The Amiga is of course a family of personal computers sold from 1985 by Commodore. But today we’re not going to spend much time talking about the hardware, as we’re here to celebrate the very best games released on this amazing device. So please insert your floppy (easy now). Then insert Disk 2. Then insert Disk 3. Then insert Disk 1 again. Because below are 30 of our favourite Commodore Amiga games, listed in alphabetical order. Inevitably we’ve left off some games that you absolutely loved, so please comment to tell us how stupid we were!

1. Alien Breed

Were we the only ones who found this game really hard? A great game but we didn’t get past the first level.

2. Batman: The Movie

We’re not sure how well this game stands the test of time but back in 1989 we were blown the hell away.


3. Cannon Fodder

Again, we found this one really difficult! Once you started having to use vehicles we used to get pummeled and fill up our hill of crosses quicker than you can say ‘war has never been so much fun’.


4. The Chaos Engine

Once again, far too hard for us!


5. Civilization

Boy did we spend many hours with this game (and of course its many sequels). An entire history of civilization on our humble computer, absolutely amazing.

6. Desert Strike

This, along with Jungle strike, put you in charge of a military helicopter. One without much fuel.


7. Dune II

One of the first examples of what we now call the ‘RTS’.


8. Flashback

Boy could you die easily in this game. We could of course also have included ‘Another World’.

9. James Pond 2: RoboCod

Pure platforming perfection. A friend managed to unlock the full game from a magazine demo by collecting pickups in a particular order.


10. Jimmy White’s Whirlwind Snooker

A snooker game you say? Well yes, because whether or not you liked the sport, this was a fun game with great physics.

11. Lemmings

There was no way this couldn’t be included in the list. One of the best puzzle games of all time.


12. Lotus Turbo Challenge 2

We always thought this was called ‘Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge 2’ but apparently they dropped the ‘Esprit’ for the sequel.

13. Micro Machines

One of the best multiplayer games ever created, but also extremely frustrating when you fell off the dining table for the 100th time.


14. The New Zealand Story

If you’ve ever played this you’ll never forget the ridiculously cute chick, but the game itself was also extremely playable.

15. Pinball Fantasies

We spent hours on this game, especially the ‘Party Land’ and ‘Billion Dollar Gameshow’ tables. We’ve still to play a better pinball game.


16. Populous

This turned you into a God in charge of your own little people, and it was like nothing we’d seen before.

17. Prince Of Persia

We remember watching someone playing this and wondering why they’d want to put themselves through the torture of falling into a spike pit for the umpteenth time.

18. Rainbow Islands

A sequel to Bubble Bobble, Rainbow Islands was beautiful both to play and to look at.


19. The Secret of Monkey Island

Perhaps the sequel was the better game but we’ll never forget the feeling we had when first played the original. It was like nothing we’d ever seen in our lives, but boy did it take a long time to load!

20. Sensible World Of Soccer

Still considered by many to be the best football game of all time.


21. Shadow Of The Beast

This was known for its graphics, with many colours on screen and up to twelve levels of ‘parallax’ scrolling backdrops.

22. Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe

Futuristic brutal sport in this classic from The Bitmap Brothers.


23. Street Fighter II

A great game which we used to get beaten at by a friend every single time.

24. Stunt Car Racer

Featuring some amazing (for the time) graphics and fantastic looping tracks, Stunt Car Racer was brilliant.


25. Super Cars II

A legendary top down racer, Super Cars II and its predecessor were massively addictive, especially when played with a friend.

26. Super Skidmarks

Fantastic isometric arcade racing with some amazing jumps.


27. Superfrog

We particularly remember Superfrog because of the Slot Machine sections in between levels.

28. Syndicate

We could see this was amazing, we were just too rubbish at it to have any fun.


29. Worms

With a few mates Worms was some of the most fun you could ever have.

30. Zool

Trying to give the Amiga its Sonic the Hedgehog, Zool was of course sponsored by Chupa Chups!


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