Cheating is always wrong, whether in school or a relationship. Honesty is always the best policy. While cheating in school can have serious consequences, cheating on a partner can have devastating effects. Discovering that the person you love has been seeing someone else behind your back can be heartbreaking and lead people to act impulsively. It’s important to remember that cheating is never the answer, and it’s always better to be honest with your partner, even if it’s difficult.

Waiting for the divorce

Most people don’t aspire to be the third party in a romantic relationship, whether as the “other woman” or the “other man.” While they may have feelings for someone, they don’t want to be the cause of that person’s heartbreak. They prefer to wait until the relationship has ended before pursuing a romantic connection.

Of course, this guy doesn’t seem to get that. He wants to have his cake and eat it too, even though doing so simply hurts both women in his life. Thankfully, his potential girlfriend has morals and refuses to give in to him until he gets a divorce.

The wrong ex

The only way to mend a relationship after cheating on your partner is to demonstrate genuine remorse and regret. While this may not restore the relationship, it might prevent them from harboring resentment towards you. However, before apologizing to your ex, ensure you are addressing the correct person.

This person’s heartfelt message expressing their newfound appreciation for their ex might have been moving had it been sent to the intended recipient. However, due to the mistaken identity, their words now lack authenticity.

Young love

Ah, the innocence of young love. It’s a time of intense emotions and newfound experiences. However, young people often lack the maturity and understanding to fully grasp relationships’ complexities. This is why we often see young couples experience tumultuous cycles of fights, breakups, and reconciliations. While many of us fondly recall our high school sweethearts, do you remember your elementary school crush? Imagine a conversation between two 11-year-olds expressing their blossoming affections.

They quickly learned the painful side of love. She won’t give another guy a second chance to hurt her!

Blackmail material

It’s surprising how many parents make the mistake of texting their children about their infidelity. In some ways, this is worse than simply confessing their wrongdoing because their children often use it to blackmail them.

In this instance, the children demanded a hefty sum of $1,000, an iPhone, and a laptop. If the mother had actually given in to their demands, it would have likely raised red flags for the father. As is often the case, the truth would have eventually come to light.


This person crafted an ideal alibi for canceling a date with their partner, citing family obligations. Their partner seemingly accepted the excuse without hesitation. However, their clever plan was foiled by a simple oversight – forgetting to switch back to their original conversation.

It’s unclear how they overlooked the fact that they hadn’t switched back to their conversation with Jenny. Perhaps they subconsciously desired to be exposed, and this was an act of self-sabotage.

At breaking point

Some people are indifferent to the pain they cause their partners through infidelity. They are too preoccupied with their own enjoyment to consider the consequences of their actions. However, even among cheaters, there exists a spectrum of morality. Some retain a sense of right and wrong, even if they are willing to betray their partners.

Zoe clearly feels guilty about dating two guys simultaneously, even acknowledging her actions as morally wrong. Based on this message, it’s apparent that her relationships with both boyfriends are on the brink of collapse.

Caught red-handed

If someone suspects their partner is being unfaithful, they might start noticing subtle signs that something’s amiss. These signs could include frequent excuses for not being available, secretive behavior, or unusual work hours.

Using the excuse of working late to cover up an affair is risky, especially if you choose to dine with someone you wouldn’t want your partner to see at a restaurant they expect you to pick. Caught red-handed!

Texting with an angry dad

If you’ve been unfaithful to your partner, the last thing you want is for their father to find out. Dads are known for their protectiveness, especially towards their daughters, so you’d better make sure they never discover your betrayal. This guy sent a text to a girl he had just cheated on his girlfriend with but mistakenly addressed it to his girlfriend instead.

Unfortunately for him, the recipient of the message was not Caitlin. In fact, it was not even his girlfriend. It was her father. In our opinion, the options her father presented to him were quite reasonable.

It’s our song.

Healing from a breakup can be challenging, especially when it’s caused by infidelity. However, this person seems to have moved on from their unfaithful ex with surprising ease, as evidenced by their upbeat song.

They gloated about their ex’s replacement, asserting that their ex deserved this treatment due to their infidelity. However, if this person had truly moved on from the breakup, they likely wouldn’t have felt the need to send such a hurtful song to their ex.

