29 Memes That Are Too Real For ’80s Kids

Growing up in the 80s was a lot different than it is today. Perhaps we like to brag about our hard times because we ended up getting through it with flying colors! Therefore, we have a lot to be proud of and these are some of the memes that we found to put those years into perspective for us. Take a look:

1. The playground was more like a war zone.

2. Those giant legs!

3. Teddy Ruxpin can really rock!

4. We all had one. We never did it though. . .

5. There’s always that possibility.

6. It was the way they moved. As if he was staring into your soul!

7. Not every scent was what you wanted but still, you had to have it!

8. Yes, there was a real confusion.

9. It was a real concern.

10. There was always a knock-off!

11. This took us all by surprise.

12. We knew songs for movies that we never saw.

13. The scariest music ever!

14. The best toy dispenser ever!

15. Hmmm.

16. Disney was breaking the mold!

17. We thought that it was okay because it was a vitamin.

18. This never bounced! It was more like a torture device.

19. Yeah, it never really took off. . .

20. The spoiled friend that you didn’t like!

21. The dangers we faced on this night.

22. I don’t know why we did it every time. But we did.

23. The smell kept you hooked!

24. We all still want one of these!

25. The sadness was too much to bear.

26. This friendship felt so real!

27. It was a difficult process.

28. No butterfly can go as high as you can!

29. No lie.