29 Great Candies From The 90s That Everyone Will Remember!

We were constantly eating candy.  It was as if nobody cared how much sugar we consumed as kids and so there were plenty of choices and opportunities to eat whatever sweets that our hearts desired.  Here is a list of those treats that you had in the 90s:

1. Astro Pop.

These were flavorful and lasted a long time.

2. Big League Chew.

We wanted to chew like the big boys do!

3. Bubble Jug Bubblegum.

There was no limit to the bubble anymore!

4. Bubble Tape.

This was also a fun way to chew too much gum.

5. These sweet and sour treats!

They came in all flavors.  My favorite was Lemonhead.

6. DinoSour Eggs.

A lot of these candies were a challenge to eat because of how sour they were.

7. Dweebs.

Willy Wonka had all sorts of candy to test our taste buds.

8. Fun Dip.

A sugar stick that you dipped into flavored sugar for the ultimate sugar snack!

9. Haribo Gold Bears.

We just called them gummi bears and they were always good!

10. Hostess.

This was probably a treat in your lunch box for school.

11. Topps Juice Bubble Gum.

A bunch of broken pieces of gum. They had lots of different flavors.

12. Life Savers Holes.

Why just throw them away?  Now, we can eat those too.

13. Mamba.

Chewy and fruity.

14. Mega Jawbreaker.

This was a serious commitment.

15. OUCH! Bubble Gum.

Bubble gum shaped like band aids.

16. Pop Rocks.

These made a cool popping noise in your mouth.

17. PushPops.

You didn’t have to eat it all at once. You could save some for later.

18. Runts.

These fruit shaped candies were supposed to taste like the fruit they resembled.

19. Sharks Bites.

Better to bite them than to have them bite you!

20. 7up Soda-Licious.

More fruit snacks. This time in a soda flavor.

21. Sour Jacks.

Yep, that’s what our faces looked like when we ate them.

22. Sour Punch Twists.

Lots of sour candy!

23. String Thing.

Just pull and eat.

24. Spin Pops.

This was a fun toy/candy.

25. Tear Jerkers.

Because regular sour was just not enough.

26. Thunder Jets Fruit Snacks.

Awesome jets!

27. Tongue Splashers.

Your tongue would be the color of your bubble gum.

28. Mega Warheads.

Yep, more sour candy.

29. Zotz

What a great display!  No wonder we were drawn to it.