30+ Of The Biggest Design Fails Of All Time

Even though we seem to have done pretty well as a species overall, there are times when human beings get it so, so wrong. In the article below, we’ve brought you 30+ of the biggest design fails ever created! You’ll be losing your faith in humanity in no time after seeing all of these ridiculous inventions.


1. Would this guy get your vote?

It’s not exactly the best place to put your campaign photo!

Especially when someone winds the window down…

2. Just some casual white supremacist reading material at the local library…or is it?

Poor old Alan R. White looks as though he’s penned a racist rant!

3. The person who came up with this sign really didn’t have their priorities straight…

Make sure you’ve packed some cigarettes before you climb aboard.

4. OK, we really didn’t get that this was a CD-Rom about swimming pools

Slow claps for whoever thought that was a great logo to use for a swimming pool software company.

5. The people who designed these ‘Don’t do drugs’ pencils had their hearts in the right place

But as soon as you go to sharpen them, you get three very different messages…

6. Time to sack the architect responsible for this design fail

Now that’s a lawsuit waiting to happen!

7. Make sure you check the label twice if you have any Black and Gold products in the house

That’s just an accident waiting to happen…

8. We just have no idea what this product is

It is hair bleach or is it cereal? Or a fluffy toy? Time to sack the designer.

9. We can understand why cyclists would be slightly confused by this cycle path

Just follow the road around then swerve to the right…straight into a barrier!

10. You might want to take a rubber ring with you before cycling along this particular path

That’s just about the most precarious cycle path we’ve ever seen!

11. Top marks to whoever managed to make this floor cleaner look just like some delicious orange squash

The resemblance is uncanny!

Make sure you read the label properly before serving this Tonix floor cleaner with your breakfast.

12. And again…this packet of Moth Balls looks suspiciously like a snack pack of marshmallows

How many people made the fatal mistake of eating these things?

13. We love that the supermarket had to put up this sign

It definitely looks like an energy drink.

14. How did this ever manage to get made in the first place?

The poo swirl emoji is not something we normally associate with body wash.

15. Check out this ‘floral’ shirt pattern…

Either this was done on purpose or someone needs to get their eyes checked. Quickly.

16. Absolute design fail, and a waste of money to boot

There’s still plenty of soap left in that packet of hand wash!

17. We’re pretty sure this sign has caused more than a few accidents

Is it a stop sign or not? Who really thought that would be a good idea?!

18. This mural makes absolutely zero sense

The person who designed this painting can’t have had a very understanding of the English language.

19. This bathroom is very free and easy

Not a stall in sight. Plus who needs toilet roll holders?

20. We love that this was supposed to make things less confusing

Also what kind of building has twelve floors under the ground?!

21. This is probably more terrifying than sweet

Especially because your face only fits into the panda’s nose!

22. It’s really hard to see the capital ‘S’ on this shop sign

So it turns out that ‘hoes are my life’ instead.

23. When you buy a screwdriver, you don’t expect to need another one to actually open it!

This design fail is truly frustrating.

24. Check out the penis shadow created by Westminster bridge

We bet this gives London commuters the giggles on a sunny day.

25. This Minion-themed strawberry bubble bath becomes truly terrifying once you’ve opened it

Crying tears of blood!

26. We’re sure the people who designed this carpet are patting themselves on the back

Just make sure you hold onto the handrail…

27. We’re surprised that ‘Brown Kids Are Weird’ hasn’t been taken off the market yet

Fortunately it’s just the author name but still, we bet there were some parents who had to look twice.

28. Playgrounds come with all different kinds of themes

But we’re not sure who thought a slide travelling out of an elephant’s backside would be a good idea.

29. The person who designed these cushions really needed to check a compass before going to print

It’s just so disappointing on so many levels!

30. It’s always nice to enjoy a slice of rapefruit in the morning

That slice of fruit really doesn’t look like a G. At all.

31. Do you have to be Matilda to open this door properly?

We bet that sign has caught out a lot of people in the past!

32. Where does this elevator go to exactly?

Imagine how busy it gets during commuter hour.

33. It looks like Cinderella had a nose job in the end

If this jigsaw is anything to go by, the Disney princess has definitely gone under the knife.