Almost identical

Having a best friend and a girlfriend with the same name can lead to disastrous situations. Even if their names are spelled slightly differently, there’s still a high risk of confusion. This is exactly what happened to this guy who mistakenly texted Jordyn, his girlfriend, instead of Jordan, his “bro.”

Believing he was sending a secure message to his best friend, he divulged his secret affair. Little did he know, he was confessing his infidelity to the very person he had wronged, his girlfriend.

Two are better than one

In situations where two people discover they’ve been dating the same person, two common reactions typically occur. Either they direct their anger towards each other or form an alliance and collectively confront their deceitful partner. In this instance, the latter scenario has unfolded…

These girls wisely recognized that their anger should be directed towards the person who had wronged them. Fortunately, Zoey’s honesty in informing Mark’s other girlfriend about his infidelity prevented her from discovering the truth on her own. It’s safe to assume that Mark faced the consequences of his actions.

April fooled

What began as an innocent April Fool’s prank spiraled into a painful reality when this person discovered their partner’s genuine infidelity. After confessing to cheating once, they were stunned to learn that their partner had also been unfaithful.

In an attempt to clarify that the confession was an April Fool’s joke, they added the date of April 1st to their message. However, their partner’s response included a different date, one that matched the actual date of their infidelity. This was a rather unexpected and unpleasant way to discover the truth.

Pics, or it didn’t happen

In the world of the internet, there’s one crucial rule: pictures or it didn’t happen. You can claim all day long that an alien landed in your backyard and left you a gold-plated Nintendo Switch, but without proof, no one will believe you. Evidence is what makes this particular text exchange so heartbreaking.

This guy thought he was being clever when he told his girlfriend he was going to a sports game, but he was actually planning to go on a date with another woman. Unfortunately for him, his girlfriend decided to go to the same game.

Roses are red

The first message in this text thread is filled with affection, as the sender expresses their love for their boyfriend through a sweet but generic poem. However, the situation takes a sharp turn when they add a second verse, revealing their awareness of their partner’s infidelity.

By the last line, it’s evident that this person isn’t as content and innocent as their initial message suggests. However, their boyfriend bears the ultimate responsibility for this situation, as he is the one who engaged in infidelity.

Messing up your entire future

Relationships that end due to infidelity can be viewed from various angles. On one hand, the betrayed partner experiences heartbreak and deep emotional pain. They placed their trust and love in their partner, only to be met with betrayal. From another perspective, one might feel a tinge of sympathy for the cheater, as their actions of lust have led to the destruction of their future prospects.

This person eloquently points out the self-destructive nature of their ex’s actions, but their ex appears to be uninterested in the lecture.

Sleeping with your boss

While we don’t condone this mom’s infidelity, we must acknowledge her honesty in confessing her actions. She may not regret having an affair with her husband’s boss, but she was willing to face the consequences by telling her partner the truth.

A careless mistake led to an awkward situation for this mom. She mistakenly sent a message about her infidelity to her child instead of her partner. The child, initially confused about the identity of their mom’s illicit relationship, was then faced with the knowledge of their parents’ impending separation.

Triple Trouble

In this same-sex couple, neither partner anticipated that pregnancy would pose a challenge or strain their relationship. However, it appears that one of them has been secretly involved with someone else, and to make matters worse, this other person is now pregnant.

In a surprising turn of events, the husband received a text from the very person his wife had been cheating with, revealing the entire affair. This unexpected disclosure brought the truth to light awkwardly and uncomfortably.

Planned Athletics

A woman’s vacation plans with her best friend and her friend’s boyfriend took an unexpected turn when the boyfriend invited his friend along at the last minute. This addition to the group created an awkward and uncomfortable dynamic for the woman.

Despite the husband’s request for some boundaries, his wife decided to stay in the same Airbnb as her friend and her friend’s boyfriend. Upon her return, the husband noticed a strange radiance and a sense of relaxation about his wife, leaving him to wonder what exactly transpired during their stay.

