People in the United States of America have a huge fan base for NFL. Every time their home team is playing, they get all excited and start cheering for their home team to win the match. While some of them watch the game from the comfort of their homes, there are others who go to the stadiums to cheer their teams in person. NFL expansion rumors are constantly floating around and we have selected a few cities in USA that would serve best for the franchise.

Austin, Texas

Being the second largest state in the US, Texas can definitely support the fan base for another team. Austin given its population and attractions would be a prime spot for a new team/stadium.

Birmingham, Alabama

Alabama is notorious for supporting its college football teams and has diehard fans. They are also the second most populous State without an NFL team so it’s only a matter of time.

Orlando, Florida

Florida has no shortage of NFL teams in its state, however there’s still room in Orlando. With annual city visitors hiking up to as high as 75 million, there’d be no problem filling a stadium.

Louisville, Kentucky

Home of the Kentucky Derby, this is a prime location to host another NFL team. It’s already got a baseball team so it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to add a professional football team to the mix.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Home of the Thunder this city has a ton of life to support an NFL team given its cowboy culture and big city lights.

Sacramento, California

The capital of California and high number of well-sought tourist attractions this city can’t be too far down the list of potential cities.

Columbus, Ohio

Columbus isn’t unfamiliar with pro football. In 1901, Columbus Panhandles were founded by railroad workers. They played the first NFL game against a NFL opponent.

San Antonio, Texas

Mayor Ron Nirenberg said in a recent interview, ”You will see an NFL team in San Antonio in the next 10 years.” This is a strong statement considering the source.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Pro Bowls are already held here each year in Aloha Stadium, there’s an averaged sized stadium that can be used already. They also already have a huge head start on NFL fans.

Eugene, Oregon

Already home to The University of Oregon Ducks this city has a pre-disposed Football fan-base. It also has a lot of rising talent which would be easy for scouts to pick from.

Omaha, Nebraska

It’s no secret that Nebraska lacks a NFL team and what better place than Omaha as a target? The biggest hurdle they’ll potentially have is finding a stadium location.

St. Louis, Missouri

Previously home to the “St.Louis” Rams this city is no stranger to hosting the NFL. The citizens are ready for the return and so is the old stadium (with modifications).

San Diego, California

Recently a target of the XFL before things went south, we know that San Diego has potential to host a new sports franchise. The interest is there and so is the money.

Memphis, Tennessee

Nashville, already home to an NFL team is proof of Tennessee’s ability to attract a NFL fan base. Memphis Submitted a proposal in the past, it wouldn’t be unlikely for them to try again in the future.

London, England

Lacking international teams there is much room for expansion overseas. The most obvious choice is London given the games are already played there annually and the large NFL fanbase.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

New Mexico currently lacks a NFL team to call its own. Albuquerque, New Mexico’s largest city, sits in the high desert and would be the best shot for hosting an NFL team.

Oakland, California

Previously home to the Raiders, we know this city has the capability of supporting an NFL team. Now the raiders have moved, anything is possible.

Salt Lake City, Utah

At 2.4 million residents, It’s CSA is bigger than Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Nashville, Jacksonville, New Orleans, and Green Bay. It is 521 miles from Denver, putting it at the center of the largest regional hole in the NFL.

Davenport, Iowa

If Iowa were going to push for an NFL team to call its own, what better place than the Quad Cities? Davenport of course.

Anchorage, Alaska

Given Alaska’s shortage of professional sports teams Anchorage could be an ideal candidate. Their hurdle will be an indoor stadium however given the climate.

Bismarck, North Dakota

Already home to the Bismarck Bucks North Dakota already has a taste for professional football. A NFL franchise wouldn’t be a huge leap.

El Paso, Texas

We said it before and will say it again, Texas is huge and El Paso with a 600k+ population they have the size and money to host a franchise.

Hartford, Connecticut

Hartford is the largest market in the US without a team in any of the four major leagues. However, it’s best shot will be a team relocation, not new franchise.

Richmond, Virginia

With the Redskins undergoing brand changes there is room in Virginia for a new name/face. Richmond would be the most obvious choice if presented the opportunity.

Portland, Oregon

With the Portland Timbers thriving as a new MLS franchise it has generated some hope that it could also support a new NFL franchise. It’s not the top topic of discussion but it still comes up.

Mexico City, Mexico

Speaking of international expansion, what better place to start then one of our closest neighbors. Mexico has a lot of American tourists and a solid NFL fanbase (2nd in the world).

Edmonton, Canada

It wouldn’t be fair to leave our other neighbor Canada out because they hold the 4th largest NFL fan base globally. Edmonton is the most realistic choice given their experience with the CFL.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a longer play when it comes to expansion but still not out of the running. Their love for professional sports is strong but American football lacks exposure.

Frankfurt, Germany

Germany is another great candidate, they have excellent economic conditions that could support stadiums and sponsorships. It could use a larger NFL fan pool however.

Norfolk, Virginia