only person who prefers them out of the fridge though so they go really hard? I really want some Tooty Fruities now!!

What other Easter Eggs do you remember from your childhood? Have we missed out your favourite? Do you wish they still made them like this or are you quite happy with Easter Eggs now? Let us know in the comments as always!