34. Huge brown stains are not really a great design feature in a bathroom

Looks like a crime scene or something worse…

35. This card makes it look like the bride and groom hung themselves

Not a great message to send out to a couple of newlyweds!

36. Really?

Who wants to visit a shop called ‘Animal Anus’. Definitely not us.

37. They had to modify their door to actually be able to get into the bathroom

It’s hardly private is it?

38. The German school teacher looks like they support the Third Reich

A slightly unfortunate design for a road sign!

39. How many noses does one mouse toy need?

At least two, by the looks of it.

40. Erm – just what on Earth is going on here?

Why are there two floors for everything?

41. You’d think Disney would have managed to get this right

Don’t buy this pencil if you need to rub anything out

42. Aw. They really tried. And they know they failed.

It looks absolutely nothing like a face. In any way, shape or form.

43. This person paid £25 to sit at the away end of a stadium

But a metal pole was blocking the view ever-so-slightly.

44. Read this carefully…

That’s not what they taught us in school!

45. Good luck if you ever need to repair this toilet

How is the mechanic going to manage that one, exactly?

46. Both the name of this tea and the picture are just superb – it’s a digestive aid, apparently

We’re just not sure what the graphic designers were going for with this one.

47. This USO donation box looks exactly like the trash can it’s stood right next to

Definitely a recipe for disaster.

48. This grid is on a higher surface than the water it’s supposed to be draining

Slow claps for the engineer who put this in place.

49. OK, this Donald Duck ride is just about the most disturbing thing we’ve ever seen

How did that ever get made in the first place?

50. These lampshades are simply terrifying.

Headless small creatures with their private parts hanging out? No thanks.

51. We never knew that Chevy Chase was so well hung until we saw this CD holder

The graphic designer needs to be sacked for that one. Also, congrats Chevy.

52. This bathroom cubicle design looks a little..er…crappy, to say the least

Maybe it’s time for a new lick of paint.

53. There’s just something slightly wrong about a toilet right next to where the kids are supposed to be eating.

Hardly the most private setting for a bathroom is it?

54. This was supposed to be a wheelchair ramp

So who decided to put a metal pole smack bang in the middle of it? You had one job.

55. Dirty minds will soon understand what’s so funny about this sign

Looks slightly painful, doesn’t it?!

56. Nobody will ever be able to use this plug socket…

Unless you take a hammer to the glass, of course. Time to sack the electrician.

57. These new toilets were unveiled after a refurbishment in somebody’s office block

Things are about to get a whole lot cosier in the men’s bathroom!

58. Speaking of bathrooms, why would you put one hand dryer directly over the other?

An absolute waste of time and money.

59. This one is just painful to look at

Why oh why would you put the tap there? Sigh.

60. This high school IT department looks more like a ‘Ndepartment’

What a ridiculously confusing sign! Somebody was trying a little bit too hard.

61. Next up, it’s a rare design fail from IKEA

Who is going to want to touch either of those ends after they’ve been used?

62. Somebody in the building really wanted to get their point across with this sign

No noise. No entry. Eh?

63. This sign is just pure nonsense really

Maybe Bruce Lee is going to jump out and save the kids from perverts?

64. Every time the sun comes out, this sign makes absolutely no sense

Nope, we still haven’t figured out what it actually says yet.

65. You try to play a relaxing game of pool and then this happens

Stripes or colours? Well you’re going to have a keep a close eye on your balls.

66. This nursing home decided to install a wheelchair fire escape route

They didn’t mention that you’ll probably break your neck at the end of it.

67. Again, somebody really wanted to get their point across with these bullet points

Stop. Making. Really Bad. Signs!

68. This fountain tap has a design with a difference

It just looks strangely phallic.

69. What does this say? Vinyace? Vintace? Definitely not Vintage anyway

Time to sack whoever thought that floral calligraphy was a good idea.

70. This could only happen in the Philippines

The random overhead wires just look ever-so-slightly dangerous.

71. This is literally the road to nowhere

What’s the point in having the roundabout?

72. Erm – we’re not sure that the name or the logo are really that appetising

Have you ever tucked into a packet of Camel Balls?

73. Whoever designed the logo for this sausage company was a pervert

We’re just putting it out there.

74. Interesting name for a shop

It doesn’t really sound that family friendly.

75. OK we thought Elmo was meant to be the nicest Sesame Street character?

So why is he trying to strangle this little kid?

76. The Jersey Shore crew would love this place

GLT all in one day.

77. Hmmm – this doesn’t seem like the most secure bathroom in the world

Who designed that lock for privacy?

78. Does this say School of Sewing or School of Jewing?

Bring a sewing kit and some kosher food, just in case.

79. We’d really like to know who decided to name their software ‘AssDraw3’

Maybe they just like drawing butts all day.

80. We’re going to go out on a limb and say that this plumbing doesn’t quite look 100% correct

What happens when you wash your hands? We don’t want to know really.

81. This fire escape doesn’t look like the best or most secure idea in the world

Maybe try one of the other fire escape routes first.

82. Apparently this is a him and her towel rack set

We just don’t know why the hooks needed to be in those particular places.

83. Fancy a pack of Jamaican cock soup? Of course you do…

Luckily the Cock soup has ‘no added MSG’.

84. This is a chocolate shop, but we don’t think the logo matches very well

It’s high time for a rebrand.

85. Apparently little kids under five years of age like drinking beer in Germany!

Seems legit.

86. We’ve got another master of design in charge of this drainage system

Looks great for flooding and heavy rainfall.

87. OK – who made this clothing design display? It’s just plain creepy

That is not persuading us to buy those clothes!

88. Erm, it kind of looks as though the platypus is menstruating in the tea

Either that or it’s been very badly injured.

89. Since when did ducks have four legs?

Since this toy designer decided to change the course of evolution, apparently.

90. This car park sign just got really philosophical on us

We’re pretty sure that’s impossible.

91. We like how much care they took to put barbed wire on top of this fence

Then left a gaping hole right next to it.

92. This toy is absolutely brilliant, especially when you get to the fourth position

He’s just really enjoying himself!

93. Has the person who designed this ever seen Winnie the Pooh before?

We’re guessing not.

94. Clearly this snowman was around before the #MeToo movement started

It’s just wrong on so many levels.

95. How do people get it so, so wrong with the elevator buttons?

This is hurting our brains.

96. Just in case you want to risk a head injury every time you go down the stairs

This does not look like the best idea out there.

97. First off, we had no idea that people wanted Vladimir Putin t-shirts

Second – why would they position his forehead there?

98. For some reason this globe designer decided to eradicate Europe forever

Not just Brexit but Eurexit.

99. These people really need to go back to advertising school

Because that is not making us want to buy those earrings.

100. The Golden Gate Bridge has a very strange pedestrian walk way

How does the average American squeeze into that?

101. The more legs the better, according to this advertising executive

At least one of them must be a centaur.

102. The State Department really got this woman’s passport so, so wrong

How did they manage that?

103. This is just about the most unappetising thing we’ve ever seen in our lives

Something about a period pizza is not going to make us hungry.

104. Just make sure your kids don’t go missing in this Whole Foods store

This sign gives us the creeps!

105. OK, what did they really think was going to happen?

That’s one deformed face every time someone opens the window.

106. Be very, very careful when you take your sleep medicine

Otherwise you might not get any sleep at all.

107. Yet another example of the worst design ever for a bathroom

Who really wants that in their home? We all know what it looks like.

108. Make sure you and your kid wear hard hats for all of that DIY

Of course, it’s more than ok to let the toddler hammer a nail into some wood.

109. We’re really not sure what this sign is trying to say

Something about a colonoscopy?

110. Check out Rocky Rococo’s eyes on the back of this bus

They probably didn’t realise just how terrifying it looks.

111. This electrician really took some shortcuts with his waterproofing system

That doesn’t really look legitimate does it?

112. Oh look, it’s another wedding card where the bride and groom have committed suicide

It just doesn’t scream happy newlyweds to us.

113. Why would you ever buy these glazed cinnamon bun earrings?

Looks like some sort of bodily fluid.

114. What exactly was the point of this particular children’s mirror?

Time to sack the designer.

115. What’s the point of measurements when you can’t see through the flask?

Answer: there is no point.

116. Well apparently it’s supposed to be a safety pin.

But we all know what it really looks like.

117. For all the loving dog owners out there

You can buy a lead that makes it look as though you’re shooting your dog!

So many design fails to choose from, so little time.

Which were some of your favourites?

Let us know in the comments section below!