Bills, Bills, Bills

This woman received a text message from an unknown number claiming that her husband owed them money. When she inquired about the nature of the debt, the sender disclosed their identity as her husband’s ex-partner and revealed that they had been engaging in an “intimate relationship.”

Confronted by his wife, the husband initially denied any wrongdoing. However, upon being shown the incriminating text messages, he was forced to admit his infidelity. Enraged by his ex-partner’s betrayal, he ended the affair, only to find himself abandoned by his wife. Left alone and indebted to both women, he was left to ponder whether his actions were worth the consequences.

Which Sarah

The presence of female friends in a partner’s life can often strain otherwise harmonious relationships. While it’s understandable to maintain friendships after entering a relationship, these friendships can sometimes be used as scapegoats or justifications for questionable behavior.

This couple brought an unnecessary third party, “Sarah,” into their conflict. Open and honest communication without the need for deception and cover-ups would make things much easier.

Tim Causing Trouble

Secret affairs within a relationship are bound to lead to disaster. In today’s world, it’s easy for someone to maintain a hidden life undetected by their partner, until a careless text message exposes the truth and shatters the illusion.

This girl believed she could fabricate excuses to explain the flirty text messages she was receiving. However, her boyfriend uncovered her deception because her coworker was, in fact, his best friend. When crafting lies, ensuring your cover story is airtight is crucial.

A family matter

Even the most cautious cheaters will eventually be exposed and face the repercussions of their choices.

This woman discovered evidence of her husband’s infidelity and planned to confront him after dinner with her parents. However, she noticed her mother’s phone being discreetly placed under the table mere seconds before her husband’s phone buzzed each time. This pattern left no doubt about the truth.

He has a point

Many people who are caught cheating through text messages quickly realize their blunder and attempt to retract their actions. This is understandable, as most cheaters still retain feelings for the person they are betraying, even if it doesn’t always appear that way. The realization of the hurt they have caused to a loved one often leads to regret and an attempt to make amends.

Unlike most cheaters who express remorse after being caught, this guy seems completely unaffected by his infidelity. In fact, he has the audacity to make a callous remark, as evidenced by his final text message.

Focused on the game

If you’re not a sports enthusiast, you likely dread those times when your partner insists on watching a game. Fortunately, you can always step away and occupy yourself with other activities for a few hours. That’s apparently what this person did, prompting their partner to send a message later indicating the game’s conclusion.

The vagueness of the text message led the girlfriend to misinterpret its meaning. Out of frustration, she blurted out that she had slept with Tony’s brother, creating an awkward situation.

Check your spelling

Some cheaters fail to grasp that it becomes irreparable once they betray their partner’s trust. Like a shattered mirror, you can attempt to reassemble the fragments, but the scars will forever remain. This individual clearly didn’t comprehend this, as they relentlessly bombarded their ex with messages pleading for forgiveness.

Their tone quickly turned aggressive, seemingly oblivious to the fact that the relationship had ended. Fortunately, the other person maintained their composure, only responding to point out a spelling error in the ex’s message. That is a fittingly sarcastic response.

Divorcing over text

While ending a relationship with a girlfriend or boyfriend via text message is already considered insensitive, doing so with a husband or wife is an entirely different level of disrespect. Thankfully, this person wasn’t intentionally trying to break up with his wife through a phone message; he simply made an embarrassing error by sending the message to the wrong recipient.

Initially, the message might seem like a positive development, signaling the end of an affair. However, upon realizing the implication, it becomes evident that the man has still betrayed his wife. This realization could potentially lead to the couple’s separation after all.

School comes first

For excuses to be convincing, they need to be plausible. Saying that you can’t go out because you’ve been suddenly whisked away on a vacation is likely to raise suspicions. However, claiming to be occupied with studying is often accepted, especially if you’re still a student.

Of course, if you’re going to use this story, it’s probably best not to leave your bookbag in your partner’s car. After all, you’re not going to get much studying done if you don’t have any of the materials you need.

Think of the children

Why are so many people confessing their infidelity to their children? Don’t they consider the impact on their offspring? While this situation involves a niece or nephew rather than a son or daughter, it’s essentially the same scenario.

