Celebrities always look amazing on the red carpet, and it’s no wonder really – they have a team of people looking after all of their beauty needs. So sometimes it’s refreshing to have a look at photos of A-list celebrities when they’re not looking so hot, just to remind us that they’re human beings too!

In the article below, we’ve brought you over 40 ugly photographs of celebrities who are normally ridiculously good-looking. Some of the transformations will shock you…


1. Britney Spears Hot

Back in the day, Britney was the biggest sex symbol in pop.

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2. Britney Spears Not

Not so much in this picture though, which we’re pretty sure she’d rather forget about!

3. Katie Holmes Hot

Katie Holmes is a beautiful actress known for her striking looks and dark hair.

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4. Katie Holmes Not

But even Katie has off days, as this paparazzi shot clearly shows.

5. Mila Kunis Hot

Mila Kunis was once voted the Sexiest Woman Alive by FHM.

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6. Mila Kunis Not

But she doesn’t look quite as hot without make-up on (to be fair, neither do we).

7. Jennifer Lawrence Hot

Jennifer Lawrence is an Oscar-winning actress who has the looks to go with her acting ability.

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8. Jennifer Lawrence Not

However, she doesn’t look that special when she’s just out and about getting iced tea.

9. Angelina Jolie Hot

Angelina Jolie used to be considered one of the sexiest actresses in the world.

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10. Angelina Jolie Not

But nowadays she always looks painfully thin and doesn’t quite have the same sex appeal.

11. Katy Perry Hot

Katy Perry normally scrubs up very well indeed.

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12. Katy Perry Not

So this picture of her with greasy hair and no make-up was a bit of a shock to fans, to say the least.

13. Cameron Diaz Hot

Cameron Diaz is your classic girl-next-door type.

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14. Cameron Diaz Not

But even she has trouble maintaining her beauty standards 24/7.

15. Madonna Hot

The Material Girl normally takes a lot of care over her appearance.

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16. Madonna Not

But she went through a weird muscly/thin phase during her marriage to Guy Richie which wasn’t so hot.

17. Jennifer Lopez Hot

Jennifer Lopez looks amazing with or without make-up on.

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18. Jennifer Lopez Not

So women around the world were entitled to feel smug when this photo showed her with plenty of cellulite on her legs.

19. Sofia Vergara Hot

Sofia Vergara is the buxom star of Modern Family.

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20. Sofia Vergara Not

But she really does look like a different person without all of that slap on.

21. Kim Kardashian Hot

Kim Kardashian has made her millions from the way she looks.

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22. Kim Kardashian Not

But even Kim has her off days. To be fair, this photo was also taken about five faces ago too.

23. Kate Moss Hot

Kate Moss is the supermodel who will never go out of style.

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24. Kate Moss Not

And her refusal to go down the plastic surgery route is refreshing (even if this photo is probably one she’d like to forget about).

25. Kristen Stewart Hot

Kristen Stewart scrubs up well on the red carpet.

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26. Kristen Stewart Not

Away from the spotlight though, she prefers a grungy look which isn’t to everybody’s taste.

27. Lady Gaga Hot

Lady Gaga loves experimenting with different red carpet looks.

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And naturally most of them look amazing.

28. Lady Gaga Not

However, the singer doesn’t always look that great when she doesn’t have the glare of the paparazzi on her.

29. Heather Locklear Hot

Heather Locklear was an 80s pin-up.

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30. Heather Locklear Not

But her sex symbol status hasn’t really stood the test of time unfortunately.

31. Courteney Cox Hot

Courteney Cox was one of the hottest actresses on TV back in the 90s.

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32. Courteney Cox Not

But now the plastic surgery has just gone one step too far.

33. Gwyneth Paltrow Hot

Gwyneth Paltrow has always had classic American good looks.

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34. Gwyneth Paltrow Not

But this grainy photo shows that she doesn’t always look her best. Phew!

35. Beyonce Hot

Beyonce is the Queen of Pop and always seems to look amazing.

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36. Beyonce Not

However, when she’s performing, the cameras have managed to catch her in some very unflattering poses.

37. Tyra Banks Hot

Tyra Banks was one of the original supermodels.

