It’s true, when we are alone, we do some crazy stuff! In fact, it’s so embarrassing that we would never publicly admit to doing such things. Even so, we tend to allow ourselves to be free from social convention during those moments when we are far away from condemnation. A place that we call home. So, here are the things that we are doing when everyone else is far away from us. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

1. We rarely wash our bras.

That’s usually because too many washing tend to make them fall apart.

2. We don’t change our tampons often enough.

Hey, they’re expensive!

3. We resort to using toilet paper instead of a tampon or a pad.

A little money-saving tip!

4. We don’t shave much in the winter.

So, be sure that you make plans with us in advance. No surprises!

5. We pee in the shower too.

It’s liberating.

6. Pick our noses.

And sometimes eat the yummy boogers!

7. We use our nails to remove dirt from under our nails.

It’s not as gross as it sounds.

8. When we sneeze during our periods, it feels like this:

It can’t stand the pressure.

9. We sometimes go for days and weeks without washing our hair.

So, you’re probably wondering why our showers are still taking so long.

10. Even after we go to the gym or go for long walks.

Bottom line, our hair is probably pretty dirty!

11. We wear dirty clothes to the gym.

It makes perfect sense as to why!

12. We peel off our sunburned skin.

There’s something so satisfying about it.

13. We rarely wash our make-up brushes.

They must be loaded with dirt!

14. When we’re out of nail polish, we pick it off with our teeth.

Whatever works at the time.

15. We love looking at the little black dots on our blackhead strips.

Better there than in our face.

16. We give our clothes the “sniff test” before we bother washing them.

We love to get one more wear out of an item of clothing.

17. We pick off our mascara with our fingers.

Sometimes it hurts and we lose a lash but it’s pretty satisfying nonetheless.

18. We find bits of food in our bras.

The bad part is when we eat it!

19. We often have to remove a hair from our butt.

Well, it’s a pretty unforgiving crack!

20. We try on mustache and beard parts.

The good news is, we still look good with them on!

21. We love to pop a bit zit.

Especially when it works out a huge explosion!

22. We like the smell of our own farts.

Don’t be so surprised!

23. We like the smell of our armpits too.

Especially when we sweat right through our deodorant.

24. We play with the loose hair that falls out during out showers.

We like the way it feels.

25. We never wear our bras at home.

Society makes us wear them.