A parent, seeking some excitement outside of their relationship, mistakenly sends an inappropriate message to the wrong person, resulting in blackmail. It’s unclear whether Uncle Joe finds the loss of his wife or his Porsche more distressing.

Tell me the truth

Misinterpretations can easily arise in text-based conversations. Without the benefit of facial expressions or vocal cues, it’s easy to misinterpret messages. In this instance, the individual failed to grasp that their partner was prompting them to confess to cheating on one of their exams.

Assuming their infidelity had been discovered, they decided to confess. Unfortunately, their confession inadvertently revealed a previously concealed secret.

James over Jared

Upon receiving a text from his partner meant for someone else, James recognized an opportunity. Instead of inquiring about the outing with Jared, he decided to feign unawareness and gather further evidence to validate his suspicions.

Their charade was short-lived. The following text message exposed the truth: James’ partner was planning to leave him for this other person. With this revelation, James saw no point in continuing the pretense. He revealed his identity and ended the conversation.

Accidentally on purpose

It’s important to clarify that cheating on someone can’t be an accident. Even if you’ve consumed too much alcohol and engage in infidelity, it’s not an unintentional act. While your judgment might be impaired, you still have the awareness of having a partner and the knowledge that cheating is unacceptable.

We fully support this person who is refusing to accept their partner’s excuse that infidelity can happen by accident. No justification can excuse their actions. Instead of making excuses, they should be seeking forgiveness.

No longer in service

Initially, this text conversation appeared to be headed for a positive outcome. However, the individual’s declaration of love for Sami instead of Lauren, their wife and mother of their children, ruined everything. The revelation only worsened the situation.

In an attempt to avoid the fallout, they feigned a phone malfunction. However, their blunder in misspelling “service” exposed their deception. Their attempt at escape proved futile.

Exposed to the whole world

Infidelity can be exposed through means other than text messages. Technology has provided various avenues for capturing evidence of someone’s actions. This man, along with several of his friends, was caught bragging about cheating on their wives, which is certainly a poor reflection of their character. Someone took a picture of them and posted it on social media, exposing their infidelity to the public eye.

The post quickly spread online, so it’s not hard to imagine that it eventually reached their wives. A word to the wise: be mindful of what you say in public!

$450 final offer

Considering the potential consequences, one might expect parents to exercise greater caution when engaging in infidelity. Not only do they risk the dissolution of their marriage, but they also jeopardize their relationships with their children.

Apparently, this father believed he could resolve the situation by paying his son to keep quiet. However, his willingness to offer only $450 suggests that he wasn’t particularly invested in preserving his family. As Bryan rightly pointed out, this paltry sum reflects his low regard for his wife.

Best friends forever

Romantically pursuing a friend’s ex is often a recipe for disaster, as it can strain relationships with those you value. However, Amy and her best friend seem to defy this norm, with the latter surprisingly approving of Amy’s interest in her ex-partner.

Amy and her best friend possess a remarkably strong bond, unlike Amy’s troubled relationship with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend seems so indifferent to their relationship that he willingly cheated on her with his ex. Fortunately for Amy, her best friend would never betray their friendship in such a way; their connection is far too precious.

Attitude in check

This guy seems to have a misguided notion that he’s doing his girlfriend a favor by cheating on his current partner to be with her. We’re quite certain she would prefer him to break up with his girlfriend and be with her openly, rather than being treated as a clandestine affair.

Not only would this make her happy, but it would also spare his current partner future heartache. Ironically, his impulsive actions seem to have backfired. In his rush to present himself as an irresistible catch, he failed to recognize the identity of the recipient.

Name your price

While accidentally texting your affair to your partner might be a terrible mistake, sending it to your children is even worse. Not only do you expose your infidelity to your kids, but you also shatter the illusion of a stable and honest relationship between their parents.

The situation is further exacerbated by the father’s dismissive reference to his daughter as “annoying,” compounding his mistake tenfold. In an attempt to suppress the revelation of his secret, he tried to bribe his daughter, but her silence didn’t come at a low price.