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38. Tyra Banks Not

But she got really annoyed when photos surfaced of her looking a little more portly than usual.

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39. Tyra Banks Not x 2

Now she regularly snaps herself on social media without make-up on.

40. Keira Knightley Hot

Keira Knightley is often thought of as an extremely attractive British actress.

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41. Keira Knightley Not

So it’s surprising to see what she looks like away from the red carpet.

42. Daryl Hannah Hot

Daryl Hannah has dated some of the most eligible bachelors in the world.

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43. Daryl Hannah Not

But it looks as though she needs to stop seeing her plastic surgeon, asap.

44. Julia Roberts Hot

Julia Roberts has been America’s Sweetheart for decades.

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45. Julia Roberts Not

We’re guessing this unflattering photo is one she’d rather forget about.

46. Pamela Anderson Hot

Pamela Anderson was the Baywatch pin-up who had guys in the 80s and 90s drooling over their television sets.

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47. Pamela Anderson Not

Today it’s a very different story.

48. Pamela Anderson Not x 2

She’s had a lot of plastic surgery which hasn’t done her a lot of favours.

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49. Cara Delevingne Hot

Cara Delevingne took the modelling world by storm only a few years ago.

50. Cara Delevingne Not

She still managed to look scruffy and unclean when she wasn’t modelling though.

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51. Goldie Hawn Hot

Goldie Hawn was a major icon in the 60s who was well-known for her elfin good looks.

52. Goldie Hawn Not

She does tend to have a habit of gurning though, which is slightly less attractive.

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53. Khloe Kardashian Hot

Khloe is another Kardashian who has made a lot of money from the way she looks.

54. Khloe Kardashian Not

But she didn’t always used to look as hot as she does now, clearly!

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55. Adele Hot

Adele always looks glamorous on the red carpet.

56. Adele Not

Away from the spotlight, though, it’s a different story.

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57. Renee Zellweger Hot

Renee Zellweger was a very popular actress in the 90s and 2000s.

58. Renee Zellweger Not

But she’s been looking a little off lately, as you can see from this photo.

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59. Busy Philipps Hot

Actress Busy Philipps always looks amazing on the red carpet.

60. Busy Philipps Not

But the paparazzi have managed to catch her not looking quite so hot.

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61. Anne Hathaway Hot

Anne Hathaway always stuns in magazine shoots and on the red carpet.

62. Anne Hathaway Not

So you might be surprised to see what she looks like when the she’s off-duty.

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63. Kate Hudson Hot

Kate Hudson is Goldie Hawn’s mother and has clearly taken after her in the looks department.

64. Kate Hudson Not

Even Kate has her off days though! Yikes!

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65. Nicki Minaj Hot

Nicki Minaj has a very distinctive style and she always makes sure to look one million dollars on the red carpet.

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66. Nicki Minaj Not

Except of course, when she’s taking naked selfies of herself without any makeup.

67. Jessica Alba Hot

Jessica Alba used to be a popular pin-up back in the early 2000s.

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68. Jessica Alba Not

But she needs to start getting some more sleep, if this photo is anything to go by.

69. Kylie Jenner Hot

Kylie Jenner’s face has undergone a lot of cosmetic surgery for someone so young.

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70. Kylie Jenner Not

And she looks very different underneath all of the foundation.

71. Kate Upton Hot

Kate Upton has plenty of male fans thanks to her dazzling good looks.

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72. Kate Upton Not

But even Kate gets sunburnt from time to time. Not a good look!

73. Eva Longoria Hot

Eva Longoria is known the world over for her striking beauty.

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74. Eva Longoria Not

But Longoria has occasionally been snapped by the pesky paparazzi when she’s not looking 100%.

75. Gwen Stefani Hot

Gwen Stefani has always been something of a hottie.

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76. Gwen Stefani Not

We didn’t realise just how different the singer looks without make-up though!

77. Naomi Watts Hot

Naomi Watts is an extremely attractive actress and always scrubs up well for the red carpet.

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78. Naomi Watts Not

Even Hollywood actresses can look knackered from time to time though.

