40 DIY Fails That Are So Bad They Are Hilarious


The internet has made it quite easy for everyone to get access to new ideas.

This includes the DIYs that everyone is engaging in by watching videos on the internet. However, things have a way of not panning out exactly how we want them.

There are many times when DIYs go terribly wrong and we are left with a total waste of time and resources. We have collected a list of DIY fails that will show you that you should never follow the internet videos blindly.

Orange Candle

One should always be aware of following DIY advice from the internet especially when there is fire involved. Why buy a real candle when you could possibly burn your house down with this DIY? They saw this hack on Pinterest to use an orange as a natural candle, but they ended up creating a massive fire.

Short Swing

Baby swings can be quite expensive, so someone posted a DIY version that is just as comfortable. One man tried it and the child looks like he wants new parents. His face says, “I can’t believe I am related to you people. How could you do this to me?”


Decorative Eggs

When it comes to home decor, there are a lot of DIY videos available on the internet, teaching you about the various ways in which you can create beautiful things out of household items. However, eggs are delicate and it can be quite tough to carve them with ornate designs if you do not have the proper tools.


Home Made Mirror

Who Needs An Auto Shop When You Can DIY? Wrong! When you want to save money, there are plenty of ways to fix things yourself, but that doesn’t always mean they are good ideas. Taking your car to the auto shop might be expensive, but at least they know what they are doing.


DIY Nail Paint


When it comes to nail art, you will find thousands of videos on the internet, showing you the various ways in which you can create your own art on your nails in the comfort of your home. However, like many home-based artworks, these do not tend to come out as beautiful as they did in the videos.

Casual Knitting


This man tried to follow the knitting tutorial to make the hat in the first photo, but it didn’t turn out the way he had hoped. This would not keep his head warm in the winter because the holes are so large, and the cold air would go right through it. His eyes convey the dismay and the disappointment he feels with his work.


Stuffed Animal?

This person tried to follow a knitting tutorial for a stuffed animal and he failed badly at it. It was a cute idea, but it looks like an advanced project and not for knitting beginners. The cute plushy that they were trying to make looks more like a purple worm rather than a hippo toy.


Mowing The Lawn


There are plenty of DIY tricks to fix up your bike on the internet, but this one has to be the worst. Their front wheel fell off, so they took the rusted part of a lawnmower and use that as a front wheel. They can no longer ride their bike on the road, but they can quickly mow the lawn.

Fall Foliage Candle Holders


To get into the fall spirit, this person found these cute fall foliage, candle holders. When they tried to recreate them, it turned out to look more like a pre-schoolers art project. It was not the fall vibes they were going for, but they didn’t know how they messed it up.


Just Use Duct Tape

You might have often heard that duct tape often fixes everything but this does not apply to a hammock. As soon as someone sits on this, they will fall right through because we doubt the duct tape could hold the weight of an adult. Whoever thought of this DIY has a lot to answer for.


Button Bowl



The idea was great as you could use the spare buttons lying around the house and make a beautiful bowl out of it. However, the DIY failed probably because they ran out of buttons to glue and make a solid structure.

Painting Your Toenails



This trend came about in the late-2000’s, and it never turned out quite like the pictures people saw online. Instead of having beautiful nails, you ended up wasting polish and getting it all over the cuticles. Like this person’s toes, water marbling is the equivalent of letting a child paint your nails.


Makeshift Stove

Sometimes the burner on your stove can break and you might think that the hotplate under the iron could be used as a makeshift stove. However, that is not the case since it is not the best way to cook meat because it might not cook all the way through, and then you will get meat juices on your clothes the next time you iron them.


Molten Crayon Design


Back in 2009, you could see Pinterest filling up with artworks made out of molten crayons. However, some people couldn’t figure out how to make them. This person thought duct tape would solve their problem, but it was too late. It seems like they tried to do this without having all the supplies. They only had the ugly colored crayons left, and they didn’t have hot glue to stick the crayons to the board.

Get Your Surf On


There are many people who live in the interiors of the mainland and do not have easy access to surfing on the waves. This street flooded, so these people saw the perfect opportunity to test out their DIY tow float. The water doesn’t look that deep, so this is an accident waiting to happen. Also, the water would have been quite dirty.


The Creepy Snowman

There is one horror movie that depicts Frosty as a villain, and they might have gotten the idea for that movie from this tree. Although the original idea was cute, it definitely wasn’t what they were going for. If their children walked past this tree at night, they would have nightmares for the rest of their lives.


Washing The Pasta


They didn’t have a strainer in their house, so they used the tennis racket to catch the ravioli. While the idea seems logical, it isn’t 100 percent effective. Stainers are bowl-shaped to catch everything, but a tennis racket is flat so that it won’t catch all the pasta.

Huge Hole Poncho


This poncho wasn’t cute, to begin with. We don’t know why someone would wear this considering it doesn’t keep you warm, and it essentially has no purpose. Instead of having something remotely cute, this girl ended up with something closely resembling those plastic rings used to hold soda cans together.


Water And Electricity

The first question is, how much did they drink before thinking of this setup? This pool party could become deadly in seconds if they aren’t careful. It seems like they aren’t afraid of what could happen. These men set up a swim-up bar with a spot for grilling in the middle of the pool, but they failed to remember that water and electrical appliances don’t mix well.


