44 Awesome Toys That Every 80s Kid Will Remember!

This is the ultimate trip down memory lane!  There are toys on this list that you played with everyday and then there are those that you probably forgot about until today.  That’s when remembering the past becomes fun because that part of your memory wakes up and suddenly you have a new one because it has been restored.  See for yourself:

1. The Play-Doh Fuzzy Pumper.

It was fun to make crazy hairstyles!

2. Game & Watch.

All games were getting popular.

3. Barbie Motorhome.

The ultimate travel vehicle.

4. Barbie Styling Head.

A great way to learn how to do hair.

5. Scratch ‘n Sniff Stickers.

These were everywhere!

6. Water Ring Toss.

This was impossible!

7. Peaches ‘n Cream Barbie.

Another Barbie that we just had to have.

8. Eraser Collection.

We didn’t like to use our favorite ones.

9. Magic Curl Barbie.

For bigger hair!

10. Magic Sand.

Sand art!

11. Poochie.

Tiny puppies.

12. Paint with Water Coloring Books.

This was a lot of fun.

13. Barbie Townhouse.

A deluxe place for her to live.

14. Mr. Bones Candy With Coffin.

A great way to eat more candy!

15. Little Professor Calculator.

My first calculator.

16. Spokey Dokeys.

We all rode bikes and this was a fun accessory for it.

17. Glow In The Dark Slime.

This was just gross.

18. Atari.

My first video game console.

19. Spirograph.

This made neat designs.

20. Trouble.

At least we never lost the dice.

21. Viewmaster.

You could choose from 1000’s of views!

22. Glo Worm.

We weren’t afraid of the night anymore.

23. Donkey Kong Arcade Game.

Going to the Arcade was a fun thing to do.

24. Cabbage Patch Dolls.

We adopted these.

25. Teddy Ruxpin.

This creepy bear read stories to you.

26. Pacman.

The best game!

27. Sweet Secrets.

Tiny little dolls with perfume.

28. Sweet Valley High Books.

They made tons of these books!

29. Rubik’s Cube.

Just peel the stickers already!

30. Garfield and Odie Stuffed Animals.

Poor Odie.  Garfield was mean to him.

31. Fortune Teller Fish.

We were willing to take a fortune from a fish!

32. Fashion Plates.

For every future designer.

33. Fisher Price Treehouse.

A great place for your little people to play!

34. Fuzzy Felts.

An easy toy to play with.

35. Pound Puppies.

We had to have one. Then another. And another.

36. Loving you Barbie.

What girl didn’t love all of these hearts?

37. Care Bears.

Each one had their own name and personality.

38. Rainbow Brite

Loved the hair and clothing!

39. Barbie Convertible.

The ultimate toy!

40. Cabbage Patch Doll Puffy Stickers.

Stickers everywhere!

41. Rubik’s Snake.

I could only make one thing.

42. The Smurfs.

We loved these little blue creatures!

43. Commodore 64.

Our first experience with a computer.

44. Strawberry Shortcake.

She even smelled like strawberries.