Two times in a row

Mistakenly sending a text to the wrong number is a common occurrence; many of us have experienced it or at least initiated a message to the wrong recipient before recognizing the error and promptly deleting it. However, sending the same wrong number twice is an entirely different level of blunder. Seriously, how does such a mishap even occur?

It’s surprising how often cheaters make the careless mistake of exposing themselves. Also, a good rule of thumb is to avoid cheating on someone with a name very similar to your partner’s.

Try to see the bigger picture

Trying to deceive their partner, this person sent a text that only said “Attachment: 1 Image.” They thought this would confuse the other person and make them think there was an image that wasn’t loading. But they seemed to forget a few important things… like the fact that their girlfriend had cheated on them and gotten pregnant.

Maybe they were just refusing to accept reality, which explains why they repeatedly sent the prank text.

Xbox or bones…take your pick

For many people, gaming is a central part of their lives. They dedicate a significant amount of their free time to playing games, fostering friendships, and building relationships within the virtual worlds they explore. So, when faced with the choice between a malfunctioning Xbox and a physical injury, the decision can be surprisingly difficult for many passionate gamers.

This girl discovered her boyfriend cheating on her and decided to take decisive action by removing his precious Call of Duty game.

The mass break up

We’ve already mentioned this, but we want to reiterate that breaking up with someone over text is a terrible idea. However, it’s important to note that there are even worse actions one can take. For example, ghosting someone, or worse yet, breaking up with MULTIPLE people over text. This last one is particularly baffling.

Yes. This girl was dating multiple guys simultaneously and decided to inform them all about her decision to end their relationships in favor of her ex. Instead of texting them individually, she created a group chat, displaying a lack of consideration for common courtesy.

Who’s the father?

Just when you thought this story couldn’t get any more bizarre, the next message takes it to a whole new level. It begins with a pregnancy announcement, which, depending on your perspective, is either a joyous occasion or the worst news ever. The guy receiving this news is overjoyed, but his partner isn’t.

That’s because she’s cheating, so she may not know who the father is. Instead of messaging her boyfriend, she was talking to her husband. Even worse, the guy she’d been sleeping with was his brother!

Gaming priorities

Guys sometimes get so into video games that they care more about them than their girlfriends. Some guys would be sadder losing their video game console than breaking up with their partner. This man is one of those guys.

The guy’s girlfriend tried to make cheating on him less bad by joking about breaking his Xbox. The guy was so worried about his Xbox that he didn’t even care that his girlfriend cheated on him.

I’m up, you’re up

Talking to your ex about your breakup is not a good idea, especially if you’re tired. This person wanted to wait until the next day or never to talk about it.

Jack wanted to talk about the breakup even though his ex didn’t. He was pretty confident for someone who caused the breakup.

Conspiring together

It’s bad enough to find out that your partner is cheating on you, but it’s even worse when you have to meet the person they’re cheating with. This can make the whole situation even more painful. It’s a little easier if you can talk to the other person through text instead of face-to-face.

If you both find out that your partners are cheating on you, you might become friends and help each other feel better about the situation. These two people did that quickly, and they even made their story go viral.

Busy being alone

If you’re going to lie for someone who is cheating on their partner, you should make sure you know who their partner is. This person had no idea who their friend’s boyfriend was, and they ended up making a big mistake.

They realized they had made a huge mistake when the truth came out. Their lie about the girlfriend sleeping alone didn’t sound very believable after they had admitted that she had gone off with another guy.

A hilarious knock-knock joke

Breaking up with someone is always difficult. You can think about it for a long time, but you’ll never find a way to make it easier for them. Once you’ve tried all the possible ways to break up nicely, it’s best to just do it and get it over with. But you have to do it in person. That’s the only important thing.

Breaking up with someone over text is always a bad idea. However, this person who had been cheated on decided to do it anyway. They may have thought that the joke would make the situation less serious.

Oh, you didn’t know?

Breaking up with someone is hard. It’s even harder when it’s done over text. And it’s even worse than that when it’s not even your boyfriend who breaks up with you. It seems that Derek’s friend messed up by telling his girlfriend that their relationship was over.

They didn’t realize that she didn’t know about the breakup, even though Derek had told them he had ended things. They still could have avoided telling her that he hadn’t liked her for months.

