7 Dark Secrets About Dr Phil

When it comes to imparting your hard-earned wisdom on TV, one person probably comes to mind…Dr. Phil. Over the years, he has aided people overcome their personal demons, but what do we really know about one of America’s biggest television personalities?

He has been part of many people’s lives since the show first aired in 2002. In all that time, there have been several controversies both on and off the air…

7. He has insulted the mentally ill

Dr. Phil, just like any doctor, is all about helping people. When it comes to talking about mental illness, however, you might be surprised to learn he hasn’t been the most sensitive about it.

In one interview with a 19-year-old girl called Victoria, Phil was helping her through an obsession with her ex-boyfriend but became hung up on her use of the word “insane” in her initial letter to him.

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He reassured the girl that she wasn’t insane, because insane people “suck on rocks and bark at the moon.” This comment comes across slightly hurtful considering he is supposed to help people with disorders, obsessions etc.

6. He’s been sued quite a lot

It’s not unusual for someone like Dr. Phil to be at the receiving end of a lawsuit every now and again. In one such lawsuit, a lady named Janet Harris accused Phil’s dog of biting her and causing an infection.

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Another case revolves around his treatment of two men suspected in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.

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This was a young woman who disappeared in 2005. The men claimed that their interview was edited in such a way that it made them appear guilty.

Perhaps the weirdest lawsuit deals with Shirley Rae Dieu, a woman who claims she was brainwashed by Dr. Phil and forced to do disturbing things.

5. The show has been accused of giving substances to guests

There have been several guests on Dr. Phil who look for help in treating their substance abuse issues. They are often promised free rehabilitation programs paid for by the show.

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Some have claimed, however, that their substance abuse was facilitated for the benefit of series ratings. One such guest, Todd Herzog, said he came to the set sober but then found a bottle of vodka in his dressing room.

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He then drank the entire bottle and was brought onto the stage barely able to walk. Dr. Phil then breathalysed him and he registered a  .236 BAC, which is more than three times the legal driving limit. Similar stories involve guests being provided with Xanax and other drugs by staff members.

4. The show paid the bail for someone accused of kidnapping

In 2008, eight people in Polk County Florida beat someone up and filmed the incident. They were all arrested and charged with kidnapping and misdemeanour charges.

Bail was set between $30,000 and $37,000. The producers were so keen to get one of these people on the show, they decided to help one of them out with their bail.

Dr Phil TV program posts bail for teen in Florida beating show canceled 7 Dark Secrets About Dr Phil

According to a representative of the show, they would normally help people financially to get them on the air.

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This went a bit beyond their usual guidelines, posting a $30,000 bail for Mercedes Nichols. When this discrepancy came to light, they cancelled the interview.

3. There was going to be a Britney Spears special

Luckily these days, Britney Spears is back to her usual self and is doing very well. Back in 2008, she had a bit of a difficult time, going into a barbers shop and shaving off her head.

Later, when confronted by the paparazzi, she attacked a car with an umbrella.

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Trying to capitalise on her very-public breakdown, Dr Phil established a relationship with Spears’ parents, planning a special intervention-type show that was supposed to help Britney.

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Spears’ parents ended up pulling the plug accusing McGraw of exploiting their daughter’s poor emotional state. They felt he was being self-serving and had little to no interest in helping their daughter so they canceled the program completely.

2. He has tweeted some pretty shady things

Celebrities are no strangers to a controversial tweet or two!

Back in 2013, Dr. Phil posted a particularly insensitive Tweet when he asked his 1.2 million followers, “If a girl is drunk, is it OK to have [relations] with her? Reply yes or no to @drphil #teensaccused”

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It was almost immediately taken down, but Dr. Phil still got some pretty serious stick about it. The show defended the Tweet indicating it was meant to evoke a discussion leading into a topic for the show. Taken on its own, the Tweet suggests it might be okay for someone to take advantage of a drunk person.

1. He ran a stop sign and hit a pedestrian

Nothing to do with the show, as such, but Dr. Phil once approached a stop sign with a crosswalk but then failed to stop. Instead, he ploughed right into Terrence Bembury, a professional bodybuilder.

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Bembury was riding his skateboard across the crosswalk and posted to his Instagram after if happened: “Dr. Phil just hit me with his car this morning. I filled a police report.. And injury.. Waiting for the dew process..”

In fairness to Phil, he did get out of his car and made sure the guy was ok.