42 Of The Worst And Funniest Home Renovation Fails


When you have your own house, it feels like nothing can conquer you. It is one of the best feelings in the world. Another feeling that can match it is grabbing a bunch of nails and hammer and getting down to renovating your own house. When you renovate your own house, it feels like you have really put in your sweat and blood into making your house. However, not all renovations go as planned. There are some mishaps that happen and also, some results that are rather unplanned. We have collected a bunch of renovation fails that will leave you in fits of laughter.

Wrongly Placed Toilet

We can understand that some apartments can be tiny in size but that does not mean that you have to bend your neck while you are on the toilet. This man did not think through the plans for where he wanted the toilet seat to be put and he ended up with a rather cramped pooping position.

Door Handles Have Sides Too

You may have never thought about it but the positioning of the door handle can affect the alignment of the door handle. For instance, this person did not consider that the door handle would be placed on the right side of the door since the hinges are on the left side. He bought a door handle for the wrong side of the door.



You know that this room is in violation of many health codes. After all who would want to have their toilet so close to the stove where they cook the food? The person has to be especially lazy in order to cook in the same place where he eats.


Every Landing Ending In A Jump

The owner of the building decided to put in a staircase for the tenants so that they could go to their apartments. However, he misplaced the entire staircase and now the tenants have to leap into their apartments as if they are the sons and daughters of Spiderman.

Obsessed With Mirrors

This homeowner decided to put two mirrors in her bathroom because she wanted to see herself reflected in multiple mirrors. However, the angle at which she put the mirrors was really wrong and she soon realized her mistake.


Steep Climb

The driveway of this house is so steep that you would never be able to park your car in it without fearing that the car would simply roll away into the street. Even if the driveway was not meant for parking, the car would certainly require a lot of power and high ground clearance in order to make the climb to the garage.


Fly Off The Roof

Children often say that they want an entire playground in their own house. While this homeowner decided to give the children what they wanted, it was not successful because the slide would have simply launched the kids off the roof.


Underground Garage


While it is a very sophisticated system to have an underground garage, However, you have to take care that you do not bring out the car in the ground when there is a car parked above the garage.

Pillar In The Way


The person who erected the pillar in the middle of the way is really stupid. Or perhaps the person who leads the stairs down a path where there is a pillar is really stupid. Either way, there is one stupid person who did not do the job well.


Hanging Landing

The person who designed the position of the door and the stairs was somehow disturbed in the mind. After all, who wants to hang on to their door for dear life when they wake up first thing in the morning?


Creative Yet Useless


This person was excited about his new home as everything looked perfect. However, there was a slight issue; he couldn’t fit his extra-large fridge into the kitchen. So, he hired a contractor. Well, the contractor decided to be a bit creative, and this is what he created. Now, his fridge is living on its little island in the middle of the kitchen.

Making Use Of The Little Space


There was a little space left over when they were renovating the house. They decided to use it and made a little toilet in the little space. However, while they were making use of the space, it was an entirely useless toilet since it could not comfortably fit a normal human being.


Hang The Curtains

A large part of the renovation is the home decor. This couple failed to do the latter since they chose the curtains that were a little too small for the place where they were hung.


A Decorative Sink


Why put the kitchen sink into a countertop when you can easily fit it inside a cabinet. Well, that’s how someone thought and even went through with the idea. Maybe this person wanted to hide the kitchen sink from others.



Some people get triggered at seeing a slightly titled picture frame, and we wonder what would happen to them if they looked at this mess. The family didn’t want to ruin the ceiling with this chandelier, so they compromised on its beauty. This is indeed poor placement.


Floral Carpet

One thing you should never do is put a rug in your bathroom. After all, the carpet is going to get wet and it is going to be the homing ground of many colonies of bacteria and other microbes. Also, it is a huge eyesore.


Living Room For The Cat


This family had an enlarged ledge over their front door, and they decided to decorate it with furniture. One day the family cat was exploring different parts of the house and found the decorated place. She jumped from the staircase and slept on one of the chairs.

Poor Guy


The town announced that they were going to re-do the sidewalks and roads, and everyone seemed happy. One person came home and found out that there was a streetlamp in the middle of their path. That’s not the best thing to find out when you come back tired and hungry.


Need Longer Arms

Imagine sitting on the toilet, and just when you’re done doing your business, you notice that the toilet paper is out of your reach, or worse, there is no toilet paper. Here is a family that knows how to deal with the first scenario every single day. Maybe they have a cat that likes to destroy toilet paper, and that’s the only way they can save it.


Sink For A Child


Installing a bathroom in the home requires space for at least a toilet and a sink that will be used by everyone in the house.  This sink was installed in the master bedroom, but it seems like it will only work for children.