They never have to know

This conversation could have been harmless if it weren’t for the last message. This guy obviously liked someone on social media and thought it was appropriate to ask them out. However, the person he was interested in was already married.

Even though they were married, they were polite and said they were flattered by the guy’s offer. But then he ruined it by saying he was also married and suggested they could have an affair. The other person said no, thank you.

More than she wanted to see

The danger of sending a racy photo to someone is that you don’t know who will end up seeing it. There’s always a chance that one of their friends could have their phone and see the photo. This could lead to blackmail, embarrassment, or even legal trouble. It’s important to remember that once you send a photo, you lose control of it. Anyone who has access to the person’s phone could see it, even if you didn’t intend for them to. If you’re thinking about sending a racy photo, it’s important to think about the potential consequences.

If the person you send the photo to has a partner, there’s a risk that their partner could see the photo and be upset. In this girl’s defense, her boyfriend had told her that he and Jessica had broken up when he was dating both of them.

Teamwork makes the dream work

It’s tough not to feel thrilled when you start a new relationship. You might want to shout it from the rooftops or at least text your friends. Sadly, Hannah’s excitement took a hit when she found out she wasn’t the only one dating her new boyfriend.

It seems that Taylor was also Jacob’s other girlfriend, a discovery that prompted both girls to join forces and dump him. Neither of them was interested in being in a relationship with a serial cheater.

Let’s head to court

If you’re cheating on someone, remember that the internet has turned everyone into real detectives these days. You might think you’re keeping it a secret, but worried and jealous partners can scrutinize even the smallest details in your Snapchat and Instagram posts. This woman made the error of showing men’s boots in her Snapchat, making it clear that there was another man with her.

Her boyfriend has apparently been cheated on before and decides not to waste time playing games. He goes straight to the lawyers.

Placing the blame

If you are unhappy in your relationship, you should always end it instead of cheating on your partner. Cheating is hurtful and can cause a lot of pain, as you can see here.

Their partner was unfaithful for two years, and they don’t seem to care. They think it’s their partner’s fault for being gone a lot, but we don’t think that’s a good excuse.

Working late

There is no better way to prove that your partner is cheating on you than to see it with your own eyes. This man had been sure for a long time that his partner was being unfaithful to him. But no matter how much he insisted that she was seeing someone else, she always denied it. One day, he decided to follow her. He saw her go into a hotel with another man. When he confronted her about it, she finally admitted that she had been cheating on him.

She denied cheating so strongly that they even went to therapy to work on their relationship. However, she was caught in her lies when she tried to excuse her late-night activities by saying she was working late.

Standing up for herself

This conversation is hard to understand because it has grammar and spelling mistakes. Let’s break it down: Girlfriend 1 found out that her boyfriend cheated on her with another woman. She found the other woman’s number and sent her a mean message to express her anger. The other woman, instead of apologizing, just corrected the grammar and spelling mistakes in the message.

And then things got funny. It’s very brave to both steal someone’s boyfriend AND then correct their spelling mistakes. We respect that.

Martyrdom at its finest

In simpler terms, martyrdom means doing something even if you know it will harm you. In this situation, when the person learned that their girlfriend cheated on them, instead of addressing the issue directly, they chose to make a humorous “joe mama” joke.

We appreciate what they did. Hopefully, the laughs they got helped ease the pain of finding out that their partner cheated with five other people.

Surgery scam

Aunts are awesome—they give great gifts, lend a listening ear, and always check in to see how you’re doing. However, it seems like this guy isn’t being completely honest with Auntie Jodie.

We’re pretty sure you’re not allowed to have your phone with you when you’re about to go under for surgery, which makes us wonder what Matt is really up to. It’s a creative use of stock photos, but we’re not convinced.

Good news and bad news

It’s never good when someone texts you saying they have bad news. That could mean anything, and the vague text doesn’t help ease concerns. Luckily for this person, the bad news turned into good news when they revealed that their boyfriend had been cheating on them.

It appears their friend accidentally hit the boyfriend with a car. Hopefully, it wasn’t anything serious because that wouldn’t be a reason to celebrate. This might just be karma catching up with him for cheating.

