7 Super Mario Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

This was an extremely popular game when we were kids and we couldn’t wait to come home everyday to try and beat the level we were working on. Now, of course, the whole technology of the game seems so primitive compared to the games that we have today. However, its charm will always last in our hearts because we spent hours staring and working on this screen. Obviously, the makers of this game didn’t have much to work with and so they had to do whatever it took to make this world more believable to the player. Even so, they sometimes added in their own, unique graphics that say a little TOO much.  With that said, here are some things that they did to the games that you should probably know:

1. They saved on some design features by using the same shapes for different objects.

2. They added in strange stuff in the ‘Where do babies come from?’ level of Yoshi’s Island.

It’s a dead giveaway!

3. They used the same bean stock in the old and NEW Mario Kart game.

At least they kept with the overall motif. Even if it is WAY better now.

4. Look closely at the cover of this game.

It shows him dying! We know this from playing the game.

5. Japan and King Mario.

These shapes are surprisingly familiar.

Also, it’s Mario himself!

6. The fireballs that King Koopa spits out in the first Mario game.

They appear to be flying in reverse to how he is spitting them out! In this picture, the fireball has been reversed so that you can see what they should have looked like!

7. The pipe warps from the 3rd Mario game aren’t very subtle!

Now you see it:

Now you dont: