7 Of The Most Dysfunctional TV Couples

We grew up with some really entertaining couples to watch! Even though many of them were entertaining they were also very dysfunctional, to say the least. Can you remember these famous TV couples?

1. Peg & Al Bundy – Married With Children

This is proof that you can say only insulting things to your partner and still make things work.

2. Fitz & Olivia – Scandal

Nothing in the show works in the real world.

3. Lucy & Ricky – I Love Lucy

Lucy couldn’t do anything without the okay from her husband. He never supported her dreams and even gave her spanking sometimes.

4. Homer & Marge – The Simpsons

This is the perfect example of when the most self-sacrificing woman marries the most selfish, clueless man in town.

5. Ralph & Alice Kramden – The Honeymooners

The “to the moon” threat is realized today.

6. Ross & Rachel – Friends

They were good in the beginning but they never got over the “taking a break” thing.

7. Buffy & Angel – Buffy The Vampire Slayer

The love was real but he lost his soul when they slept together.