79. Carrie Underwood Hot

Carrie Underwood is the country star with talent, good looks and a dazzling smile.

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80. Carrie Underwood Not


But she wasn’t looking so hot when she uploaded this post-workout selfie to social media.

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81. Shakira Hot

Shakira is one of the most talented and successful South American music artists of all time.

82. Shakira Not

She still has off days though and clearly couldn’t be bothered to get dressed up on this particular day.

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83. Miley Cyrus Hot

Miley Cyrus can look extremely pretty when she wants to.

84. Miley Cyrus Not

At one point though, she went for a very different look which wasn’t that popular with a lot of her fans.

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85. Geena Davis Hot

Geena Davis always looks spectacular in photo shoots and on the red carpet.

86. Geena Davis Not

The actress doesn’t always bother with how she looks though, and of course there’s always a camera waiting to catch her on an off day.

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87. Jennifer Love Hewitt Hot

Jennifer Love Hewitt used to be something of a sex symbol in the 90s.

88. Jennifer Love Hewitt Not

But she seems to have lost her looks in recent years.

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89. Ashley Tisdale Hot

The High School Musical star looks seriously pretty in this photograph.

90. Ashley Tisdale Not

Not so much in this one though, which was snapped while the star was trying to get some groceries done.

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91. Sarah Paulson Hot

Sarah Paulson has a unique look and always looks amazing on the red carpet.

92. Sarah Paulson Not

But she still can’t escape the glare of the cameras when she just wants to live a normal life.

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93. Meg Ryan Hot

Meg Ryan was one of America’s sweethearts in the past. She was a great actress and really looked amazing.

94. Meg Ryan Not

Now though the actress seems to have had a lot of plastic surgery…

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95. Jessica Biel Hot

Jessica Biel was in the public eye for quite a while and she’s been married to Justin Timberlake since 2012.

96. Jessica Biel Not

Biel has avoided the limelight in recent years and doesn’t look quite so hot in this selfie.

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97. Faith Hill Hot

Faith Hill has made millions of pounds as a country singer. As well as her obvious talent, she’s also easy on the eye.

98. Faith Hill Not

Even Hill has her off days though, as this photograph clearly shows.

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99. Katherine Heigl Hot

Before she annoyed everyone she ever worked with, Katherine Heigl was an up-and-coming actress who always looked great on the red carpet.

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100. Katherine Heigl Not

Heigl doesn’t quite look red carpet ready here though.

101. Rihanna Hot

Rihanna is a hugely successful actress known for her amazing voice and stunning natural looks.

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102. Rihanna Not

Even Rihanna looks a bit ropey from time to time though and she looked a bit tired here while greeting fans.

103. Brooke Shields Hot

Brooke Shields has worked as a model and actress and always looks great in front of the cameras.

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104. Brooke Shields Not

Or does she?! Shields looks as though she could do with a few extra hours of sleep in this photo.

105. Salma Hayek Hot

Salma Hayek is the voluptuous Mexican actress who always sets tongues wagging.

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106. Salma Hayek Not

She didn’t look quite as amazing in this no makeup selfie though.

107. Victoria Beckham Hot

Victoria Beckham always makes an effort to look her best at celebrity events.

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108. Victoria Beckham Not

She doesn’t look quite the same here though without her usual beauty regime.

109. Alexa Chung Hot

Alexa Chung is a British model who dresses well and always looks gorgeous.

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110. Alexa Chung Not

But this candid photo has made us look at her in a slightly different light.

111. Christina Aguilera Hot

Christina Aguilera was the ‘Dirrty singer who had a lot of sex appeal back in the day.

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112. Christina Aguilera Not

So fans were surprised to see just how different she looks without makeup on in this recent photograph!

113. Kelly Rowland Hot

Kelly Rowland was one of the three beautiful women in Destiny’s Child.

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114. Kelly Rowland Not

She doesn’t look quite as stunning without her red carpet beauty products though.

115. Megan Fox Hot

Megan Fox was once voted the world’s sexiest woman, and it’s not hard to see why.

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116. Megan Fox Not

This is definitely not one of her better photos though!

What do you think of all these photos? Let us know in the comments section below!