Who doesn’t love a nice tasty pudding to finish off dinner? I know that if we didn’t have pudding after dinner I felt like I got robbed! Here are 8 desserts that you will remember.

1. Angel Delight

We all had our favorite flavor.

Desserts 1

2. Black Forrest Gateau

These usually only came out during a special occasion.

Desserts 2

3. Screwball

Did you forget the taste of bubble gum at the bottom?

Desserts 3

4. Artic Roll

This one is still a favourite today.

Desserts 4

5. Trifle

Did you feel grown up eating this one?

Desserts 5

6. Ice Magic

Best thing to coat your ice cream with!

Desserts 6

7. Viennetta

Which one did you prefer? Mint or plain?

Desserts 7

8. Supermousse

Every time Mum told us to get this out we got excited!

Desserts 8