It runs in the family

Talking about dads, there’s another family angle to cheating that cheaters should be cautious about. If you’re aware that your partner’s dad is vengeful, chances are your partner might be too. So, even if you avoid the father’s anger, you still need to be wary of potential trouble from the daughter.

Look, we believe this text conversation is mostly a joke, and no one was actually hurt, but it’s still amusing to imagine a conversation like this between a father and daughter.

Take me back

One of the most hurtful things is when someone clearly at fault in a relationship pleads for forgiveness. It’s not advisable to reconcile with someone who cheated on you, but sometimes the pleading becomes non-stop. Here, we see someone sending multiple texts to an ex they cheated on, and their emotions gradually intensify.

There’s only one right way to respond to an emotional outburst like this… and that’s to correct their spelling. Er, I mean, there spelling. My apologies for that.

Check the footage

This dad is in trouble because there’s video footage of him and his wife’s yoga teacher. If he wants that evidence gone, he needs to pay more than $500. Keeping the kid quiet isn’t going to be cheap.

This dad is in trouble because there’s video footage of him and his wife’s yoga teacher. If he wants that evidence gone, he needs to pay more than $500. Keeping the kid quiet isn’t going to be cheap.

Get your priorities straight

Trying to make your partner admit they cheated is just part of the challenge. Once you know the truth, there’s still the question of who they’ve been cheating with. Many cheaters hesitate to share this info, perhaps because they’re scared of their partner’s reaction…

Or maybe it’s someone they’re familiar with. When this person eventually confessed, it seems the other half wasn’t primarily bothered by the cheater’s identity. Well, I guess good spelling matters.

Caught out by autocorrect

Autocorrect can cause real problems in a conversation. It’s not common, though, for it to actually ruin a relationship. When this person’s phone supposedly changed “checking up” to “cheated,” their partner was devastated.

However, they obviously weren’t that upset, considering they’d been unfaithful themselves, and with their partner’s sister no less. Of course, they looked quite foolish when it turned out that they were the only one who’d been cheating in this relationship. This is why nothing good ever comes from infidelity.

Who’s Jessica?

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when cheating on someone is sending a text to the wrong person. Whether you message your partner instead of your fling or vice versa, it almost always comes back to bite you.

In this person’s case, they made the mistake of texting their girlfriend instead of the girl they were seeing behind her back. While his idea of a necklace as an anniversary gift was cute, he probably should have been getting that for his partner, not someone else.

Wrong number, bye!

Reading through all of these texts, we can’t help but wonder what we would do if we were ever in the same position. Obviously, we just wouldn’t cheat in the first place, but the secondhand cringe that we get from reading these people who texted the wrong number is so real. What else can you do at that point aside from accept defeat?

Well, you can do what this person did and just pretend that you have a meeting that you really, really need to get to. Not that it will help you all that much.

Wait, you’re not my dad?

We have no idea how it keeps happening, but it seems like cheaters have a strange ability to always think that they’re texting their parents. Or vice versa, we’ve seen a lot of parents think that they’re texting the person that they’re cheating on when they are actually texting their kids.

This one is really awkward and terrible, but at least she asked permission, right? Although we guess it still is cheating if you only ask your DAD for permission… Imagine caring about his opinion and not your significant other’s!

Keep your cool

It’s so easy to lose your cool when your partner tells you they’ve been unfaithful. Of course, Jeffrey here didn’t realize that’s what he’d done. He obviously thought he’d been messaging someone else, much to his other half’s anger.

They did well not to lose their temper with him right off the bat, though. They were smart enough to get him to clarify that he’d been cheating before clarifying who he was talking to. Let’s hope that night at his house was worth losing his partner over.

Found out

A lot of these people that were caught cheating were undone by their own lack of smarts. In this situation, however, it’s a bit different. This girl seems to have been pretty prepared for a night of cheating. She went out to a hotel and even told her significant other to call the room to make sure that she was actually where she said she was.

The only problem? Her partner called the hotel to confirm the room was booked under her name. Surprise, surprise, it was booked under a man’s name. Major plot hole.