Robert Downey Jr, the American actor, who had huge success and popularity during his youth. Which followed years of drugs abuse and many legal troubles. Yet he very successfully turned his life completely around, and is now at the top of his game. An in demand, respected, and hugely liked actor. Hollywood sure loves a come back success story.

Robert Downey Jr has had a huge rollercoaster of a life, and here’s to hoping he stays in his happy, settled and clean living life. How much do you know about Mr Downey Jr? Check out these facts!

1. He Began Acting From A Very Young Age.

Robert made his acting debut aged five, in his Father’s film, Pound, in 1970, where he played a puppy.

2. Show-business Is In His Blood

He is born into a show-business family, the son of director, Robert Downey Sr, and actress, Elsie Downey.

3. He’s From The Big Apple

Born in New York, on 4th April, 1965. He is 53.

4. His Parents Are Divorced

His parents divorced when he was thirteen years old.

5. His Extended Family Are Also Famous

Robert is related to both Harry Connick Jr, and Barbara Walters.

6. His Father Introduced Him To Drugs

Robert said in an interview, that his father introduced him to drugs by offering him a marijuana joint when he was six years old. His father, a former addict, has said that decision is something which he now very much regrets.

7. He’s Lived All Over The Place

Robert grew up in numerous places across America, including, Greenwich Village, New York. Santa Monica, California, and in Europe too. Paris, France, and London, England.

8. He Wasn’t Part of the ‘Brat Pack.’

Robert was not a core member of the 1980’s gang, of young actors, the Brat Pack, but he was considered a part of a larger group who associated with the Brat Pack. Fellow Brat Packer Anthony Michael Hall is the Godfather of Robert’s eldest son, Indio.

9. He Was A Waiter

During Robert’s early days as an actor, he bussed tables at a restaurant in SoHo.

10. He Dated Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker was one of Robert’s first loves. They dated between 1984 to 1991. Sarah finally left him due to his drug abuse, though she tried to help, and she just couldn’t understand how he couldn’t get his act together. Robert has said, his then life style, was ‘the furthest thing from what Sarah Jessica Parker is.’

11. His First Leading Role Was In 1987

Roberts first leading role on the big screen was in 1987’s The Pickup Artist. He played a charming womaniser. Costarring was fellow Brat Packer, Molly Ringwald.

12. He Studied Ballet

Aged ten Robert studied ballet, at the Perry House School, in London.

13. He Was Sentenced To Prison in 1999

A very low point was in 1999, went Downey Jr was sentenced to three years in prison, due to having violated parole from an earlier arrest.

14. He Was Let Out Of Rehab For An Elton John Music Video

Robert was let out of rehab for one day to film a music video for his friend, Elton John.

15. He Earned An Academy Award Nomination

Robert’s 1992 role as Charlie Chaplin, in Chaplin, earned him an Academy Award nomination. He was seen as one of the most gifted actors of his generation.

16. He Learned To Play The Violin

He prepared extensively for the Chaplin role, including learning to play the violin, and to play tennis, left handed. The role saw twenty seven year old Downey Jr, playing Charlie Chaplin from the age of nineteen through to eighty three years old.

17. He’s Also A Singer

Robert is not only an incredible actor, he is a talented singer too. A jazz singer. In 2004, he released a jazz album, The Futurist.

18. His Favourite Actor May Surprise You

His favourite actor is Peter O’Toole.

19. He Bought Charlie Chaplin’s Old House

Be it coincidentally, but Robert purchased the former home of Charlie Chaplin.

20. He’s Missed Out On Some Pretty Big Parts

Robert was in the running for the role of Maverick in Top Gun, and the leads in Ferris Buellers Day Off, and Edward Scissorhands.

21. He Thanks Mel Gibson For His Career Revival

The person Robert thanks for his career revival is fellow actor, Mel Gibson. Who cast him in 2003’s, The Singing Detective.

22. He’s Best Mates With Kiefer Sutherland

One of Robert’s best friends is Kiefer Sutherland. They costarred in the 1988 film, 1969. Robert, Kiefer and actor, Billy Zane, once shared a house together.

23. He’s A Car Collector

Some people collect stamps or shoes or autographs, but Robert takes it up to another level! He collects cars! Which his collection includes, a Corvette, Bentley, Volvo, Mustang, Porsche and a Mercedes.

24. He Also Has Another Thing He Likes To Collect…

And that’s sunglasses. He can usually be seen wearing a pair.

25. His Current Home Is Somewhere Sunny

He lives in Malibu, California.

26. He’s Been The Highest Paid Actor For A Couple Of Years

In 2012 – 2015 Robert topped Forbes list of Hollywood’s highest paid actors. Making between June 2014 to June 2015, $80 million.

27. His Net Worth Is Pretty Impressive

Robert has an estimated net worth of $260 million.

28. He Has A Nickname

His nickname is Bob.

29. He Has A Sweet-tooth

Robert has a very sweet tooth, and loves to eat Neapolitan ice cream!

30. He’s An Animal Lover

He loves animals, he even has two goats living at his $13 million Malibu mansion.

31. He Makes A Good Lawyer

Robert was labelled most sexiest lawyer by People Magazine, in 2000, for his role in Ally McBeal.

32. He Owns His Own Production Company

With his wife Susan, they own their own production company, Team Downey.

33. He Met His Wife On A Film Set

In 2005 Robert married Susan Levin, they met in 2003, on the set of the thriller, Gothika.

34. He’s A Marvel Pioneer

In 2008 he starred in Marvel’s first origin film, Iron Man. It grossed over $318 million.

35. He’s The Third Highest Grossing Domestic Box Office Star Of All Time

As of 2018 the USA domestic box office of Downey Jr’s films total over $4.8 billion. With a world wide grossing of $11.2 billion. Which makes him the third highest grossing USA domestic box office star of all time.