Space Saving Door


Bi-fold doors, sliding doors, and pocket doors are considered some of the best doors for saving space, but this guy took space-saving to the next level. We are quite sure that this person must be super thin because it is far too narrow.


When You Need An Audience

This is what a real estate agent saw when she visited some office units. It would be quite uncomfortable to go about doing your business when you have people sitting in front of you in more comfortable chairs. Maybe the office administration wanted to cut down the bathroom breaks, and that’s why they came up with this idea.


Upside Down Door


Why is the door upside down? Maybe this is the same person who put the door handle in the wrong way. After all, that person seems to have a real enmity with the doors.

Two Small Sinks


Most homeowners want a giant sink because it is convenient and is one of the primary needs in the kitchen. When the builders completed remodeling the kitchen, the owner couldn’t believe what had happened. This weird design makes you have to decide which sink is to use. Also, both sinks can barely fit a few glasses, so the owners got the exact opposite of what they wanted.


Too Many Windows

When you get a good deal on something, you tend to buy it in bulk. However, that should not be the case when you are buying windows since it just looks quite odd having a lot of windows on one wall.


Duplex Bathroom


Having a duplex bathroom may sound luxurious but in reality, it is just a very big hassle. After all, you will have to climb the stairs every time you want to take a bath. Or perhaps this person had extra space by the stairs and decided to put a bathtub there.

Stairs That Go Nowhere


We’re not entirely sure how it is possible, and maybe the person responsible for it was under the influence of alcohol that led to this big mess. These stairs are there for absolutely no reason.


Bathed In Blood

We can agree on one thing that a bright bathroom looks pleasing to the eyes, but what about this bright reddish-orange bathroom. It looks like you’re stepping into the epicenter of the sun or a very gruesome murder scene.


Roman Art Is Important


Romans considered purple and gold as colors of royalty. Perhaps, this homeowner wanted to pay tribute to the Romans in style. Even though the colors are refreshing, we believe that they are a tad bit too much.

Four Poster Bathtub


This bathtub has been given the outlook of a 4-posted bed and it is quite confusing. We can understand that taking a bath after coming home from work can be one of the best ways to relax, but we believe that this homeowner took things a bit too far.


Sink For Only Kids

Before you get mad at this one, we just want to make everything clear that it was placed there by mistake. This sink was meant for the kid’s bathroom. The parents didn’t like that they could bump their heads every time they wanted to use the sink.


Bed & Bath


What we have noticed so far is that people love the idea of putting their bathtub or toilet in any little space that they can find. The same is the case with this couple. If the couple ever fights, the husband sleeps in the bathtub.

Eat Where You Poop


It is often said that you should not eat where you poop. We can understand that lack of space can be an issue, but it doesn’t mean that you should put a toilet in the dining room.


Spending Time Together

There is no denying that two bathrooms in the house provide a lot of conveniences, but we cannot understand the thinking behind installing a second toilet in the same bathroom. The only possible explanation is that the homeowners enjoy having a conversation while doing their business.


Living In The Bathtub


It is understandable that making dinner can be a bit boring, especially at dinner parties. So, the homeowners came up with a unique idea. They decided to install a giant tub so that their party guests can have some fun while sipping on some cocktails.

Jacuzzi In The Bedroom


This couple customized their bedroom with a mirrored ceiling and even installed a Jacuzzi so that they could take a relaxing bath before bed. We aren’t experts, but it doesn’t look like a property anyone else would buy.


Inside A Kaleidoscope

This hand-painted kitchen would feel like a dream-come-true for people who love bursts of colors and patterns. We feel a little bad saying this, but the sight of this kitchen is giving us a headache.


No Shortage Of Milk


At first glance, it looks like a kitchen at a dairy farm, but that’s not the case. This is the kitchen of a person who loves cows a lot. However, this place can feel like a nightmare for a vegan. That’s why the homeowner asks the person a question of whether they are a vegan or not before showing them their prized kitchen.

No Shutting The Curtains


Most homeowners can agree that curtains are a tricky thing to get right. But it doesn’t mean that you should go off the board and come up with a different style. These floral drapes don’t match with anything in the room, and they should be taken down and burnt as soon as possible.


Cramped Bathroom

When you have a small space to work with, it is essential to make the most out of it. But this homeowner wanted two things badly and got them to fit in the bathroom somehow. It is a tight space that could have been much better if the homeowner had put in some thought.


Surfing In The Kitchen


This is what happens when you love surfing, but you don’t live near a beach. This wavy backsplash gives you some sort of relief knowing that one day you will be surfing and tanning again.

Bugs In The Toilet


Here is a toilet that can scare you and probably give you nightmares for many years. We understand that this person loves butterflies, but what a weird way to show their love, right? If you don’t like someone, invite them to your home, feed them enough, and make them drink a lot of water and then tell them to use your bathroom that has this creepy toilet decoration.