40 Things That Only Girls Who Grew Up In The 80s Would Get

You know that the 80s was one of the best times to be alive because we were given a lot of freedom and choices that we never had before.  Also, it was just before the internet came into our lives and so we were able to explore other forms of entertainment in movies, books, and toys.  Here is a list of stuff from the 80s that every girl from that time will understand:

1. Trying to get your Popple back into a ball again.

2. Wearing all of these plastic charms.

3. Playing dress up with this polish.

This was so much fun!

4. Having a ton of hair accessories.

5. Rocking the side ponytail.

6. Debbie Gibson perfume.

7. Learning to work out like this.

8. Jake Ryan from 16 candles.

9. Adopting one of these dolls.

10. Jem.

11. Wishing that you lived here with these girls.

12. Having all of these scrunchies.

13. Poochie.

We loved this pooch!

14.  She-Ra!

15.  Having this for breakfast.

16. Adopting one of these adorable puppies.

17. Organizing our stuff in this caboodle.

18. Swatch watches.

19. Glitter Batons.

20. Rainbow Brite.

21. Watching these movies.

22. Lisa Frank School Supplies.

23. This eraser collection.

We all know you had a huge collection!

24. Reading all of the Sweet Valley High books.

25. This record.

26. Strawberry Shortcake.

27. Easy Bake Oven.

28. Having a glowworm for a nightlight.

29. Denise Huxtable – fashion icon.

30. Wishing you had a room like Punky Brewster.

31. Jelly Bracelets.

32. Jelly Shoes.

33. Instant photos.

34. Johnny Depp.

Admit it!

35. Everything you needed to know about being a teen.

36. This pink boombox.

37. Having every lip balm available.

38. Care Bears.

39. Wishing you had this phone.

40. My little pony.