Leopard Eyes

The girl looks dead inside because her cheetah eyeshadow is nothing like the one she saw online. Cheetah print is not an easy look to achieve when you are doing it on your face. It is a challenging pattern that takes concentration. She tried her best, and it didn’t work out.


Needing A Cupholder


The problem with cars is that there are never enough cup holders, so people have had to develop inventive ways to hold their drinks. However, not all of the ideas have been great. That tape looks like it will peel off at any moment, sending the coffee all over the passenger seat.

The Christmas Spirit


Maybe this woman was looking in a mirror when she put together this festive sign. Instead of the traditional, “Ho, Ho, Ho,” she made it say, “Oh, Oh, Oh.” That doesn’t sound like Santa.


A Better Car Radio

When we think of the word “ratchet,” this is what comes to mind. They replaced their car radio with a real stereo system, not meant for cars, and it does not look good. Imagine trying to drive with this massive stereo sticking out of your car.


Needing An Ice Box


We don’t know how they plan to get all the ice out, but they will have to worry about that after the beer is gone. So, next time you have a party, you can store your extra beer in the washing machine. If your washing machine breaks, you can blame it on these people.

Cutting The Pizza


When you move into your first apartment or college dorm, you might not have everything you need as far as kitchen utensils. Instead of buying a pizza cutter, these students made their own from a can and a ruler. They must be studying engineering.


Mixing Food

Who needs a mixer when you have a drill and part of the mixer. These people weren’t going to let anything stop them from baking a cake. They saw a cake on Pinterest and wanted to recreate it, but when they needed a mixer, theirs was broken, so they improvised. The drill mixer might have worked, but their cake was a fail.


Broken See-Saw


This seems perfectly safe, right? Whoever thought of this had no concern for the children that might try to use the makeshift see-saw. This balancing death trap is waiting to claim its first victim. We hope no one actually used this.

Seats In The Van


Who needs seatbelts or chairs attached to the car when you can sit comfortably in armchairs. They needed another row of seats, so they found these two on the side of the road and added it to the back of the van. If this van got pulled over by the police, they would be in a lot of trouble because there aren’t any seatbelts.


Parenting Done Wrong

This person just won parent of the year with this new way to hold their baby. Instead of holding them the normal way, they used their shirt as a carrier. While the baby seems fine with this, it’s probably not that safe. They can hold their baby however they want because they are the parents, but we wouldn’t suggest other people try this.


A Great View


This man didn’t have a balcony or a second floor, so he hoisted a couch onto his roof and brought up some beers as well. At least he can enjoy the view before the roof collapses and brings him back to the first floor. He doesn’t seem to mind either – feet up, beer in hand, this guy is just glad to have a few moments of peace and quiet away from his wife and kids.

Homemade Hot Tub


These people look like a giant is cooking them, but they don’t care because it feels like a hot tub. We have no idea how these people managed to create this giant wood-burning jacuzzi, but it is one of the strangest DIYs we have ever seen.


Broken Razors

Out of all the things you could DIY this one has to be one of the most dangerous. Why would anyone hot glue razor blades to plastic forks? It seems somewhat functional but not the most sturdy base for a razor. While certain razors can be expensive, the disposable ones come in bulk packs for a fair price.


Needing A New Mailbox


When your mailbox breaks, don’t worry about getting a new one. These people found a solution online, but they must not get a lot of mail. Instead of a mailbox, they used a mason jar. Are people finding these things on Pinterest, or are they just inventing these ridiculous ideas on their own?

A Pool In The Garage


If you do not have a pool in your house, it is no issue since you have this hack now. We have seen this trick many times on Pinterest and hack lists, but it’s not the same as having an actual pool. It does the job of cooling you off, but you can’t really swim around in it. This man looks pretty satisfied with his makeshift pool.


When Snow Blocks Your Door

Getting snowed in might be fun because you don’t have to go to work. These people must have run out of space in their fridge after they stocked up, so they made the most of the snow blocking their door. Who needs a freezer when you can use the snow to keep all your alcohol cold? They used their space wisely and took advantage of mother nature’s freezer.


New Way To Roll


This is an actual bike that someone made. We don’t know how they put this together or got it to work, but we would be stunned if we saw this on the street. Seriously, how did they get this to function like real tires? Can you imagine what this must feel like to ride? It would be anything but a smooth ride, but you would get some strange looks.

Hanging The Lights


This looks like a few frat boys put their heads together to fix the light fixture they broke in their rented house during a party. While it might be functional, it doesn’t seem like it is a long-term solution. Coat hangers and electric wires probably shouldn’t be mixed.


A Grill On Your Patio

For those who don’t have a grill in their backyard, don’t worry; we found the perfect solution. All you need is a metal chair that has holes in it. You can heat the chair over some coals, and it’s just like a regular grill. Just make sure no one sits down for a while. We don’t know how effective this would be, and you might get lead poisoning if the chair is painted.


Slip-In-Slide At Home


What’s better than a slip-‘n-slide you might ask? How about a slip-‘n-slide that ends up in a pool? While it might look like that for a second let’s stop and consider what’s actually going on here; we have someone flying off the roof at high speed into a pool that is just barely off the ground.

Keeping The Children Entertained


This dad looks like the Spiderman of DIY projects. Clearly, the two boys had been arguing in the backseat over who gets to hold the laptop, so this dad decided to settle the argument in his own ingenious way. So far everything seems like it’s working in the way the dad had planned. We can only hope that the bungees and the computer stayed in one piece throughout the entire ride.