26 Things You Didn’t Know About Saved By The Bell

This program had us thoroughly interested in the lives of this bright and happy bunch of high school kids who seemed to have the world in the palms of their hands. Now, after all this time, it’s fun to look back and realize that there was more to it than meets the eye! Check it out:

1. Tiffani Amber Thiessen.

In her real life, she started dating a 19-year-old when she was 14 and she moved out on her own when she was only 17.

2. Mario Lopez.

During his time on this show, he was accused of date rape and the case was settled out of court.

3. Mark-Paul Goss and Lark Voohies were real life boyfriend and girlfriend.

Their relationship lasted for 3 years.

4. Dustin Diamond

Dustin Diamond‘s character was unpopular and the actor is also unpopular in real life to this day, in part due to his 2010 tell-all book Behind the Bell, which Diamond’s Saved by the Bell castmates have insisted is full of exaggerated stories and lies.

5. Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

During the break between ‘Saved By The Bell’ and ‘Saved By The Bell: The College Years’, rumors say that Mark took steroids because there was an obvious change in this physique.

6. Zach dyed his hair.

His regular shade is brown and had to dye it every two weeks during the show.

7. Foul Language Was A ‘No No’.

They were not allowed to swear on the set.

8. Her role was created for her.

Her character, Lisa Turtle, was supposed to be a spoiled, Jewish girl but Lark Voorhies impressed the producers so much that they rewrote it to suit her.

9. Auditions:

The other famous hopefuls who tried out for this show were: Jaleel White, Jennie Garth, Johnathan Brandis and Austin Green.

10. Leanna Creel.

Her character was created to take the place of Tiffani Amber Thiessen and Elizabeth Berkley when they didn’t extend their contracts during the last year of the series.

11. Changing locations.

The set for the original series ’Good Morning, Miss Bliss’  was located in Indianapolis. Once ’Saved By The Bell’ was stared, they relocated to Pacific Palisades, California.

12. Love on the set.

Mark met his first wife-to-be on this set when she played a role as an extra.

13. Special part just for Elizabeth.

The only role created at first, was the role of Kelly Kapowski. Later, after Elizabeth Berkley was written in as Jessie Spano specifically because they liked her so much.

14. They played every episode.

These two characters has a role in each and every episode from ’Good Morning, Miss Bliss’ to ’The College Years’.

15. ‘The College Years’ had millions watching!

This spin-off which lasted for 18 episodes brought in 7.2 million viewers a week making it the 2nd highest rated comedy.

16. Recognize these steps?

They were also used on the Disney series ‘That’s So Raven’.

17. Best Friends Forever!

This show was intended to tear them apart on screen because they were supposed to fight for Kelly’s love. However, the producers changed their minds because their “real” friendship was so strong!

18. They were nearly a Broadway hit!

Instead of Broadway, however, they exhibited their musical abilities in the fantasy episode when they were the band Zack Attack!

19. Same classroom in every shot.

This one room was rearranged for different scenes and class subjects.

20. Principal Kung Fu!

One of the degrees that Mr. Belding’s hung on his wall was that in Kung Fu.

21. The youngest.

Dustin Diamond was the youngest of the cast members being only 11-years-old which made him 3 years younger than the rest.

22. Dedicated to her work.

Lark Voohies missed out on going to the prom and graduation because she was filming this show.

23. Her first time.

The first time that Tiffani Amber Thiessen ever had alcohol was with Mark-Paul Gosselaar during a press tour in Paris.

24. Everyone dated everyone.

Most of the cast dated each other often which was difficult because when they broke up, they still had to pretend that they liked each other for the show.

25. Same as ‘90210’.

When they worked at the beach club ‘Malibu Sands’ it was the same beach club used in ‘Beverly Hills 90210’.

26. The new class did well.

‘Saved by the Bell: The New Class’ ran for 3 years longer than the original ‘Saved by the Bell’