3 Tips For Exploring Your Sexual Kinks


What celebrity do people like masturbating to the most?

A survey of 13,000 people aged 18-74 revealed what celebrities people use the most for their spank banks. Bradd Pitt, Johnny Depp, and Tom Cruise are the most popular male celebrities for solo sessions. Whereas, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, and Taylor Swift, are the women people enjoy envisioning between the sheets.

If the idea of having sex with a celebrity doesn’t excite you, perhaps you’re ready to embrace a different kind of fantasy. Sexual kinks and fetishes vary a lot from person to person. However, if you don’t take the time to get in tune with what you want, or how to express yourself, you could wind up missing out on all the fun.

Read on to learn the best tips for exploring your deepest sexual desires.

1. Get Inspiration From Adult Stores

If you don’t already have a sexual fantasy or kink, but you’re interested in spicing things up then try visiting an online adult store. As you browse the different categories, your mind will start to have all sorts of fun and sexy ideas.

You can also find out things like the whizzinator price, allowing you to budget for your bedroom upgrades. If you already have a sexual fantasy, but you’re having trouble expressing it, shame could be holding you back.

2. Make Your Mind a Judgement Free Zone

Sometimes, we don’t realize that our minds are policing our thoughts, deciding what’s “good” or “bad”. While this filter can help make smart life choices, it’ll inhibit your sexual explorations. Before you talk to your partner about your fantasies, get honest with yourself.

The next time you’re masturbating, create a mental image of what your fantasy would look like. Once you can masturbate to your fantasy without feeling shame, you’re ready to try making it a reality.

3. Put Your Fantasy Into Words

You might already have a vague idea of what type of sexual kinks you’re into. However, it won’t be until you start getting specific that you can share this vision with a partner. Grab a piece of paper, and start writing down all of your sexual desires.

Notice areas where you’re wording is vague, and look for details to help clarify what you want. For instance, perhaps you enjoy the idea of having sex while your partner wears a mask.

Get specific about how you think that mask should look. Will they be speaking? Or will it be a silent, stealthy affair? The more specific you get, the easier it’ll be to communicate your desires with a sexual partner.

Embrace Your Sexual Kinks

Embracing your sexual kinks means accepting yourself for who you are, inside and out! However, remember that if you don’t have a specific fantasy in mind, you can always find inspiration online. Instead of visiting unrealistic porn sites, stick with the real world by visiting an online adult toy store.

If you want to include your partner with your exploration, you can both look at the adult toys together. Have fun as you consider what toys and fetishes could become your new thing. For more tips on life, read another article from our blog.